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Radical Problems

"These days’ youths are joining politics with an impulse of emotional call to elevate corruption. Magnetic forces of old corrupt parties are trying hard to woo them. They’re not only succeeding in exploiting this young power but also damaging the whole generation. It’s visible that young men and women are widely taking extreme stands upon their religious sentiments. They’re so badly misguided by the extremists that they’ve almost lost their senses. They’ve given up their reasoning capabilities. They’re brain washed by the shrewd orators. Example 1.Gowelkar (Founder of Hindu Mahasabha) thought that Hindu’s are widely divided in terms of ritual, belief, deities, ethnicity and anthropology. His first challenge was to bring every Hindus under one sentimental revolt. He figured out that cows are found across India. Cows are worshiped in Hindu but slaughtered by Islamic & Christian Indians to produce beef. He thought this could be miraculous to advance politically but he failed. Ove…

Need of Ideology

Since 1990s young Indians turned away from politics. Bollywood actors replaced the posters of political heroes. Loves, Valentine Day, Friendship day etc. become the new fad and modernity. Talking about poverty, villages and medical problems become taboo or outdated. Vulgar jokes, romance and pre-marital sexes become the topic of gossips. Hangout joints changed from small tea stalls to fancy restaurants. Cinema and TVs killed the reading habits, neighbor culture, and group interactions.    But second decade of 21st century jolted the strings again. What was rotten at Delhi and other state’s capital has now begun smelling badly. Demonstrations at India Gate, Jantar Mantar and Ramleela Maidan attracted unprecedented amount of young crowd. Technology restarted social interactions, this time beyond geographical limitations. It awakened old and fat politicians.  Back to back exposes of corruptions warned them of common man’s awakening. On the one hand, new leaders are confident of youngster’…

The Nightwalker ...and a criminal of law

The Nightwalker ...and a Criminal of Law

"Sab soj-e-tamanna doob gayi,  fariyaad-e-wafa mai bhool gayi 
Insaaf nadarad is jag me, mai rasm-e-adalat bhool gayi 
Mai jo man ki jogan ban baithi,  jag tere badaulat bhool gayi" 
Before dawn crack at the eastern horizon, The Nightwalker returned to his den (hotel room). His returning this time is like a predator returns without a prey. Hungry, empty handed and aimless… humiliation of failure kills more brutally than any other assassinators on earth. It breaks down every bit of hopes and willingness to live life… For a lifestyle of an undercover detective it is further disheartening. Since long time Nightwalker did not worked. This he realized after his last week’s experience of being uninvited poke child beggar’s sleeping place. One can’t remain work-less for long especially when a creep thought bothers you in every breath you take. He so decided to pick a project to get busy. Clients can’t choose nightwalker! No one can contact him. In t…