I am scared of a 'Conscious Disability'

"During that anesthesia I was free, fearless and happy inspite of something very wrong was happening to my body. That anesthesia has been injected to everyone of us living in this society governed by banks"  By Jitendra Rajaram

I was lying on the operation table half dead and defenseless when the most talented and supreme commander of the crew present in the room (yes the surgeon) asked to me

"Why didn't you operated earlier?"

In the middle of conscious disability I answered "I was exploring another way to evade surgery"

Amazingly I was able to feel everything except the pain (Wish if life could have that same anesthesia effect). I was able to feel the annoyance in the face of that surgeon

"Strange! Are you educated?" he asked "does medical have any alternate?"

I thought a lot to answer but concluded that this man is not qualified to have my answer. Well you may stop reading me from here tagging me rude but I wish if you read further.

While suffering from 'Renal Calculi' (a medical term of 'kidney stone' to keep medical things tough so that profit margin remain safe) for three years, I experienced the peak of pain any male human can bear. I tried 'Ayurveda' "Homeopathy' 'Grand Ma's Kitchen Medication'... and everything that my loved one suggested. Everyone around me had at least one interesting story about this illness. They confidently persuaded me to meet 'magicians' 'godly old men' 'saints' to magically remove that stone without any surgery. Some of the claims where so high that you cannot deny on the face of them. Everyone tagged everyone else fool!

When I was wailing of pain, people around me were narrating me about the miraculous tricks done by their 'baba, peer or sant' to remove stone by some 'lemon cut' 'hollow stick suck' or 'some holy potato trick. Whenever I went to Ayurveda Doctor he rubbished Homeopathy and Allopathy. Same was the case with Homeopathy and Allopathy. This hate triangle kept me wailing for three years. None of them guaranteed cure, none of them navigated to me towards relief, all of them took me to the illusion of therapy and kept making money from me. I was more a customer than any patient for them all. I was left with only one option! I.e. keeping medical bills minimum to hope that I will sustain or recover from it someday...

Yes I am afraid of injection, I was scared of surgery, I was hoping to get healed by anything cheapest and without costing much time. A life dwelling somehow upon EMIs cannot rest long. A pain killer is all that is required to get going. An our breakdown rest is enough to keep the show running in order to keep your family stay happy. The package of happiness comes in grams these days . Its variety is weighed upon carats. You can buy as much as happiness as you want by your credit card. Your bank will ensure you pay them for rest of your life.

I was lying on the operation theatre half dead, fearing they may take out any organ from my body to sell it. I was scared what will my family do if they get me murdered by these doctors for my organs? I was worried how will my parents pay back for this most sure shot bid of getting healed from cheapest disease called 'Kidney Stone'. I was worried not because the talent of those doctors were less but because they're salesman before they're surgeons. I was scared because as a salesman I was knowing the difference between the commitments and intentions of the marchant.

In India after 1991, we have only learnt marketing. For everything we do today we need a salesman. A writer needs them, a doctor needs them, a farmer needs them, a teacher, a family, a society and everyone lives around you needs at least one salesman. In last 30 years world GDP has grown 350 times of which 600% is the valuation of 'Brand Creation' and just 3% is 'Product Creation'.

When I was working in Pharmaceutical Industry as a salesman, I bribed a doctor to sell Injections I was endorsing. The costliest of the injection that I was selling was strictly prescribed to be used once in a life of any patient but my beloved doctor injected six time to many of his patients only to help me achieve my sales target. I bribed a PRO of a Super Speciality Hospital's doctor to bring poor village patients. He billed them for the fortune for no illness at all.
I have seen how a healthy pregnant woman is billed for cesarean delivery, I have seen how a human god (Doctors) becomes evil for money.

They are not capable of becoming even a General Practitioner but have opened super Speciality Hospitals by taking loans from banks. EMIs of those loans force them to bill poor patient their life's earning. We all are getting enslaved of banks. These banks are controlled by 1st world nations... and I am scared thereof!

I hope I have answered why I said 'that surgeon is not qualified to have my answer'.... during that anesthesia I was free, fearless and happy inspite of something very wrong was happening to my body. That anesthesia has been injected to everyone of us living in this society governed by banks.

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