The Nightwalker ...and a criminal of law

The Nightwalker
...and a Criminal of Law

"Sab soj-e-tamanna doob gayi, 
fariyaad-e-wafa mai bhool gayi 

Insaaf nadarad is jag me,
mai rasm-e-adalat bhool gayi 

Mai jo man ki jogan ban baithi, 
jag tere badaulat bhool gayi" 

Before dawn crack at the eastern horizon, The Nightwalker returned to his den (hotel room). His returning this time is like a predator returns without a prey. Hungry, empty handed and aimless… humiliation of failure kills more brutally than any other assassinators on earth. It breaks down every bit of hopes and willingness to live life… For a lifestyle of an undercover detective it is further disheartening.
Since long time Nightwalker did not worked. This he realized after his last week’s experience of being uninvited poke child beggar’s sleeping place. One can’t remain work-less for long especially when a creep thought bothers you in every breath you take. He so decided to pick a project to get busy. Clients can’t choose nightwalker! No one can contact him. In this super connected world your communication of any kind can trace you. It is essential to keep yourself out of the media records. While Nightwalker’s tales are remarkably famous, no one exactly knows how to contact him because there is no way to contact him. Nightwalker chooses whom he will render his excellence…! He’s having a stringent modus-operandi of selecting a client…

He bribes Police constables to get a copy of complaints filed in police stations, he hacks the computers of other private spy or security agencies to find out who’s looking for spies. He has selected 10 police constables, who work for him in exchange of fat money. He meets with them in public places or red light areas in a makeover of CD seller, Tea Stall Hawker or a bookie. Poor constables identify him as a middle man of some bigger parties. Once they get their payment they hardly bother who asked these data and for what reasons.
He then spends a week to study the nature of crimes, finds the nexus behind it, filters away non-civil complaints. It takes him through the thousand to ten ratio of filtering before he approaches to the client. Error so far is zero percent!
This time he got four such cases that need a private detective to solve the matter. Two he got from police records and two from private agencies. One is the case of divorce. Second is about doubtful business partner, third is factory resource theft scandal and fourth which he finally decided to take is the case of missing precious jewelry.
Nightwalker knows the fun of being unidentified… the magical trick is keeping chaotic behavioral pattern. I.e. no one should ever be able to find any pattern in whatever you do… this world works upon the principle of behavioral pattern of any individual, group, society or city. No one will ever be able to trace you if your behavioral print bears no pattern. Nightwalker never takes up two identical assignments in close time interval. The last work that he did was of a private agencies’ client who was a government servant and wanted to find missing top secrete file. He did it before time successfully! His reason to choose this upcoming assignment is the profile of the client. A rich married woman has lodged a complaint of missing diamond necklace in the police record but the same women have enquired from the detective agencies to find out the necklace along with the thief. Case is stranger than usual. This woman is ready to pay the fees equivalent to the cost of the necklace if the real thief is caught. She’s is claiming that the necklace is gifted by her husband as per the royal family tradition and so has a big emotional value than its economic worth. A lie is smelt here!
Nightwalker buys two movie tickets and wrote a letter and couriered it by attaching one ticket along (needless to say he’s duping to be that courier boy himself). That letter reads

“If you want to find who the thief is and where the necklace is, let’s watch the movie together: - You’re Detective”

While delivering that courier, he gauged the client’s richness. It is huge; the house is bigger than the biggest city mall. Plush garden, swimming pool, security guards and fine exterior design of golden marble studded with thin silver embroidery. Guards took the courier, reading its confidentiality they immediately made a phone call. Nightwalker judged that Guards is adequately instructed by the woman…
As per the expectation those two seats of the movie hall remain vacant even after the movie started. Nightwalker had one more ticket of top right corner to ensure that his client reaches before him. He had a doubt that the client either may not turn up or may take police or her previously enquired spy agencies would try to trace him or the client herself may try to ensure the authenticity/authority of the courier she received. After half an hour of the show that women zoomed in to theater and took that expected seat. Lean, tall, adorned and elegant women justified being so rich by her appearance. Nightwalker kept on noticing her movements while Houseful theater’s audiences are enjoying the movie. During interval, majority of the people went out but that women and nightwalker are still inside. Notching her activities secretly for few minutes he finally pushed out of the hall. Woman is now getting uneasy, she is looking around to find some clue but nothing is appearing as expected. Movie reopened after the interval. People are still returning back carrying popcorns, Samosas and cold drinks. To her impatient eye’s, a figure appeared coming towards her. An old fat man in old Indian attire came closer to pass through the narrow passage of the same seat row. When he passed through her seat he rubbed his leg to her knees deliberately. Before she could react, she found a note falling on her lap. She grabbed it in hasty before anyone else could notice it. As the lights are off, tried hard to read but finally decided to go out. Nightwalker noticed her pushing off. His eyes are now working swiftly to see if anything unusual is happening in the hall. Anything that can be a police or agent’s snooping which this woman might have brought knowingly or unknowingly and can be a danger to the detective’s anonymity. Ensuring normality, Nightwalker too evacuated the theater pretending some emergency.
That note reads

“You encountered to an independent detective not associated with any agency of whatsoever kind. We don’t represent to either to the city police or the spy agency you contacted in this regard. It is recommended that you don’t inform them about the communication you’re exchanging with us. As per the studies taken up, your project can be resolved within a fortnight. Your terms of finding the thief and stolen article both is accepted included the terms of payment you offered i.e. the cost of necklace. If you agree upon the deal extended to you drop a mail writing an exclusive mobile which should not be registered in your name and should be newly purchased in the PO Box No.63611. Post it from your home’s nearest post office. You will be contacted again on Thursday amid noon. Even if you don’t want to take up our services, we recommend that you maintain secrecy regarding our communications failing which may bear unpleasant consequences to you: - Detective”

Such PO Box No. doesn’t exist! Click is that nearest post office. An oldest and almost dysfunctional post box is more than exhausted, there sits some beggars or cattle. Nightwalker paid 500 Rupees to a beggar to break open that box without damaging it much. Letter was sealed; Nightwalker opened it with a handy coiled heater, copied the mobile number, resealed it and posted back to same post box. All it happened on Tuesday night between 2:30AM to 2:55AM.
Wednesday night is empty again, no work. Nightwalker immersed back into the thoughts of that child beggar and that car. That Car…? What was the number? Oh yes… Nightwalker jumped up grabbed his laptop to find out the owner of that car… traffic police keeps all the record online a little fake signup fetch you all the details.
The address which is mentioned in traffic police’s website against the name of that car owner is of a newly built township which is relatively away from the city. It means this family has recently shifted to this new home address. This means finding PAN and other details of the owner will now be tough. Let’s visit to that street tonight again! Thought the Nightwalker…
It has been three weeks since he visited Race Course road to witness that strange kindness towards this starving race called Beggars by a women owner of a sedan car. An unbelieving scene that sparked curiosity in the Nightwalker’s mind… He chooses the same shadowed place to hide and keep watch. That starving race is busy in their dinner chores of skimming eatable from waste food baskets. Hours later a police van comes, that child walks to that police van, exchanges something and police van drives off. It was the bribe collection squad or you can say the rent collection… Realizing that car is now least likely to come, Nightwalker thought of questioning that child. With this intention he started walking towards those humans for namesake.
That boy noticed the arrival of Nightwalker… He rose up from his sleeping place to come closer. He is scared but determined to face this man. He’s a brave chap indeed. Nightwalker gestured him ‘A hi’ with a smile. A sense of embarrassment for that uninvited feeling appeared in his face again.
“Why you come here?” Boy is blunt and tough this time
“…. Aa aa nothing specific!” the best Nightwalker could answer
“Are you…? Husband of Ishika?” Boy is still eye on eye with him
Nightwalker is numb for many reasons. For daring of the boy, for knowing that this boy knows the intention of his arrival, for being not prepared of getting questioned from this boy as it was supposed to be the other way around…
“No… is she married?” concerns on the face of Nightwalker sketched multiple emotions including that of a heartbroken chaps who gets to know the girl he was trying for… is married!
“Who?... who is married?” That child goofed him around and chuckled
“Ishika…. As you…” he redid his facial expression “…said her name is…”
“Forget it… are you spying on her?” further asked the boy
“Wait a sec… who’re you ask questions?” Nightwalker realized his strength now “… I am a cop and can put you behind bars”
“Ha ha ha ha ha…” Child laughed full belly, Nightwalker’s recently gained dominance appeared shattering once again “A cop? I just bribed them; they can’t even touch me for at least a week! Those boars’s bastard”
“Mind you’re language, now answer me!” Nightwalker raised his voice “… who’s that lady, Ishika?” they both are eye on eye still for not even a blink they moved away.
“See… whoever you are!” Child confidently and insultingly refused to talk to the Night Walker “…just go away” he started going back to sleep on that hard paper sheet.
Nightwalker is now boiling in rage of insult done by a teenaged beggar. He is set to take him on ride but soon they both heard the voice of car’s engine followed by the headlight from the same direction where she had come last time. That boy jumped off swiftly
He’s crying loud “Go away, go away… don’t stop, so away”
That car immediately took U turn, while speeding away the driver gate opened up only to drop a poly bag gently. Car finally has turned left on the MG Road… is now off the sight.
That boy ran towards to poly bag but Nightwalker stayed there crying loud “Hey look, I mean no harm to anyone. I am just curious to know who she’s is and why is she bringing food for you all”
While running the boy turned back and cried “Don’t ruin everything just stay out of it please! I beg…”
Sighed heck, Nightwalker felt offended once again but shamelessly remained there until other beggars threatened to beat him. He walked towards the boy… for a final shot. While crossing by the boy who is now returning back to his fellow beggars carrying that food bag Nightwalker finally requested
“I am not here to upset anything, I am just curious to know that how this relationship of a poor and rich is possible!” Said the Nightwalker pleadingly
“So that you tell it on Media and enjoy popularity” Doubted that boy… poverty leaves no scope for trust and faith for doubt is the only base they live upon.
Aghast! Nightwalker gave up and started walking away…
“Wait…” Stopped the boy
“For all that you should know and for all that much I know Ishika is a kind women, She lives with her husband who’s a powerful man and don’t love her like a husband should… she feels abandoned and don’t like the fraternity of powerful people. She enjoys anonymity with us and loves us irrespective of us being beggars” he is again eye on eye with him “… Now I beg you to please don’t break us apart... It’s not the food I am pleading for; it’s for her warm care and the education she gives me!”   
“Education…?” stunned Nightwalker asked
“Yes… every night she brings books and copies with her to teach me, I can’t keep those copies with me. My fellows will tear it all off and will not let me meet her too in jealousy” He finished
“I promise, I’ll not ruin this” Committed the Nightwalker “… but will you let me meet her?”
“No!” said the boy and started to walk
“Ok… Ok... Let it be... What’s your name by the way?” Nightwalker tried to be friendly with him.
“My name worth nothing…”
He left the nightwalker jolted… truly he said, poverty needs no name, they’re just numbers of the Hunger Index, Poverty Index or the people die off in any rampant, riot or massacre… crowd is identified as a number of dead, injured or killed… That’s it!
“Hello?” That woman picked up the phone in awkward fear…
“You’re now talking to The Great Nightwalker… A detective unidentified… I presume you agree upon the terms of deal we made?”
“Yes...” though the women is appealingly frightened, she is talking confidently on phone “… provided if you solve the case within 14 days which I bet is not possible”
“… A valid reason to pay so much money as remuneration… Right Mrs.Rihaana?” laughed Nightwalker
“Impressed… Carry on!”
“I want the maximum possible detail of the Necklace, place of robbery, its emotional value and the reason you want that thief. You will collect all possible information or resources of snooping in one bag; keep it in car with you. Tomorrow 1:55PM come to main city market, keep car unlocked and walk into the Tanishq Jeweler’s men ornament section. There you shall wait for my call!”
“Details other than the sight of crime and necklace design are none of your business!” Women tried to boss
“I work on my terms Madam, deal or no deal, you decide…” Nightwalker hanged up
Rihaana tried calling back to that number but it remained busy, later she discovered that it was a fake landline number of some railway station…  She’s left with two options. Either dump the deal or follow what the Nightwalker said.

At the Tanishq showroom, Rihaana is crushing her teeth in anger but helplessly waiting for the call of the Nightwalker. Her phone finally ranges

“Hello, it has been an hour; I am wandering in this showroom and buying useless stuffs! You can’t ruin my time like this… do you get it?” Mrs. Rihaana is raged and red faced because she never waited for someone like this in her life.

“Cool down Madam! You’ve actually not wasted time… all that you bought from Tanishq is the first installment of my payment. Now listen carefully, I’ve collected the things from your car! Go back to your car and switch off this mobile. Throw the SIM card after crushing it… I’ll call you soon!”
“Day one of 14 has begun, just to remind you incase!” Rihaana boasted
“Do as I said…” Nightwalker disconnected again

At the car Rihaana got a Walkie-Talkie device. The moment she took the car out of the parking, that device began to sound.
She struggled to operate it but somehow managed…
“Keep driving towards north till the end of city… the moment you’ll cross Reliance Patrol Pump, a car of red color will run parallel to your. Its rear window will remain opened; you’ve to throw this Tanishq’s Merchandise into that car through window. Got it?”
“Ok!” This time Rihaana logged off the discussion. She’s turning red. Extremely fair and beautiful Rihaana resembles to a royal blood but the way she’s hooked in this necklace thing. She has lost her dignity in the eye of Nightwalker.
After that payment received, Nightwalker locked all windows of his red car and tuned up the Walkie Talkie. Their while driving, they both kept all thickly filmed windows up. They kept on talking about the episodes of robbery and why Rihaana wants that thief…
Once again Nightwalker got jolted…
Rihaana has no intention to punish that thief… rather she wants that thief could start a new life because as per Rihaana he is only the criminal of law but not a sinner or thief or a robber. As she told to the Nightwalker, whoever robbed her necklace has done so under a severe circumstance in which anyone of his class would have done even worse than that. She said that she could have been raped and killed easily had it been some professional robber.
Rihaana said… He did crime of looting my necklace but he protected my grace at the cost of being caught. He is criminal of but is not a sinner… circumstances did it.
There is something happening now which is out of the Nightwalker’s control. He made his own world with a baseline that people are greedy and are not good. He could control everything around him but now he met two such people who are beyond the very nature of this society.
This society, in which we live, is cruel, careless and ruthless for strangers. This society is vulnerable to be exploited by detectives like Nightwalker. Because no one trusts anyone they leave the doors open for spy business. But who are these women caring for strangers?
Kindness?? How this can exist? How can one draw a line between crime and sin…?

To be continued…


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