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The Nightwalker!

The Nightwalker …And the Starving Race The Nightwalker is the code name of a self proclaimed private detective. A young man of decent height and health, talented, college dropout, suspicious in his behavior, abandoned from normal society. He has decided to leave this world the way it is to design one of his own. He has simulated a world for himself where everything happens the way he wants (for at least till now). He remains jobless for most of the time because not many people hire Detectives and if few hires, they opt for the famous credible agencies. These agencies are audited and supervised. Nightwalker refused to work with any such agencies because he had only one thrilling reason to opt this profession i.e. live unidentified. Many agencies hire him but on his terms i.e. don’t try to find who he is. His commitment to his professions helps him make decent money. It is an achievement of his detective attributes that while he is remarkably famous as 'The Nightwalker' in secret…