Need of Ideology

Since 1990s young Indians turned away from politics. Bollywood actors replaced the posters of political heroes. Loves, Valentine Day, Friendship day etc. become the new fad and modernity. Talking about poverty, villages and medical problems become taboo or outdated. Vulgar jokes, romance and pre-marital sexes become the topic of gossips. Hangout joints changed from small tea stalls to fancy restaurants. Cinema and TVs killed the reading habits, neighbor culture, and group interactions.   
But second decade of 21st century jolted the strings again. What was rotten at Delhi and other state’s capital has now begun smelling badly. Demonstrations at India Gate, Jantar Mantar and Ramleela Maidan attracted unprecedented amount of young crowd. Technology restarted social interactions, this time beyond geographical limitations. It awakened old and fat politicians.  Back to back exposes of corruptions warned them of common man’s awakening. On the one hand, new leaders are confident of youngster’s participation in politics. In other, old-fat politicians saw an opportunity of exploiting the energy of young brigade. Youngsters are vulnerable to violence, immature to be misguided and prone to react before thinking. Incisively, corrupt leaders found enough scope here to distract the elephants to ruin its own infantry.
Need of Ideology
The youngsters who’re joining politics are ignited to fix the system. They want to re-establish the law-order to bring justice for all. They’re, however, lacking the preparedness which is dangerous. Lack of tactics, crowd handling skills and knowledge of history is potentially harming them. They’re falling easy prey of the canny politicians who use them as a flush power.

Youngsters should develop an ideology before they enter in politics. To develop an ideology is like finding a suitable weapon to gain expertise. It is essential to find out whether they’re socialist, capitalist, secular, communist, theocratic, democratic or autocratic. It’s almost impossible to select an ideology without having through knowledge of almost all kinds of ideologies mentioned above.


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