My letter to Mr. Chetan Bhagat

Sent to 
as on 26, August 2013, In response to Mr. Bhagat's Article 
Sunday Times, 25th August 2013, Indore Edition 

Dear Mr. Bhagat,

This is awful that a person of your stature is out rightly supporting a cult publicly. Knowing that millions of youth will be influenced by your opinion, you should have behaved more responsibly in public. We know media is sold to Modi and international big brothers want to use Modi cult by giving rest to UPA for at least a term. For international diplomacy BJP & Congress are all alike. While these two national parties will keep wrestling over their core ideologies of being Hindu Nationalists & Secular Nationalists, they will always settle on the economic policies favoring to international markets. They will be ready to provide free flow accessibility of Indian consumers & natural resources to foreign corporate giants. It is sadly termed as a real growth of India. Because if foreign investors are happy, FIIs will infuse more money to India stock markets and if stock markets are doing well then an illusion of economic growth will be created.
O Great Author, king of many young hearts of India, by knowing your educational background and work experience, I am certain that you know global diplomacies far better than me. Those youngsters who love do actually read on newspapers as letters of God. They believe that whatever is printed is purely true. On the other side you know in reality how it functions. I assume your intentions are not to use newspapers like intellectual mafias are doing.  
In Indian parenting system, it is an infamous myth that a person of age18 years or above is adult. In actuality till the age of 27 no Indian human being develops the capability of dwelling life by own. The population of age group 18 to 27 is considerably large. This population is highly charged to participate in upcoming general election of 2014. Also this population is in blind love with you. You command their nerves with your mesmerizing writing skills. If you openly support a personality cult, you certainly are misleading your fans. It’s tragic that growing corporate muscle is deemed as development of India. You are well aware of it, as I read your articles in your precious book ‘What young India Wants’ in which you talked about your views upon the population poor enough to be tagged as useless and abandoned from markets.
Please understand that Indian democracy respects the code of ‘Universal Adult Franchise’ which states that every voter have right to keep their votes secrete. The objective of this clause doesn’t ends with the safety of the voter but also prevents the influence of any thought leader over others. This keeps democracy more close to its utility. You as an established author and responsible citizen of India have breached to moral code of ‘Universal Adult Franchise’ by favoring a sponsored agent of corporate lobby called Modi. You should immediately take steps to minimize the damage.

Sincerely yours,

Jitendra Rajaram   

Indian Economy & Stupid Fancy Talks

FII’re like rats in mines, if mines are running well they enjoy everything from workers lunch boxes to peanuts but if mines trembles they’re first to run away in their holes.

Indian Economy is slugged, world is asking why? Even those who have nothing to do with falling rupee are talking about it. Crash in share market is like defeated in cricket match with Pakistan. Even if we doubt that it is fix, we enjoy the thrill. Those on betting are sweating, those who are watchers are dumb struck to know what next. We’re concerned… especially those who are in college for some professional degrees… their placements is on stake. While some are in nail biting trauma others are simply talking about it because it’s fascinating to talk about it. News channels are running experts panel discussion about what will happen? Even housewives are okhay if husbands are tuned to some business news channels. Why? Rupee is falling with everything falling in India?
Over the 66 years, Indian economy changed many faces. From being a strong agriculture based to manufacturing based to now a service based economy. This third face is strangely different from other two. Agro products and Industry products are something tangible; it has weight, shape and size but services are basically a business of selling ‘feel good’ factor! Everything from mobile talk time to haircut to dining to travel or watching movie and listening to music is a service. Tourism is one of the finest example services in which all you take away back home is ‘the feel good’ experience. 56% Indian revenue comes from service industry. I.e. 56% economic transactions are directly based upon the ‘feel good’ psychology of consumers found in Indian Territory.
‘Feeling good’ pays money to bankers, industrialists and entrepreneurs. A natural transit relationship applies here that if consumers are not feeling happy, businessmen are not feeling happy and if businessmen are not happy than economy will naturally not be happy! A sad economy is falling economy. It is basically a sad service based economy is falling. Why are we sad? Well enough reasons but my question is from the consumer in you not about your personal affairs. Why consumers in India are sad? Or why money lenders are sad?
Service economy is a volatile business. In Agriculture or Manufacturing the investor has to infuse money into physical assets like land, machine, human resource, power and raw material etc. but in service segment all you need is an idea to keep buyers satisfied. In Agro & Manufacturing you can’t shutter down all that easily but in service industry you can pack your bag and leave in just few hours. Investors are happy in service economy in both ways. If market is flourishing they are making money if market is crashing, they pack bag and pull out without any pinching loss… In very high amount of international private money is invested in Indian service Industry. Some private parties study Indian market and invest via share market or other NBFC instruments they’re called FIIs (Foreign Indirect Investment). They’re like rats in mines, if mines are running well they enjoy everything from workers lunch boxes to peanuts but if mines trembles they’re first to run away in their holes.

Truth of Falling economy

This version of truth will never come out to public. No financial experts will perfectly explain this reasons of falling economy because this truth is far more dangerous than falling rupee!

A few months ago, Anna Hazare visited Indore city. During his procession I was a bystander due to traffic jam. As a common man I only appreciate Anna for all his deeds but never participated in his campaigns. Like me there are many who admire him but are so much strangled in life’s dwelling that they only wish for his success. Nonetheless, like me there were many other bystanders. As Amartya Sen says that Indians uniqueness is that they are too talkative, a bystander expressed his annoyance with me.
“I hate this man!” stranger said to me pointing towards Anna
“Why?” I did not reduce my smiling face but was gravely hurt by his remark. How can anyone hate this nice old man? One can disagree with him but in no case will anyone ever hate him the least. I got further bumped to know more about his argument. “Why do you hate him?” I repeated
“I invested in Real Estate business and was earning handsome money but since this man raised corruption issue, all investment in terms of foreign black money evaporated! I am tons below now!” He easily and quite convincingly replied to my query.
After a few more exchanges, I started riding again. Throughout my entire ride, I carried his statement. Today all big players of real estate industry are silent. They are somehow selling off their old properties but no one is starting any new project! Houses are vacant for no blind run of rent/sale is on!
After recession 2008, India was one of the first countries to rise up from it. Indian markets were doing fairly well nationally and abroad… but since India Against Corruption movement began, market is less stable! Gold flicked from its normal trend to its peak and now at remarkably low point! Why? Why rupee is falling? While no financial experts are perfectly explaining the reasons because this truth is far more dangerous than falling rupee!
Youths are more conscious for economic news. They all are based upon it. They need jobs and are finger crossed to see market up. Government can easily divert their attention from local level crimes and corruption to falling economy in a single stroke.
Foreign forced will never wish that Indian administration get cleaner because India is one roof of many shops. Consumer, Healthcare, Drugs testing, land Mafia, Public Infrastructure Investment, PPP investment, public date digitization and what not. India is rain god of money. No one is interested in Anti Graft corruption because Babu’s want to ensure that local mafia is in full control and any laws could easily be created or scrapped.   
Economic fall increases foreign pressure on financial system. It gives opportunity to open economic gates for free trade market practices. It generates more money for foreign companies and less of nation. We opened retail, aviation and insurance market recently! Why? Market is still falling…
Foreign big brothers have made up their minds to rotate the government from UPA to NDA. Both are in their hands. Falling market will more provoke voters to go against UPA to select NDA… A full proof mockery to use public anger in the favor has been laid. We are wonderfully defeated!

Note: This angle appears more speculative; however it’s my personal view that the reason of economic fall is due to the increased vigilance of common man. I arrived to this conclusion quite accidently but have many reasons to be excited about it. A high level research is needed but if you find potential in my argument please share your views. 

Injustice With a Doctorate & Blind Girl

All doors closed, all hopes faded for a blind… nothing was left to guarantee her a legitimate life! Fear ends when you lose every hope and then erupts the brave determination to jolt crowns upside down.    By Jitendra Rajram

Dr. Fatima Jamali, blind young women is jobless! She had done her PhD in zoology in year 2011. PhD is not easy even for the people like you and me who are all healthy but we’re all employed in some or the other place. Fatima on the other hand is paying the price of believing upon education. She tossed every single resource that she had on stake just to achieve the highest degree of honor that 90% of Indian Universities offer. She was left with nothing except few crapped assurances of fetching her job in MP government. Of what nature? Of what stature? And by what time? Nothing was known.
All doors closed, all hopes faded for a blind… nothing was left to guarantee her a legitimate life! Fear ends when you lose every hope and then erupts the brave determination to jolt crowns upside down. On 15th August 2013 she decided to protest in front of Indore’s Commissioner Office by commencing fast unto death.
The so called messiah of girls of Madhya Pradesh, the lovely uncle (Maternal Uncle)… formerly the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Honorable Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan cared a damn for his own repeated commitments to Dr. Fatmia Jamali. Every attempt that she made fell in deaf ears of the administrators. They were all gone mad with power in hand to head.
The truth, determination and sanity of Dr. Jamali’s demand began to draw attention.  Common man realized that if this government is not loyal to the physically challenged well educated citizens how will it ever be loyal to them? It triggered a mass mobilization in favor of Fatima. Aam Admi Party was ready to mix blood and sweat for her justice may what come. AAP took every evil eye on Fatima upfront to keep the roosters on toe.
Nothing comes easy so was this success for beloved Fatima, after losing 5kg on fourth day of her fast government panicked! For the quickest damage control they charged with full force to deter Fatima and AAP. But we remained firm and ever more charged to combat within our democratic & legal framework of Gandhian protest. On fifth day, police forcibly took Fatima to MY Hospital in excuse of her medical checkup. They tried hard to deter her, by being candid, lovable, harsh, punitive, offences and desperate but when Fatima didn’t move a bit they cried in helplessness and dropped her back to venue of hunger strike. By this Fatima was noticeably damaged medically. Sixth day remain gloomy but seventh day government began to surrender… on the eight day finally the Administrator fell on knell to accept all demands unconditionally.
A lot is yet to happen… Government’s written assurance is yet to honor and more importantly recovery of Fatima’s affected nutritional organs will take long time. Steady healing is the most silent form of suffering. When the night is darkest, dawn is about to break… Fatima won considerably and so is the people fought with her. Courage was mixed in the sweat and blood of every one party to her battle of justice. AAP registered its presence, capability and intention in the mind and soul of the people of Indore…

बस्ती का बुढ़ापा

छात्र काल में ही विवाहित हुए युवक को नौकरी लुभा ही लेती है। गाँव से हाजारों मील दूर कौन जान पायेगा की गाँव का सबसे पढ़ा लिखा लड़का मजदूरी कर रहा है।  
:- जीतेन्द्र वर्मा

सिगड़ी लहक चुकी थी और शायद ठण्ड भी बढ़ गयी थी। शरीर आगे से तो गर्म था मगर पीठ ठिठुरी जा रही थी। ऐसे मे विज्ञान का पाठ याद कर के पापा जी को सुनाना भला किसी फांसी की सजा से कम क्या होगा। भोर उठ आई थी मगर कोहरे ने धुप को रोक रखा था। भीनी सी ओस ने आसमान को बर्फ की पहाड़ी जैसा श्वेत कर दिया था। लिप्टस के पेड़ हलकी हवा में झूम रहे थे, विज्ञानं की किताब के अलावा सब कुछ हसीं लग रहा था। तभी भीतर से कुछ आहट आई, शायद पिता जी उठ गायें है।

आज भी पिताजी के गुस्से को याद कर के बिजली कौंध जाती है। बहरहाल जाने क्यों आज २० साल बाद उनका ये तल्ख़ अंदाज हु बा हु याद आ गया। ट्रेन की खिड़की से बहार दूर छोटी सी पहाड़ी में एक परिवार फूस का मकान बना रहा है। गाडी बड़ी देर से रुकी हुई है। कोई स्टेशन नहीं है बस बीच में ही कहीं, सहयात्रियों में कई नारद और संजय मिल ही जाते हैं, एक एक कर के अफवाह और खबर आती रहीं और उनको छान के मै ये समझ पाया की आगे कोई रेलगाड़ी पटरी से उतर गयी है और यातायात ठप पड़ गया है। जाने क्या बात है, उस परिवार के मकान बनाने की तल्लीनता को निहारने का मन कर रहा है बस। सहयात्री नारदों ने बताया की यहाँ कोई नया बिजली का कारखाना खुला है, और दूर दराज से आये श्रमिक एक एक कर के घर बना रहे हैं।

किसी ख्याल की तरह, कुछ दिन में ये बस्ती जवान हो जाएगी। और मै उस बस्ती में पला बढ़ा हूँ जो कभी जवान थी। आज वो बूढी हो चली है। मेरी उम्र के सारे लोग उसे छोड़ के शहर आ बसे हैं। श्रमिकों की ये बस्ती पीछे छूट गयी है, कुछ मेरे स्कूल में ही छूट गए दोस्तों के साथ। श्रमिकों के रिटायर होकर मर जाने के बाद आज ये बस्ती अनाथ सी बिलखती है। कोयले की वो खदानें जो कभी बोगी भर भर के कोयेला उगलती थीं आज मर चुकीं हैं। चिमनिया, श्रमिकों की पारी बदलने के लिए जोर चिल्ला उठाने वाला लोहे का वो सायिरेन सब बस धीरे धीरे गल रहे हैं। कंपनी के उस अस्पताल में अब कोई लाजवान कहलाने लायक डाक्टर नहीं बचा। उस क्लब में अब कोई टेनिस नहीं खेलता जिसमे हम श्रमिको की औलादों को जाने तक की अनुमति नहीं थी।

मेरे ही स्कूल से छूट गए साथी आज यहाँ ड्रग्स बेचते हैं, आज कल यहाँ की पुलिस ज्यादा बर्बर हो गयी है। पड़ोस की जवान लड़कियों को प्यार में फांस कर शहर भाग जाना भी एक नया रुआब बन गया है। एक पान की गुमटी में खड़े हो जाओ तो आस पास की साड़ी बस्ती की खबर मिल जाती है। किसका चक्कर किसके साथ है, किसने किसको मारा है, आज सट्टे का भाव क्या है, अफीम कहा मिलेगी बस येही तो सुर्खियाँ हैं यहाँ पे। मिश्र में क्या हो रहा है, दिल्ली के इंडिया गेट में क्या प्रदर्शन हुआ, लोकपाल बिल क्या है.… इनकी बला से।

खैर मन खट्टा हो जाये ऐसी बात क्यों सोचूं, घर से गाडी आ गयी है हमे वापस ले जाने के लिए, साड़ी रेलगाड़ियाँ रद्द हो चुकीं हैं, शहर के कौतूहल को मेरा इंतज़ार कुछ दिन और करना होगा। पहाड़िया, पहाड़ी नदी और ये रिम झिम बारिश, शहर के लोग शायद जन्नत मौत के बाद ही देख पाएंगे। हरियाली और कोहरा मेरे सूती कुर्ते को भिगो रहा है या शायद मेरे मन को भी। अभी का नजारा कोई देखे तो मेरे बताने पर भी यकीन नहीं करेगा की यहाँ कभी दैत्याकारी मशीनें मिनटों में ट्रकों भर कोयला निकाल दिया करती थीं।

जिस बस्ती में मेरा बचपन बीता वो कभी घाना जंगल था। अंग्रेजों ने यहाँ कोयला ढूंढ निकला… फिर क्या था उनकी रेलगाड़ियों को कोयला चाहिए था और उनको जंगल। धीरे धीरे जंगल, जानवर और आदिवासी चल बसे और मशीनों को चलाने के लिए दुसरे प्रान्त से मजदूर बुला लिए गये। मेरे पिताजी यूँ तो अलाहाबाद विश्व विद्यालय के छात्र भी थे छात्र नेता भी लेकिन छात्र काल में ही विवाहित हुए युवक को नौकरी लुभा ही लेती है। गाँव से हाजारों मील दूर कौन जान पायेगा की गाँव का सबसे पढ़ा लिखा लड़का मजदूरी कर रहा है। विदेशी कंपनी थी आजादी के ३० साल बाद अब सरकारी हो चुकी थी। परिवार चलाने के लिए अच्छी वेतन वाली मजदूरी का चयन ही उनको ठीक लगा। ग्रेजुएट होने के बावजूद श्रमिक हो जाना आत्मबल को कमजोर बना देता है लेकिन पापा जी के साथ ऐसा नहीं था, सामाजिक विकास की ललक ज्यों की त्यों बनी रही।

उन्होंने मेरा एडमिशन कंपनी के सबसे बेस्ट स्कूल में कराया, जहाँ जी.एम् और मेनेजर के लड़के पढ़ते हैं। ये इतना आसान नहीं था जितना लिख दिया है। एक एक कागज के लिए दफ्तर दफ्तर भटकना पड़ा था, जिस बाबु को पता चल जाये ये मजदूर अपने बेटे को सेंट्रल स्कूल में पढ़ने की हिम्मत जुटा रहा है वो ही कागज अटका देता था। लेकिन उन बाबुओं को भी क्या पता था की मेरे पापा इलाहबाद यूनिवर्सिटी से छात्र नेता रह चुके थे। नियति श्रमिक को घमंड करने का मौका इतनी आसानी से कहाँ देती है?
साईकल से पापा जब पहले दिन स्कूल छोड़ने जा रहे थे तो उनका रुआब देखने लायक था। उनके चेहरे का अभिमान चमक रहा था। उतावले पन  में मेरे साइकिल से जल्दी उतरने की कोशिश  में हम दोनों साइकिल के साथ गिर गए। ये घटना स्कूल के मेन गेट के सामने हुई। बारिश का महीना था, हम कीचड में ही गिरे थे.… सबके सामने। आज भी पापा का वो सहज चेहरा याद है। अमूमन पेंसिल की नोक टूट जाने में भी खूब फटकारने वाले पापा बड़ी शांत मुस्कान के साथ मुझे एक पेड़ के पास बैठा के बोले "यहीं रुकना मैं घर दूसरी स्कूली ड्रेस ले के आता हूँ"
बचपन की वो आंखें, पापा की आँखों का वो लाड नहीं समझ पायीं थीं। आज उस ललकते चेहरे को याद करके होठों में ख़ुशी बिखर जाती हैं। 

ओह! ख़याल भी कहाँ कहाँ भटक जाते हैं। आज इस बस्ती में शायद ऐसा परिवार नहीं रहता, आस पड़ोस के सारे बुजुर्ग गुजर गए हैं। अलाव के चारो तरफ बैठ कर किस्से कहानी कोई नहीं सुनाता। पहले की तरह मोटे पम्प के वो बोरिंग नहीं चलते जहाँ पूरी बस्ती बाल्टी ले के आ जाती थी। आज इन घरों में टीवी आ गयी है। ठण्ड से बचने के लिए  हीटर आ गए हैं। खाना बनाने के लिए गैस चूल्हे है, अब पड़ोस के लोग एक साथ कम ही बैठते हैं। पहले बस्ती में पुलिस आ जाये तो भीड़ लग जाती थी आज कल उनका रोज का आना जाना है। मेरी उम्र के लगभग सारे लड़के किसी न किसी आरोप में जेल जा चुके हैं।
रोजगार ख़त्म  हो गए हैं,  जंगल फिर से आबाद हो रहा है, इसबार अराजकता में इंसान भी शामिल हैं।

हाँ मगर… 

अँधेरा फिर से हारेगा, उजाले फिर से आयेंगे।  
उधर से फिर उदय होंगे, इधर को डूबने वाले। 

Public's Reaction to Public Schemes

If unemployment increases along with the youth’s population, crime will naturally increase. It will destabilize the peace and harmony of a nation. So it is in the interest of the tax payers to keep rate of unemployment minimum: By Jitendra Rajaram 

In my village I noticed that whatever people talk or think about any public scheme is largely pessimistic. They're the victim of negative publicity of the schemes. Every new scheme comes with lots of negative notions. Ground level executive believes that since people at the upper level are going to earn large sum unethically, they too should find ways to earn from it. They never accept that government will ever implement any schemes for the welfare of the people. I believe government should advertise the intention, willingness and commitment of any ambitious schemes enthusiastically. It will garner greater commitment, accountability and responsibility among the people associated and benefited with it.

It’s evident that from planning level to application level everyone is quite convinced to take personal benefits with any and every schemes running. This leads to a general opinion that schemes are made to benefit government people personally and it has no any welfare attributes. Surveys are widely available on public websites in which pessimism in execution at every level is visible.

Public Administration must have to find a solution of this problem. It will reduce the cost of program by increasing the efficiency. As per a reputed Magazine Gram Panchayats are overloaded. They roughly handle 70 accounts and 150 schemes and physical area of operation varies from 5Kms to 50Kms. It naturally implies that man power involved in carrying these schemes are forced to work unwillingly. No wonder these people aren’t capable of taking up such a complex work. Howsoever great are training programs.

Some Solutions are suggested
Like MGNREGA in which employment for unskilled labors are provided, government should recruit skilled and semi skilled people in villages to implement various schemes. This workforce will be other than teaching, nursing and paramedical. This will increase employment and reduce execution errors.

In projects like public surveys and census... school and college students should be deployed with encouraging remuneration and certificate of participation. This will engage them in practical learning and boost confidence.

Professional graduates like MBAs, BTechs and Medical should be motivated to take up works in rural or semi rural places. This will optimize the check and balance of program’s implication. This workforce is highly skilled to utilize high tech machinery of the under construction government administration’s infrastructure. It also will reduce the head responsibility of higher officers.

Gram Panchayats should work as administrators and supervisors not as clerks or executives. It will ensure efficient execution of programs

Criticism of the solutions suggested
One of the most oblivious criticisms is the cost of increased manpower.

TAX payers are paying taxes for peaceful living. If unemployment increases along with the youth’s population, crime will naturally increase. It will destabilize the peace and harmony of a nation. So it is in the interest of the tax payers to keep rate of unemployment minimum

Taxation department is able to collect 41% of total income taxes. Almost 90% of Indian businessmen big or small defaults in tax payment. Cost of tax recovery is way higher than any other nation of the world. Inefficient delegation of public programs is also mounting cost. Above suggested solutions will reduce this burden.