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Truth of Falling economy

This version of truth will never come out to public. No financial experts will perfectly explain this reasons of falling economy because this truth is far more dangerous than falling rupee!

A few months ago, Anna Hazare visited Indore city. During his procession I was a bystander due to traffic jam. As a common man I only appreciate Anna for all his deeds but never participated in his campaigns. Like me there are many who admire him but are so much strangled in life’s dwelling that they only wish for his success. Nonetheless, like me there were many other bystanders. As Amartya Sen says that Indians uniqueness is that they are too talkative, a bystander expressed his annoyance with me.
“I hate this man!” stranger said to me pointing towards Anna
“Why?” I did not reduce my smiling face but was gravely hurt by his remark. How can anyone hate this nice old man? One can disagree with him but in no case will anyone ever hate him the least. I got further bumped to know more about his argument. “Why do you hate him?” I repeated
“I invested in Real Estate business and was earning handsome money but since this man raised corruption issue, all investment in terms of foreign black money evaporated! I am tons below now!” He easily and quite convincingly replied to my query.
After a few more exchanges, I started riding again. Throughout my entire ride, I carried his statement. Today all big players of real estate industry are silent. They are somehow selling off their old properties but no one is starting any new project! Houses are vacant for no blind run of rent/sale is on!
After recession 2008, India was one of the first countries to rise up from it. Indian markets were doing fairly well nationally and abroad… but since India Against Corruption movement began, market is less stable! Gold flicked from its normal trend to its peak and now at remarkably low point! Why? Why rupee is falling? While no financial experts are perfectly explaining the reasons because this truth is far more dangerous than falling rupee!
Youths are more conscious for economic news. They all are based upon it. They need jobs and are finger crossed to see market up. Government can easily divert their attention from local level crimes and corruption to falling economy in a single stroke.
Foreign forced will never wish that Indian administration get cleaner because India is one roof of many shops. Consumer, Healthcare, Drugs testing, land Mafia, Public Infrastructure Investment, PPP investment, public date digitization and what not. India is rain god of money. No one is interested in Anti Graft corruption because Babu’s want to ensure that local mafia is in full control and any laws could easily be created or scrapped.   
Economic fall increases foreign pressure on financial system. It gives opportunity to open economic gates for free trade market practices. It generates more money for foreign companies and less of nation. We opened retail, aviation and insurance market recently! Why? Market is still falling…
Foreign big brothers have made up their minds to rotate the government from UPA to NDA. Both are in their hands. Falling market will more provoke voters to go against UPA to select NDA… A full proof mockery to use public anger in the favor has been laid. We are wonderfully defeated!

Note: This angle appears more speculative; however it’s my personal view that the reason of economic fall is due to the increased vigilance of common man. I arrived to this conclusion quite accidently but have many reasons to be excited about it. A high level research is needed but if you find potential in my argument please share your views. 


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