Conspiracy of United Nations to create One World Government

I found some Intellectual Terrorists!! Their homelands are the states of NATO. Surprised? Well read this following Newton styled sociological theorem 

Law of Terrorism 
"Whenever Crude Oil price increases, a terror attack happens" by Thomas L Friedman in his book 'Hot Flat & Crowded' 

This statement is claimed to be true for entire world. It's well illustrated by the examples of the attacks happened in Europe, US &
few parts of Asia. So much so true but what is questionable is the finger pointed by the author. The world largest importer of crude oil and the owner of world’s currency (i.e. USA) have been granted a clean chit in his judgment. Countries of the Middle East made guilty!

The world is now quite effectively being governed by United Nations. It erases clues of all heinous crimes being done by Israel, USA & UK and negatively highlights all that is being done by Iraq, Syria, Egypt or Afghanistan. Intention is clear; create a World Government with no opposition or democratic attributes. A conspiracy to elevate the dictatorship of USA (and allied states like UK…). UN is laying down a plot to facilitate capitalists for maniac game of wealth creation. Handful of human will enjoy the ultra luxurious life and billions other will be thrown into plight of dirt, hatred and violence which is quite evident.
The fact that capitalistic forces are imposing capitalism in this world is universally true. Debate is whether it is bad or good! Let’s check into the root of this ideology. Capitalists believe that ‘Human’ by nature is bad (greedy, moody and self-centered). They believe upon supra-physical power as a governor of cosmos. To support their views scientifically, they explain positive & negative charges as the form of energy in every single atom of which this universe consisted. In their argument this so called supra-physical power or GOD in sort is the positive charge and its competitor is EVIL! Whole logic to prove that Capitalism is right lies here. Since human is bad and if not controlled by any centralized system (like religion, nation etc.) they it will fall prey of EVIL forces. AND!! To satisfy this basic nature of being greedy, moody and self centered one has to be involved in constant struggle of ‘perform or parish’. Everyone are engaged in the race of ‘Survival of Fittest’
Dress better than others, look good than others, eat good better than others and the criteria to gauge this ‘better’ is being expensive. Earn more than others to be better than others is the moral of capitalism. Do you want this?

Well they want it… a centralized government for this whole world so that all of us are thrown into this maniac race of proving over selves superior to other.  A central force so that if anyone of us at all dare to hook out, they will simple execute us. They’re far more incisive than we are… they’re almost half way through in their attempt of making a one world government…

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