Article 370 & AFSPA

"Dividing India into India, Pakistan & Bangladesh is ambitious act of creating a jackpot market of Arms, Oil and Vassal Transportations. Keeping Asia in unrest is another way of making money by neo-liberalism." :- Jitendra Rajaram

"It is an assumption than a truth that Kashmir is an integral part of India, if India in itself has not been integrated since distant past. Almost all international bounders of Republic of India are in dispute with its adjoining neighbor. Mc Mohan & Redcliff Lines are never accepted by our new born neighbor ‘Pakistan’ and age old competitor ‘China’.  All three of us are having nuclear arms. Adding to it, four major and diplomatically important nations of Asia are having nuclear arms along with some or the other boundary disputes! Worthless to say, it is not a coincidence but is a deliberately designed nexus of arms market.
By knowing these facts, it is a political crime to fuel the debate on article 370. This defines the height of mantle bankruptcy of idiotic political heroes. But before I further this discussion, let me lay down one more ground theory.  Almost all new born Third World Nations of the world are incisively created by First World Nations based upon its market potential. Post WW2 political scenario almost too a new birth, creation of IMF, WTO, UN, NATO etc proves that imperialists are now not going for war but are going to fund the war aggressively. Dividing India into India, Pakistan & Bangladesh is ambitious act of creating a jackpot market of Arms, Oil and Vassal Transportations. Keeping Asia in unrest is another way of making money by neo-liberalism. Its simple operate because armies and diplomats are outsourced to the countries of subject itself.
To understand this nexus will itself lead you to the conclusion that how futile it is to debate upon Article 370 of J&K but since majority of my readers are either Hindu or Muslim. These Hindu or Muslims also love to boast upon the place of their birth, family where they born and class they belong. It helps them qualify to further boast upon what brand they wear, which car they drive and who all they know in Parliament, Corporate and NRIs of USA and UK. Because these Hindus and Muslims hardly care who in reality are laying bombs below their bum, it becomes my bound duty to explain it their ways.
Only J&K is treated differently
Goa, Dadar & Nangal, Assam, Pondicherry, Hyderabad, Travancore, Gwalior princely states are also having special sections in Constitution of India. All the clauses are (or were) more or less equal to Article 370 but since Kashmir is an ethnic fight of the sections of Indian society and is bordering our arch rival Pakistan, it is becoming an issue to a so called great and heroic party PM candidate. Yes article 370 privileged J&K but did not treat it differently. It is only that a communal section of India is pointing it differently.
Women of J&K loses citizenship if married out of J&K
It was the case till in 1935 (before independence) but after LOC cease fire and UN Intervention only the women married to the men of POK (Pak Occupied Kashmir) loses the citizenship of J&K not if they are married to the men of any other states of India. Now naturally, you will not like POK citizen to become you son-in-law right?
People of J&K want Article 370
People of J&K are fed up with tortures and suspicions. Almost daily they are becoming subjects of violence by Indian Army. AFSPA is laying havoc on them. Their Lakes are not bearing livelihood, their governments are not providing them education and their government is shooting them only on the basis of wage doubt they resident can be a terrorist. Their women are getting raped because the army personnel are away from their wives for years to become sex hungry. They know that they can subject any Kashmiri women to quench their hunger for almost no loss of dignity.
NO business is coming to them the way it is coming to other states of India. They’re not able to be as educated and graceful as their counterparts from other states are. They too actually want jobs, lifestyle and comfort. They don’t if Pakistan gives it to them or India does for all they want is fair and equal treatment.
They have nothing to lose! For them there is only one thing they can negotiate against AFSPA (Armed Force Special Power Act) i.e. Article 370. They know both of it are useless for them. All they’re hoping that they will kill two birds by one stone. I hope your Hindu Nationalist PM in waiting can bring it to them.


Anonymous said...

Tune wahan rape hote hue dekha tha kya mc. And why do you people always forgot about Kashmirir pandits who were raped.

ankit jain said...

IS there any any solution for it, or we able to implement to it , if not now then why focus on it.Lets focus on other issue which are in our reach.

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