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Basics of Many Problems

Basics of Many Problems “Till date we know that social governance have not achieved leak proof public administration methods. These leaks in public governance played havoc. In the attempts of sealing these leaks without correcting the wrongs in the society the rulers patched another hilt in the ship’s bottom! Sinking is almost certain…” By Jitendra Rajaram

“A Reason women are enslaved by men is the fragile biological design of female human. The menstrual cycle, bearing child, carrying the fetus for nine months has reduced biological strength. It however was not easy to contour them into slavery. In initial days when human species learnt to walk on two legs in spite of four, women were equally contributing in the hunting and gathering of the food for the clan. Because of the very first innovation of converting two front legs into hands, human race began to construct things for the safety and pleasure more profusely than any other race of that era. This revolution has triggered the concept…

The Hindu & the Rest!

The Hindu & the Rest! "They’re told that sufferings are the bearing of past life. It kills every scope of argument to justify the mercy of God. This logic only pleases to ears of the rulers not we peasants"
"A term called 'Fear of Unknown' keeps people glued with this idea of ‘God’. In the beginning of evolution of mankind we used to see Gods in Fire, Ocean, Volcano, Mountains and Forests. These things were not in our control thus we were afraid of going beyond and find ways to control them. The one who dared to control these things first had become the new demigod. He narrated his version of stories about his victory. These stories had intentions to gain personal mileage. Weak people had just believed his fiction blindly. This is was the era when hypothesis were considered real. All the dynasties who rules humans had their own personal Gods or Goddesses. Logic is simple this is how they were able to throw the memories of defeated dynasties to replace it with t…

Who was Bhagat? Why did he Sacrifice?

"Bhagat had a clear vision of implementing real democracy. What congress has done is not a democracy, it is loose ended system to keep power in the possession of their hair apparent"
The negotiated character of a Nation born after Second World War is ironically disputed. The second largest subcontinent of Asia is fragmented into dubious identity tussle. All the claims are either wrong, small or malevolent lest they have any constructive intentions.
Apart from Islamic, Hindus and Dalit claims... this tussle of India's ownership is rooted into class struggle. Independence from British Rule negotiated by Congress Party is nothing but is just a change of throne at the center. The peasants are still enslaved and discarded from the mainland governance. What could have been a real liberation of India is only drafted incisively by Bhagat Singh. This is the only reason he is present in the books but not in the policies of governments.
The fiasco of Mangal Pandey, Laxmi Bai, Chapre…

The Rise of the Northern Mammoth “The Soviet Union”

The Rise of the Northern Mammoth “The Soviet Union” “When the world’s economy was soaring with increased sales of perfume, diamond, gold, shares, insurance and brands middle class cared a damn to the increased deaths of hungry poor people” By Jitendra Rajaram

Just when you think the war is over you get the hardest blow. This has become evident once again. After the assassination of Osama Bin Laden USA was all set to evacuate Afghanistan on the mercy of stray wolves of Extremists. But back to back roars of Soviet force in Syria and Ukraine took the sleep away from the eyes of NATOs. Since the nostalgia of globalization is grounding. The hypothesis of ‘Second International’ regaining the lost battle… ballooned capitalistic economy which kept real development covered. Capitalistic forces had two golden decades to talk about their charitable hearts. When the world’s economy was soaring with increased sales of perfume, diamond, gold, shares, insurance and brands middle class cared a damn to…

India: An Illusion of Democracy

"Indian general election is nothing but a cock fight"

Nothing is hidden but we still fail to see. We are country ruled by one family since independence. Certainly not democracy but British Rule was more federally structured in which powers of viceroys were transferable and shared. I think the current model of choosing either serpent or spleen is worse than the Mogul era where at least our business were flourishing significantly. Whoever is representing the Prime Ministerial office in 21st century Indian subcontinent is the poster boy of a fiasco called democracy. Beneath the gloves claws are as dangerous as of impearls. The 25% of total national wealth of India lies in the banks of only 36 families. These 36 families are so powerful that they command the mind, mindset and choices of commoners at very microscopic levels. Impearls have by now mastered the art of understanding the demon hidden in the benevolent faces of every human being. They are able to judge up till what exten…