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The Saga of Unnatural Growth of Indian Economy

"Can anything as benign as Green Revolution has any ill-effect? When we were revolutionising the agriculture in one of the world's most fertile land of Haryana and Punjab a factory of pesticide manufacturing called 'Union Carbide' took a million lives in Bhopal gas Tragedy."  By Jitendra Rajaram

The development of mankind is so complex that it is hard to foresee the consequences of even the most thoughtful projects of public administration. In the stroke of midnight of 14th August 1947, India had risen to a new life. The leaders of liberal India were set to draft the fortune of billions deprived human being living in the worlds most strategically significant sub-continent of Asia. They were incisive, determined and honest but were surrounded by the opportunists, needy, greedy and shoddy influencers. The tension between these two lead to a fiasco where we as nation failed! We failed to adopt rigid economic policies. What we did afterwards is merely an act of plaste…

Policy Faultlines

"A country which has largest cross river delta of Ganges-Yamuna and second largest Brahmaputra-Ganges rivers along with marvelous kaleidoscope of fifty-six rivers across the nation has a lot to promise from this world"
World is turning into concrete! The urbane development structure is expanding. Fertile farmland is turning into parking, skyscrapers, roads, rails and everything which eases routine life of man. Increasing ground acidic value, reducing irrigable land, depletion of ground water, reduction in rainfall average are the alarming challenges in food production. On top of it world population is getting way higher than seven billion humans. What we produce in our farms is not only needed to humans but also to domestic animals as well. The Agro Produce and by products serves close to 13billion trunks globally. Population which is heavily based upon natural food is increasing persistently. What is further ironic is the fact that human induced pollution is depleting the …

I am scared of a 'Conscious Disability'

"During that anesthesia I was free, fearless and happy inspite of something very wrong was happening to my body. That anesthesia has been injected to everyone of us living in this society governed by banks"  By Jitendra Rajaram

I was lying on the operation table half dead and defenseless when the most talented and supreme commander of the crew present in the room (yes the surgeon) asked to me

"Why didn't you operated earlier?"

In the middle of conscious disability I answered "I was exploring another way to evade surgery"

Amazingly I was able to feel everything except the pain (Wish if life could have that same anesthesia effect). I was able to feel the annoyance in the face of that surgeon

"Strange! Are you educated?" he asked "does medical have any alternate?"

I thought a lot to answer but concluded that this man is not qualified to have my answer. Well you may stop reading me from here tagging me rude but I wish if you read furthe…