The Saga of Unnatural Growth of Indian Economy

"Can anything as benign as Green Revolution has any ill-effect? When we were revolutionising the agriculture in one of the world's most fertile land of Haryana and Punjab a factory of pesticide manufacturing called 'Union Carbide' took a million lives in Bhopal gas Tragedy." 
By Jitendra Rajaram

The development of mankind is so complex that it is hard to foresee the consequences of even the most thoughtful projects of public administration. In the stroke of midnight of 14th August 1947, India had risen to a new life. The leaders of liberal India were set to draft the fortune of billions deprived human being living in the worlds most strategically significant sub-continent of Asia. They were incisive, determined and honest but were surrounded by the opportunists, needy, greedy and shoddy influencers. The tension between these two lead to a fiasco where we as nation failed! We failed to adopt rigid economic policies. What we did afterwards is merely an act of plastering every cracks that appears in any new building every time well before the inspection is due.

The policies of public administration, domestic affairs and social security has so far remained either unproductive or biased. It, if at all worked, worked for the privileged section of Indian Society. This leakage in Home Ministry happened due to untime demise of the Iron Man of India. The strategic macro-economic layouts of India Inc. devised by Nehru were highly ambitious. These strategies were certain of bearing fruits immediately as well as in long run. Unfortunately the social unrest in the name of language, religion, nationality and cultural identity did not let us achieve the trust building momentum. 

In a structure where Public Sector and Private sector were both allowed to function with equal freedom and moral obligations. The first bound duty of the flag runners was to uplift the 'moral values' of the age old deprived society of India. This could have happened by two ways. One by redoing the entire education, employment and internal security system of this country. Second by neutralizing the stringent laws made to curb public freedom by the previously ruling British India Government. This never happened thus the local influencers created a parallel government with the help of this machinery of Government (like police, judiciary and district collectors). These landlords, businessmen and high-caste sardars intensified the process of breaching trust of common man from the newly born country.

It re-established Babudom, Nephewism and Redtapeism again to further enslave the common man. The measurement of this failure is the alternate which comman man of India devised to get work done i.e. by bribing, appeasing or by simply surrendering to these lords.  

The gap of trust between the government and its people in India has been persistently widened by the lords. It revoked the essence of 'democracy' permanently. Indian public turned its back to democracy only to surrender in front of these lords because they were throwing nuts to them at least occasionally.

The failure of Public Sector Units (PSUs) like BSNL, Railway, GAIL, SAIL etc in becoming brand or trend setter or even efficient in term of production output is the only because of this Lordship. On the other hand the success of 'Private Sector' was only and only because of this Lordship. Important in sight to notice here is the success and failure of both the sectors is because of the 'Lordship'. While the objective of PSU has been to create a sustainable employability model for the skilled and semi skilled population. The objective of private sector is only book profit (yes almost). It can be naturally concluded that why lordship created the 360 degree winning atmosphere for the handful greedy capitalists.

In this strongly developed social fabric of a country where lordship is paramount in the illusion of democracy, the success of Nehru's model of economical development scuffed to premature death well before the twenty first century. In 1991 we surrendered to the world's lordship called capitalism... We dropped the idea of creating sustainable employability model and adopted profit making as the credo of business. 

It is untrue that post economic liberation, India did not develop. It certainly did but the cost of this development is mortifying. The democracy become the puppet of handful business families of this country. The first window of opportunity has been hijacked by the profit mongers and all that we are seeing in today's political theatre of this country is nothing but the is stage show of profit monger playwrights. 

The privatization of mineral mines, forestry, farming, irrigable lands, nuclear plants, manufacturing of defense hardware, weapon imports and privatization of domestic infrastructure development has instigated the people's movements. Coalgate Scams, Crude Oil Scams, CWG, Coffin Scams are the surfacing pimples in the face of 21st century India... beneath the skin it is way ugly than anyone can imagine. The age old instrument of creating propaganda through mass-communication media has dubbed these people struggles as terrorists activities.

All the malls, airports and metros glittering in our modern India are actually an outcome of this unnatural growth. This balloon will certainly burst! Much of you, who are in illusion of this eyewash, are hoping that bubble burst should never happen but I have started the countdown... the new generation of this country is pacing up! My curiosity now is to see who hits this balloon hardest and how!!

Policy Faultlines

"A country which has largest cross river delta of Ganges-Yamuna and second largest Brahmaputra-Ganges rivers along with marvelous kaleidoscope of fifty-six rivers across the nation has a lot to promise from this world"

World is turning into concrete! The urbane development structure is expanding. Fertile farmland is turning into parking, skyscrapers, roads, rails and everything which eases routine life of man.
Increasing ground acidic value, reducing irrigable land, depletion of ground water, reduction in rainfall average are the alarming challenges in food production.
On top of it world population is getting way higher than seven billion humans. What we produce in our farms is not only needed to humans but also to domestic animals as well. The Agro Produce and by products serves close to 13billion trunks globally. Population which is heavily based upon natural food is increasing persistently. What is further ironic is the fact that human induced pollution is depleting the ecology which is crucial in growing crops.
The need of the hour is to create systems which make agriculture independent from climate and geological conditioning of the farm land available. In Indian subcontinent, it is largely underestimated segment of education largely due to several theological and mythological theories. However due to increasing food inflation the perception of the farmers is changing. Unorganized conventional methods cultivation is lethally harming the farmers engaged in cultivation on the other hand side increasing demand supply gap is triggering exponentiation of food prices in urbane retail. Market forces are betting upon the quality, hygiene and packaging aspects to develop brands based marketing strategy for the agro-commodities. Unplanned irrigation, usage of fertilizers, pesticides and tampered timelines of cropping is playing havoc in Indian Agriculture sector.
Government policies of subsiding mid day meals, education and promoting unwanted as well as highly unskilled employment in rural areas where population is based upon agriculture is potentially harming the food production, procurement and transpiration. All these events put together are creating circumstances where third pillar of Indian economy is drying quite unexpectedly.
Indian subcontinent is having enormous potential for developing, upgrading and engaging technology in agriculture. A subcontinent which is heavily populated with semi-skilled labor and poor technological infrastructure needs immediate overhauling. A country which has largest cross river delta of Ganges-Yamuna and second largest Brahmaputra-Ganges rivers along with marvelous kaleidoscope of fifty-six rivers across the nation has a lot to promise from this world.

The need is the intention to correct the big wrong things. We have to elect sensible policy makers who can grow up from communal and capitalistic ideologies. Think it over… 

I am scared of a 'Conscious Disability'

"During that anesthesia I was free, fearless and happy inspite of something very wrong was happening to my body. That anesthesia has been injected to everyone of us living in this society governed by banks"  By Jitendra Rajaram

I was lying on the operation table half dead and defenseless when the most talented and supreme commander of the crew present in the room (yes the surgeon) asked to me

"Why didn't you operated earlier?"

In the middle of conscious disability I answered "I was exploring another way to evade surgery"

Amazingly I was able to feel everything except the pain (Wish if life could have that same anesthesia effect). I was able to feel the annoyance in the face of that surgeon

"Strange! Are you educated?" he asked "does medical have any alternate?"

I thought a lot to answer but concluded that this man is not qualified to have my answer. Well you may stop reading me from here tagging me rude but I wish if you read further.

While suffering from 'Renal Calculi' (a medical term of 'kidney stone' to keep medical things tough so that profit margin remain safe) for three years, I experienced the peak of pain any male human can bear. I tried 'Ayurveda' "Homeopathy' 'Grand Ma's Kitchen Medication'... and everything that my loved one suggested. Everyone around me had at least one interesting story about this illness. They confidently persuaded me to meet 'magicians' 'godly old men' 'saints' to magically remove that stone without any surgery. Some of the claims where so high that you cannot deny on the face of them. Everyone tagged everyone else fool!

When I was wailing of pain, people around me were narrating me about the miraculous tricks done by their 'baba, peer or sant' to remove stone by some 'lemon cut' 'hollow stick suck' or 'some holy potato trick. Whenever I went to Ayurveda Doctor he rubbished Homeopathy and Allopathy. Same was the case with Homeopathy and Allopathy. This hate triangle kept me wailing for three years. None of them guaranteed cure, none of them navigated to me towards relief, all of them took me to the illusion of therapy and kept making money from me. I was more a customer than any patient for them all. I was left with only one option! I.e. keeping medical bills minimum to hope that I will sustain or recover from it someday...

Yes I am afraid of injection, I was scared of surgery, I was hoping to get healed by anything cheapest and without costing much time. A life dwelling somehow upon EMIs cannot rest long. A pain killer is all that is required to get going. An our breakdown rest is enough to keep the show running in order to keep your family stay happy. The package of happiness comes in grams these days . Its variety is weighed upon carats. You can buy as much as happiness as you want by your credit card. Your bank will ensure you pay them for rest of your life.

I was lying on the operation theatre half dead, fearing they may take out any organ from my body to sell it. I was scared what will my family do if they get me murdered by these doctors for my organs? I was worried how will my parents pay back for this most sure shot bid of getting healed from cheapest disease called 'Kidney Stone'. I was worried not because the talent of those doctors were less but because they're salesman before they're surgeons. I was scared because as a salesman I was knowing the difference between the commitments and intentions of the marchant.

In India after 1991, we have only learnt marketing. For everything we do today we need a salesman. A writer needs them, a doctor needs them, a farmer needs them, a teacher, a family, a society and everyone lives around you needs at least one salesman. In last 30 years world GDP has grown 350 times of which 600% is the valuation of 'Brand Creation' and just 3% is 'Product Creation'.

When I was working in Pharmaceutical Industry as a salesman, I bribed a doctor to sell Injections I was endorsing. The costliest of the injection that I was selling was strictly prescribed to be used once in a life of any patient but my beloved doctor injected six time to many of his patients only to help me achieve my sales target. I bribed a PRO of a Super Speciality Hospital's doctor to bring poor village patients. He billed them for the fortune for no illness at all.
I have seen how a healthy pregnant woman is billed for cesarean delivery, I have seen how a human god (Doctors) becomes evil for money.

They are not capable of becoming even a General Practitioner but have opened super Speciality Hospitals by taking loans from banks. EMIs of those loans force them to bill poor patient their life's earning. We all are getting enslaved of banks. These banks are controlled by 1st world nations... and I am scared thereof!

I hope I have answered why I said 'that surgeon is not qualified to have my answer'.... during that anesthesia I was free, fearless and happy inspite of something very wrong was happening to my body. That anesthesia has been injected to everyone of us living in this society governed by banks.