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My letter to Mr. Chetan Bhagat

Sent to  as on 26, August 2013, In response to Mr. Bhagat's Article  Sunday Times, 25th August 2013, Indore Edition 

Dear Mr. Bhagat,
This is awful that a person of your stature is out rightly supporting a cult publicly. Knowing that millions of youth will be influenced by your opinion, you should have behaved more responsibly in public. We know media is sold to Modi and international big brothers want to use Modi cult by giving rest to UPA for at least a term. For international diplomacy BJP & Congress are all alike. While these two national parties will keep wrestling over their core ideologies of being Hindu Nationalists & Secular Nationalists, they will always settle on the economic policies favoring to international markets. They will be ready to provide free flow accessibility of Indian consumers & natural resources to foreign corporate giants. It is sadly termed as a real growth of India. Because if foreign investors are happy, FIIs will in…

Indian Economy & Stupid Fancy Talks

FII’re like rats in mines, if mines are running well they enjoy everything from workers lunch boxes to peanuts but if mines trembles they’re first to run away in their holes.

Indian Economy is slugged, world is asking why? Even those who have nothing to do with falling rupee are talking about it. Crash in share market is like defeated in cricket match with Pakistan. Even if we doubt that it is fix, we enjoy the thrill. Those on betting are sweating, those who are watchers are dumb struck to know what next. We’re concerned… especially those who are in college for some professional degrees… their placements is on stake. While some are in nail biting trauma others are simply talking about it because it’s fascinating to talk about it. News channels are running experts panel discussion about what will happen? Even housewives are okhay if husbands are tuned to some business news channels. Why? Rupee is falling with everything falling in India? Over the 66 years, Indian economy changed many …

Truth of Falling economy

This version of truth will never come out to public. No financial experts will perfectly explain this reasons of falling economy because this truth is far more dangerous than falling rupee!

A few months ago, Anna Hazare visited Indore city. During his procession I was a bystander due to traffic jam. As a common man I only appreciate Anna for all his deeds but never participated in his campaigns. Like me there are many who admire him but are so much strangled in life’s dwelling that they only wish for his success. Nonetheless, like me there were many other bystanders. As Amartya Sen says that Indians uniqueness is that they are too talkative, a bystander expressed his annoyance with me. “I hate this man!” stranger said to me pointing towards Anna “Why?” I did not reduce my smiling face but was gravely hurt by his remark. How can anyone hate this nice old man? One can disagree with him but in no case will anyone ever hate him the least. I got further bumped to know more about his argume…

Injustice With a Doctorate & Blind Girl


बस्ती का बुढ़ापा

छात्र काल में ही विवाहित हुए युवक को नौकरी लुभा ही लेती है। गाँव से हाजारों मील दूर कौन जान पायेगा की गाँव का सबसे पढ़ा लिखा लड़का मजदूरी कर रहा है।   :- जीतेन्द्र वर्मा
सिगड़ी लहक चुकी थी और शायद ठण्ड भी बढ़ गयी थी। शरीर आगे से तो गर्म था मगर पीठ ठिठुरी जा रही थी। ऐसे मे विज्ञान का पाठ याद कर के पापा जी को सुनाना भला किसी फांसी की सजा से कम क्या होगा। भोर उठ आई थी मगर कोहरे ने धुप को रोक रखा था। भीनी सी ओस ने आसमान को बर्फ की पहाड़ी जैसा श्वेत कर दिया था। लिप्टस के पेड़ हलकी हवा में झूम रहे थे, विज्ञानं की किताब के अलावा सब कुछ हसीं लग रहा था। तभी भीतर से कुछ आहट आई, शायद पिता जी उठ गायें है।
आज भी पिताजी के गुस्से को याद कर के बिजली कौंध जाती है। बहरहाल जाने क्यों आज २० साल बाद उनका ये तल्ख़ अंदाज हु बा हु याद आ गया। ट्रेन की खिड़की से बहार दूर छोटी सी पहाड़ी में एक परिवार फूस का मकान बना रहा है। गाडी बड़ी देर से रुकी हुई है। कोई स्टेशन नहीं है बस बीच में ही कहीं, सहयात्रियों में कई नारद और संजय मिल ही जाते हैं, एक एक कर के अफवाह और खबर आती रहीं और उनको छान के मै ये समझ पाया की आगे को…

Public's Reaction to Public Schemes

If unemployment increases along with the youth’s population, crime will naturally increase. It will destabilize the peace and harmony of a nation. So it is in the interest of the tax payers to keep rate of unemployment minimum: By Jitendra Rajaram 

In my village I noticed that whatever people talk or think about any public scheme is largely pessimistic. They're the victim of negative publicity of the schemes. Every new scheme comes with lots of negative notions. Ground level executive believes that since people at the upper level are going to earn large sum unethically, they too should find ways to earn from it. They never accept that government will ever implement any schemes for the welfare of the people. I believe government should advertise the intention, willingness and commitment of any ambitious schemes enthusiastically. It will garner greater commitment, accountability and responsibility among the people associated and benefited with it.
It’s evident that from planning leve…