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Crime of Innocence

Crime of Innocence In my school days if something got stolen then victim of theft used demand of bag checking of everyone before we leave home. It was usual that the one who used to cry out loud for innocence “Check mine first, I don’t want to waste my time for this stupidity” turns out to be the thief.
I thought these all are childish ways to get away from crimes we do but it is not! The more we get the identity of white man the more we use such black magic to hypnotize benign people. Recently prime minister of India shockingly commented that “Who gives bribes are guiltier than who takes!” My question to dear prime minister is who asked to rate the crime? How it matters that murderer of two should be punished before murderer of one? Or why should even a person of PM’s stature should do such childish complain? To whom he is complaining? Or why the hell are we distracting from the point that taking bribe is equally a crime! Why the brains at Delhi are desperate to convince us that they …