Propaganda: The Conspiracy Theories

"The impact of propaganda was such that intellectual society of the world started debating the merits of massive pogrom conducted by Nazis! This is has been the most powerful weapon of royals to keep common man enslaved in illusion of freedom"  Jitendra Rajaram 

Imperialism is losing the ground; it is just that evaporation of an ocean is not visible from the coast. The persistent struggle of justice and equality is leading us towards the fairer world where human race will learn to coexist. This however should not be mistaken that the imperialists has surrendered! They are lot more centralized and have lethal weapons for the next ambush. The only hope is that our efforts are now succeeding in sensitizing common man. 

While we are going door-to-door or people to people to awaken them for the upcoming war, autocrats are using propaganda to blur the vision of we the people.

Now days, with increased internet connectivity, debates are leaving the pseudo boundaries of nationalism. Youngsters are now more responsibly questioning the ways their native governments are working. Capitalism Vs Communism is the second most popular subject of debate (first topic is “if religions are hoax created by Imperialists”). In an interesting episode we come across the instrument called

“Propaganda”. The instrument invented by Nazi Germans under Hitler regime to justify their racial discrimination. They killed million in a justification of nurturing superior human race called ‘Aryans’. As per Nazis argument only the best human breed is rightful to live rest should be extricated from the earth because if they live they will further corrupt the society.       

The impact of propaganda was such that intellectual society of the world started debating the merits of massive pogrom conducted by Nazis!

It was the introduction of the term along with the systematic development of it. This term ‘propaganda’ however is not new to ruler class. In all theological paradoxes propaganda was used. There has never been any other method to justify evil.

Broadcasting white lie in fashionable, illusionary and taunting ways repeatedly, loudly and forcefully is called propaganda. In this process the cannibal instinct of humans are methodically inflicted. The indicators of cannibal instincts are lust, greed, competition, comparison, jealousy etc. You try evaluating any crime of any sort in these parameters; you will be able to find the logic satisfying any of these instincts. It just depends upon person to person that which one will trigger the satisfaction of whom.

A teacher once said to the students in the classroom “Doesn’t matter what grades you have got or how you look today! All that will count is what car you will drive after you education or which brand of shoes will you wear”. The hall full of students clapped in his commendable English and English Suiting. I dared not, and I regret for this, to ask if every single human demands for a car than from where Earth will provide 13000 Billion KG of steel and other stuff in this ratio to make cars for everyone? If earth can’t than why a responsible adult is instigating the vulnerable young minds?

“Earth has abundant resources to consume as much as you want, god gave us as much we wish to have” a justification from an imperialist to another but when they talk to ‘poor’ tune changes “Carbon emission will disturb the ecological balance and earth will collapse, pay us in dollars to buy carbon credits so that we can compensate every gallon of carbon you produce in your country by planting trees in our country”

“Justice and equality for all is too ideal state of imagination to be possible in finite future, it is as per the command of the almighty that predator needs to hunt in order to survive hunger” are some examples of sensitizing animal instincts or creating propaganda.   

Arms Trade, Dollar Diplomacy, Terrorist Theory, IMF, WTO, NATO, Gold Trade, Share Market, VISA-Passport, nationalism are some of the classic examples of the propaganda which has been created by the states and are so religiously accepted by the common people that they’ve stopped imaging a foreign trip without VISA. The most peace loving man can kill if the woman in his possession is deemed shareable. Growing beard or pasting color in forehead becomes the most scientific practice to exhibit purity. Anything against Hitler becomes most rewarding duty towards the mankind.

Time has come when the youngest breed of this era should be capable of drawing a line between paradoxes and facts. Time has come that utilization of cyber freedom should create a revolution through which the young brigade refuses to entail the imperialists. Time has come to realize that 70% of the world population is deprived of even a glass of clean water in the same earth where globalization is claiming that the whole world is now connected and compacted to become a small village. Time has come to team up to make royal-bloods realize that they can no longer sensitize our emotions and charge us against each other for their entertainments.

It has to be realized by the young bloods that India-Pakistan, North-Korea-South Korea, Sudan-South Sudan, Philistine-Israel, Turkey, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Swat Valley, Dhaka, Iran, Iraq, Al-Qaeda, Northman Alliance may or may not be wrong or right but they all are buying weapons from First World Nations. It is ultimately the First World Nation which is inflicting national and religious fundamentalism among us to keep their banks full of Dollars.

Why else they attacked Afghanistan followed Iraq while Taliban and Al Qaeda remained in Afghan Attacked WTC? Because they wanted to kill the president of OPEQ nations! The one who refused to take payments in Dollars, Saddam wanted payments in Euro Currency for this very reason they murdered Husain. Followed by this they created the hoax of Subprime Crisis, Killed Euro-Zone and after all this they killed Osama Bin Laden.

Whenever young brigade talk about equality and justice they bring Levis, Lacoste, Lakeme, JLR, BMW to show that struggling for branded lifestyle is way more worthy than thinking for Justice and Equality. It is just not COOL you know!

In this process to centralize the whole world’s administration they failed in tapping the power of technology. Fellow humans, this leakage are the ticket to bring back democracy and real federal structure of governance to achieve our goal of ONE RACE ‘MANKIND’!

Let us all unite, struggle and hope that the darkest night will soon be over! The SUN will rise again!!   


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