Why USA doesn't want EU?

European Union is comprised of nations defeated in World War II and Nations cheated by the winners of World War II
By Jitendra Rajaram

European Union (EU) is repeatedly being indirectly defamed by USA because if EU emerges ‘Euro’ can be strong competitor of ‘Dollar’ in this US designed Free Trade Globalized Market. USA can’t afford to lose capitalistic monopoly.
It is in the interest of USA to not let any other nation or group of nations grow stronger than USA. If you observe you will find that European Union is comprised of nations defeated in World War II and Nations cheated by the winners of World War II. If EU comes in the power than Israel will feel the heat; Because Israel is Anti-German and Anti-Gulf. Fall of Israel will reduce the importance of USA in Euro-Persian Soil. USA cannot afford this.
#1. If Euro gets stronger then Crude Oil Prizes of Gulf Countries will be established.
One reason of USA-Iraq war was the policy of Saddam Husain to lead OPEC nations out of Dollar monopoly and look towards Euro as an alternate mode of payment. Since whole world imports oil from OPEC nations in sizable amount, this development would have forced oil importers to keep Euro in their Forex rather Dollar. A weak dollar would then have dumped back to USA and the economy of USA would have collapsed. Fearing this US waged war against president of OPEC Nations.     
#2. If International Oil Prize stabilizes then Islamic Terror will go bankrupt
World knows that Saudi Arabia supports USA in Oil-Dollar diplomacy. This is the reason Saudi Arabia is the heaven of every smugglers. US-Saudi alliance is the reason why Al-Qaeda took radical vow to destroy USA. Al-Qaeda and Taliban initially worked for Saudi-US forces to destroy Soviet. Once Soviet collapsed, they focused upon Oil-Diplomacy and abandoned radical Arabic forces as orphans. These orphans united against them and attacked on WTC. In his book “Hot-Flat & Crowded” Dr. Friedman wrote “Whenever Oil Prices soar, a terror act happens”. I initially refused this but after few observations I found the link surprisingly true.    
#3. If Islamic Terror goes bankrupt then USA’s bastion over Asian Diplomacy will reduce.
If Taliban/Al Qaeda or newly emerging terror groups go bankrupt than US fill have no significant reason to have Militia Interference on Asian Soil which will lead to several lose ends of terror groups preparing attacks upon their local governments. This will not last long as governments will somehow prune them down by regional alliances. This will develop unity in Asian Nations and nations of Africa and Europe. More super-nations alliance like EU will emerge as many of them under way. Ex. ISBA, BRICS, ASEAN etc.
#4. If Asian Diplomacy goes independent then Soviet power will regain against USA
Sooner or later this world is going to galvanize somewhere between Socialistic and Capitalistic approach of Governance. It is just that Capitalism is appearing as a solution and Socialism is losing the rope-pulling game but the greed of capitalistic approach is so faulty and unethical that fall of USA will nailed in the coffin of Capitalism. A lot is good in Soviet system and a lot is bad but being neighbor Soviet will expand once again as an anti-effect of USA slowdown.

Possibilities are higher that world does not move the way it derived above but as we are witnessing a lot is happening in the direction pointed above.

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Kunal Malik said...

I strongly agree with your points and opinions and I believe that Euro should be made an alternative for the dollar but this progress of EU will not be tolerated and accepted by US and that is one reason for the cold war emerging between them.