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Tolerance of Freedom

Tolerance of Freedom 

Any compromised means to achieve freedom should not be tolerated... because more than right, freedom is a responsibility. If irresponsibility is tolerated than freedom cannot be sustained.

Ruling Class always have at least one unbeatable reasoning to justify them being the ruler. They always established this reasoning among the educated fraternity that they rule because those who are being ruled are not capable enough to support their life by their own. 
Britishers had portrayed India as a country of snake charmers or a country of beggar. They forced the ex-ignorant world believe that India would have been collapsed without Britain Royalty. British argued that Indians are so much emotional and mentally ignorant that they can easily be fooled by evil forces. Larger part of global educated society then accepted this argument. It is even today widely discussed that British helped Indians become civilized.
This tactic is now being used by USA in Afghanistan, Somalia and Eastern Asia. They are helping these so called backward countries to get educated and civilized. Many including the citizen of these suffering countries are believing in this tactic even today! 

Isn't it trying to prove that we are condemned to be slave because we are uncivilized? Question is what is called civilized? If a society is disciplined, responsible and accountable as per the laws/norms created by the society itself than it should termed as civilized. The objective of being civilized is to live in harmony and search for the ever new knowledge, art and creativity. So if my dear readers are settled with this definition of 
civilization than lets discuss the next question. 
Next Question is weather or not was India civilized before British Invasion? Was Afghanistan not civilized before Taliban, Soviet or USA attack? Iraq? Korea? Somalia? Answer is complex if civility is mistaken from richness or properly dressing as the western way.

The problem 
Western World considers ex-colonial countries as Second World or Third World Nations. This is well planned positioning strategy of First World Nations that they portray themselves as a model of development and prosperity. Every other country follow them by falling the prey of such branding. This belief force them into a rat race of showbiz. This rat race is consuming so much natural resources that the world is exhausting beyond capacity. 7.1 billion humans are divided so unequally that they can never match the demand and supply of fulfilling their greed of materialistic comforts. We all are told that owning a car, fab dressings, big houses and speaking English are the parameters of being civilized. This implies that anyone who fails to fall in the above criteria is liable to enslaved. Afghan, Somalian, Iraqi, Korean are liable to be enslaved because they are not at par with the western standards. 

On the other hand, if barbarians, extremists and the group with weak tolerance capacity is allowed to live free, it will heavily upset the equilibrium. By above arguments it can be assumed that westerners are civilized. Yes others too are civilized but there are many radical groups which are cannibalistic and barbaric. They are too adamant to co-exist. 
When freedom is demanded or fought for, these extremists support the war of freedom but once it is achieved they misuse it. When someone raises objection they swear by the sacrifices they had made.

Why this situation arises?
Means should justify the Ends
Unfortunately this is not happening! The winning strategists compel everyone to fight for them by hook or crook but once they won they bow down to all their ethical and unethical demands. It finally creates another wall of injustice.
In all the future revolts, this generation should not compromise with the demands. Neither with the opponents nor with the allies. It should be determined that what ever will be the demands it will be reflected during the struggle. Any compromised means will not be tolerated because more than right, freedom is a responsibility. If irresponsibility is tolerated than freedom cannot be sustained.


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