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Propaganda: The Conspiracy Theories

"The impact of propaganda was such that intellectual society of the world started debating the merits of massive pogrom conducted by Nazis! This is has been the most powerful weapon of royals to keep common man enslaved in illusion of freedom"  Jitendra Rajaram
Imperialism is losing the ground; it is just that evaporation of an ocean is not visible from the coast. The persistent struggle of justice and equality is leading us towards the fairer world where human race will learn to coexist. This however should not be mistaken that the imperialists has surrendered! They are lot more centralized and have lethal weapons for the next ambush. The only hope is that our efforts are now succeeding in sensitizing common man. 
While we are going door-to-door or people to people to awaken them for the upcoming war, autocrats are using propaganda to blur the vision of we the people.
Now days, with increased internet connectivity, debates are leaving the pseudo boundaries of nationalism. You…