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Oh Rose...!
Writing poems in English by being Deshi by heart is a challenge. Adding to it I am not trained in poem writing in any language. I don't know the technicalities of writing poems but I love this. I am not eligible to present this to you but since your critiques will shape my inks, I invite your kind attention to my stupid creation" Thanks! JV 
------------------------------------------------------------- "Ihate you, And you must know why! It is true, that I am not you, And this I will never try!But hating you is all I should,Not because we both are with him here,But because we both were blossomed elsewhere!!"Not I hated you when he proposed you Or when his hands were shivering to hold But when I was laid in market to get cunningly sold Yes, I hate you,Not because I you’re priceless or I am notBut because you are earned while I am bought
"My fragrance will never fade, It’s one more reason to hate.It is not like I will die neverOr you will live forever.Not …

Indian Corruption Analysis and chosen few

“One of the Ills of the beautiful is that it attracts evils. The beauty that is India and the evil that is corruption” “Anyone who hopes that the solutions of Indian problems lie in India is not able to actually understand the problem. Corruption is not, and cannot be, a design of Indian mindset alone”

“35 families of India own 25% of total Indian GDP. Almost all the media and public broadcasting companies are owned by these business families. Almost all the business families of India are having direct access to Indian Parliament. Needless to say, the actual definition of Indian Democracy should be “by the merchant, for the merchant and of the merchant”.
India is among the oldest civilization of the world. Since time unknown, world politics is especially interested in this Gondwanaland amassed to Eurasian supercontinent some two hundred million years ago which has just now named as India! From Aryans to Kushaans, Aristotle to Alexander, Gauri to Ghajani, from Moguls to British and now …

WTO & Farmer Subsidy Bill Logjam


Article 370 & AFSPA


Market Society