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Oh Rose...!

Writing poems in English by being Deshi by heart is a challenge. Adding to it I am not trained in poem writing in any language. I don't know the technicalities of writing poems but I love this. I am not eligible to present this to you but since your critiques will shape my inks, I invite your kind attention to my stupid creation" Thanks! JV 
 "I hate you,
And you must know why! It is true, that I am not you, And this I will never try!But hating you is all I should,Not because we both are with him here,But because we both were blossomed elsewhere!!
"Not I hated you when he proposed you Or when his hands were shivering to hold But when I was laid in market to get cunningly sold Yes, I hate you,Not because I you’re priceless or I am notBut because you are earned while I am bought
"My fragrance will never fade, It’s one more reason to hate.It is not like I will die neverOr you will live forever.Not because you’re more enticing than me But because your beauty will long more than me
"I asked my thorn to get his thumb bleedJust to outshine his love by my greedI hated when you took his thumb in your lips Not because you will hold his thumb for many daysBut because he’ll feel your warmth more than many sunrays
"See my petals are as soft as your lips must beWhile plucking me he was bent on his kneeI hate you because he gifted me to you He devalued, disregarded and disowned me Not because he forget me and feels all for you But because he used my traits to adorn you
"I would have been long gone Thrown and forgotten But see how insane you’re Buried me in the same diary In which
you buried all your thoughts I am drying, you’re dying But I still hate you Because while still he knows you I am incarnated 
and withdrawn

"I love flowers but I never wish to pluck them because if I will pluck it will die. It will not remain the one I loved. Did I say to you that love is not owning it is in appreciating."  Osho 


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जाने क्या क्या

"ये अचानक बढ़ी कौतुहल का ग़ुबार भर है, कविता कह देना बड़ी बात होगी, पेश है आपके नज़रो-क़रम के लिए "
कुछ मीठा मीठा छूट गया, कुछ कड़वा कड़वा साथ रहा। 
उसके आने जाने तक का, जाने क्या क्या याद रहा।
फूल, किताबें, मंदिर ओटलें, वो गली गलीचे गुजर गये।
भीड़ भाड़ कि धक्का मुक्की, में ये शहर बड़ा आबाद रहा।
सायकल, गच्छी, सीठी, घंटी, छुप छुप के संवाद किये।
अब आँखों की अठखेली का, न वो हुनर रहा न उन्माद रहा।
कुछ मीठा मीठा छूट गया, कुछ कड़वा कड़वा साथ रहा। 
उसके आने जाने तक का, जाने क्या क्या याद रहा।
- जितेंद्र राजाराम

My World View

"My vision is that everyone irrespective of their history must be allowed to participate in making this world a better place"  - Jitendra Rajaram 
Economy is a political arrangement of power. It is not about money. Money is a tool to exercise the power one holds.    Politics is a continuous struggle of reshuffling the power arrangement among various power fringes. These fringes are class, caste, community, ethnicity, skin colour, gender, age, and family identities. Macroscopically, this struggle is homogeneous, everyone is fighting with everyone else. Microscopically however, one can observe patterns. The patter is a binary, a war between “Handful powerful elites” and “Million weak, poor and discarded bands of people”.

Whoever is ruling, has actually achieved a temporary state of equilibrium. This equilibrium is the sum of positive and negative powers like religion, wealth, societies, people unions, customs, cultures, and ethnicities etc. This equilibrium can be managed and sust…

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Nic Cheeseman and Brian Klass wrote in the first page of their book “How to Rig an Election” with a statement “The greatest political paradox of our time is this: there are more elections than ever before, and yet the world is becoming less democratic”.

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