Basics of Many Problems

Basics of Many Problems
“Till date we know that social governance have not achieved leak proof public administration methods. These leaks in public governance played havoc. In the attempts of sealing these leaks without correcting the wrongs in the society the rulers patched another hilt in the ship’s bottom! Sinking is almost certain…”
By Jitendra Rajaram

“A Reason women are enslaved by men is the fragile biological design of female human. The menstrual cycle, bearing child, carrying the fetus for nine months has reduced biological strength. It however was not easy to contour them into slavery. In initial days when human species learnt to walk on two legs in spite of four, women were equally contributing in the hunting and gathering of the food for the clan. Because of the very first innovation of converting two front legs into hands, human race began to construct things for the safety and pleasure more profusely than any other race of that era. This revolution has triggered the concept of living in large cohorts to keep helping each other. This was the time when female humans expressed the desire of safety and protection for them especially during woeful hours of menstrual cycle or bearing a baby.  These reasons forced women to stay in safety and security of the clan. Over the period of time this ‘safety and security’ has become the trade commodity. It was available to those who can bow down to the aged and oldies of the clan in exchange of mercy and mastership.
What happened next is so closely linked that it will sound the tale of cinemascope but since it has to be narrated, I can only help it sound more logical.
Like always men wanted to be around women for the want of sexual satisfaction. Since women had begun to stay in cohorts, men too lost interest in going out for food collection. It hampered the supply for the evening devours of the clan. Old men devised a technique that the one contributes maximum in the intraday food stock will get the opportunity to be with the women of his choice. If you’ve read in between the lines that women has begun the commodity to bet upon. Strongest man contributed highest in the food stock and so got the hottest babe of the clan. It created a fringe of selection. Strongest went to the most beautiful and weakest went to the ugliest. It has than become a daily routine of clashing with a spirit to hunt fast, bring more and have hottest.
It was the era when clan (village in modern days) used to be the owner of the all the recourses gathered by the people of the clan. No individual had the ownership on the stocks. But the competition of bringing more stock brought one more ills. The highest contributor started questioning the rights of the lowest contributor. It created another round of delusion among the youngsters of the clan. To address these problem old men again propounded a new law. In rough language (because alien legal language wasn’t known then) the new law was like this. Strong people will go to hunt deer, cattle or birds etc less strong will go for the gathering of fruits and nuts while the weak will manage the herds along with taking care of the babies and women of the clan. Weakest were asked to do the menial jobs like cleaning, sweeping and brooming etc. While this addressed many problems of the clan’s administration it also raised few more problems one was liberty of becoming opportunistic. The third layer I.e. weak people had got the opportunity of eating more from the stock reserves (or remains) for free and enjoying with women of their choice without much of a competition. This irked the strong young men of clan. History of the mankind would have witnesses the first ever strike at this junction of the human development. Wise old men had seen the world before these stupid energetic young men had born. They deployed another strategy. The best of the clans stock will be allocated to the strongest of the men. These strongest men will be given permanent ownership of the women selected by them for as long they are please for so. This was the inception of the concept of wedding. It is sadly not all that romantic as it appears in modern days. This solution addressed many problems at once but the problems created by this plan are not solved till date...
This helped young strong men to identify who are the children they had produced. Till before polygamy has left men unwire of their children. Only women used to know their children but not men. The structure of mother father and children two which we precisely call family has started claiming ownership of the contribution they were making in the stocks of clan. The strongest men got permanent hottest women to parent the children born of them along with the ownership of the contribution they have made in the clan. A perfect construction of greed based demarcation in the oldest society of mankind.
This pattern yielded the ripples of genomic sequence of breeding. The weak couple got the weak issues and strong couple got the strong issues. The heir-apparent of the strong’s inherited the excessive wealth accumulated in the greed of being most demanding men. Weak men continued to survive in the mercy of the strong eating what strong’s have left away. It weakened the control of old men in the society for a very short while till the time they devised the theory of God more professionally…
This evolved structure of clan which had by then become a civilization, because of the increase in population, had burned the entire mankind in the fire of greed. This civilization simply meant the authority of powerful over the weak. Old men used to stay in the ‘safety and security’ net of the clan, based upon their life experience they were very incisive in using the young strong men. This had become the acceptable settlement of every clan. With the advancement of time clans had grown behemoth to get translated into civilizations. It happened very recently i.e. few thousand years ago. These civilizations needed code of law, norms and rules to live together.
Till date we know that social governance have not achieved leak proof public administration methods. These leaks in public governance played havoc. In the attempts of sealing these leaks without correcting the wrongs in the society the rulers patched another hilt in the ship’s bottom. The ruling class propounded the theory of God and Super Natural Powers. The age old attribute of human i.e. ‘fear factor’ become instrumental yet again to implement the commandments of living life. Rulers declared themselves as the breed of Gods to achieve the entitlement and authority of maintaining ‘law and order’ to keep the God’s commandments relevant.”
Whatever is happening today is because of the delusion that God living in heaven will someday come on earth to correct everything. No one is correcting the most basic mistake which we had done ninety thousand years ago… i.e. give women the equality and justice.
If men and women are treated fairly and equally, it will collapse the class struggle. It will kill the heroism. It will reinstate the rule of ‘talent centric’ hierarchies. It will create identities without escalating the greed of ownership. It will create a society where everyone is earning for everyone else. No one will die hungry… crime will be reduced.
It certainly will not set everything right but at least cruelty of the existing societies will be reduced remarkably.

Your questions are invited….   

The Hindu & the Rest!

The Hindu & the Rest!
"They’re told that sufferings are the bearing of past life. It kills every scope of argument to justify the mercy of God. This logic only pleases to ears of the rulers not we peasants"

"A term called 'Fear of Unknown' keeps people glued with this idea of ‘God’. In the beginning of evolution of mankind we used to see Gods in Fire, Ocean, Volcano, Mountains and Forests. These things were not in our control thus we were afraid of going beyond and find ways to control them. The one who dared to control these things first had become the new demigod. He narrated his version of stories about his victory. These stories had intentions to gain personal mileage. Weak people had just believed his fiction blindly. This is was the era when hypothesis were considered real.
All the dynasties who rules humans had their own personal Gods or Goddesses. Logic is simple this is how they were able to throw the memories of defeated dynasties to replace it with their own. Every single king and queen of this world so far has done this. They trained handful of people for keeping masses busy in stupidities like hurting our own body, bearing pain, going through hardships to see gods. They called it penance. Common men and women were forced to experiment with meditations and forbidding familial institution to reach god. It is one of the most tested methods of keeping people busy in illusion of heavenly king. Trick is common man is weak, it is impossible for him to gain courage for penance, so all he will do is believe upon the stories told by that malevolent handful of puppets of kings.
Taking the example of India, every city and mostly villages have one God or Goddesses uniquely exclusive for that village! Because that is how the lords (kings) wanted it to happen. A country having thirty three hundred million Gods and Goddesses (i.e. one for every four Indian) still have rapes happen sounds loud unreal! Many of them happened inside the temples. The stupid explanation like 'past life bearings' of sinners is a white lie. It is so insane to even think let alone believing. I don't know what logic is this. Every single story in about a god, a ghost or a messiah which I heard is so far told by a third party reference. I never met anyone claiming to have got direct audience with anything thing like God or Ghost. Even the most dramatic explanations of such super-physical objects had so far been discarded by the scientific researches. If few are mysteries they’re not super-physics for sure.
Why a God of snow lands have different opinion of living civic life than the god of desert or Green lands? Why every religion hates every other religion? Why the ritual of one religion is declared sin in other religion? On what ground do they fight?
The Hindus & the Rest!
India is the world’s most profitable piece of land. This statement stands true geographically, economically, demographically and politically. Since the evolution of civilization every dynasties of the world tried at least once to invade India.
While everyone looted, Aryans did it little differently! They made it their permanent establishment. Over the period of time they applied every theory of ruling it. These tricks they have learnt while in transiting to India from Europe.
Theology of Hindus
According to Hindus Bramha (the Oldest Man happened to be the head of Aryan clan) and Adi (the Young Lady or the Goddess of energy precisely ‘fire’) were the first humans. I.e. origin of Mankind began after them. Some similar theories of evolution of mankind are also available in Persian, Greece and Roman theologies. Similarities are so close that even the syllable of pronouncing Adi, Adan, Adam and Aadam in all the scriptures are same.
These theories also support the hypothesis that women came after men. Science however did not, even remotely, able to consume this idea till date.
The first rule book of Hindus, as claimed, is written by Manu. He is another advocate of patriarchal society.
Religion’s conspiracy
Questioning not allowed
A particular class of the society is allowed to connect with gods. Others are not eligible because of being infected souls. Whatever this class says should be translated as the command of god. If at all it contradicts pervious declarations question will be treated as sin.   
Hierarchy of Reaching to God Goes Through the Power Class
Supreme is the class which brings Gods commandments on earth. Second line is the class which implements these commandments by force or by bribery. Third line is the class which surrenders to this system for their negotiated benefits of sharing the recourses wealth can buy. Finally the fourth class is the ruled class which is not at all considered human. They’re systematically suppressed so that they believe that being slave is their destiny. They’re told that sufferings are the bearing of past life. It kills the scope of every argument to justify the mercy of God as please to rulers.  
Wealth accumulation is promoted
It has created a wedding system which ensures that male human can trace the genetically born issue. He wants to father his own biological issue so that he can transfer the excess accumulation of wealth to his next generation. It creates an illusion of satisfaction that all his hard earned wealth is not going anywhere. It promotes greed of maximizing wealth. It maximizes the animal instinct for a very wrong reason.    
Slavery is promoted
Under the commandment’s code books (of every religion) it is mentioned that tax, charity and donations to the first class (Brahmins in India) of society is the ultimate service of mankind. These code books are evident illustrations of the malevolence of the ruling class. They promote slavery because they want free flow of the supply of human resource at the disposal of the classes facilitating those taxes, charities, and donations. It strengthens their position in the society.
Heroism is promoted
This is the basic argument which keeps the masses weak and enslaved. A systematic preaching that one day will come when incarnation of god will fix all the problems of miserable class in a blip of time in exchange of nothing. The weak and the lazy believes them it strengthens the rulers position.   
Emotional conflicts are brutally handled
At one point service to old family members is termed as highest tribute to the authority of god but at the other point killing them to establish or strengthening dynasty’s structure of state is termed as the virtue of human. Both these arguments are being used at the will and need of the ruling class. These conflicts are provoked based upon the requirement of time.
Designed on the base of ‘fear factor’
The seed of fear is ignorance! To keep ruled class enslaved is possible only when they are not exposed to knowledge at all. This can done by maximizing ‘fear factor’ of the ruled class in the name of superstition, ghosts, forecasting and theory of sin and virtue.
Every single religion wants that their followers should never question the authority, to ensure that they never question the system. Ignorant never ask questions.
Illusion of afterlife and reincarnation
Whenever peasants were required en masse for wars or for mass destruction they need motivation. A very claver instrument of motivation has been created by the religion i.e. sacrifice. What could be the motivation to suicide in the name of patriotism and god? A better after life? For any living being to give away his life for better rebirth can be a easy sales? No? Theory of afterlife is such a significant theory to befool en masse that it moulds everything in the favor of the rulers. Explaining that human life is basically a cursed phase that we are in a cycle originated from almighty only to get disposed back on Him.  This human from is a very small phase to which we have to suffer so that we can pay for all our sins since ages.  
If visiting to temple is virtue than why god is omnipresent? If virgin women are divine, why than prostitutes have religious utilities. If reincarnation is true why duties are significant? If human life is suffering and a process to get annihilate in supreme lord of universe than why we want to make it pleasant? These are few questions religion can never give satisfying answers. Every time it will end up pleading to have faith on almighty and surrender you to Him. Why positions of stars at the time of birth have all the capacity of forecasting in one religion but not in any other?

The most infamous lie of religion is that they claim ‘Women are power’ in realty they’re slaves. All that divine indict is a fake attempt of pleasing them. And second best examples of lies are the concept of ‘charities and donations’ in the name of God. The reality of all these charity and donation is getting polarized. In reality this wealth goes to unsecured financing, buying arms and plotting conspiracies. It feeds the best of the best food the ruling class for absolutely free.

Who was Bhagat? Why did he Sacrifice?

"Bhagat had a clear vision of implementing real democracy. What congress has done is not a democracy, it is loose ended system to keep power in the possession of their hair apparent"

The negotiated character of a Nation born after Second World War is ironically disputed. The second largest subcontinent of Asia is fragmented into dubious identity tussle. All the claims are either wrong, small or malevolent lest they have any constructive intentions.

Apart from Islamic, Hindus and Dalit claims... this tussle of India's ownership is rooted into class struggle. Independence from British Rule negotiated by Congress Party is nothing but is just a change of throne at the center. The peasants are still enslaved and discarded from the mainland governance. What could have been a real liberation of India is only drafted incisively by Bhagat Singh. This is the only reason he is present in the books but not in the policies of governments.

The fiasco of Mangal Pandey, Laxmi Bai, Chaprekars, Tilak, Sawarkar and Golvlakar is nothing but an opportunism to steal power from Britishers by fooling Islamic rulers. They're becoming hero of Indian Middle class because upper class want them to remain misguided and influenced by the upper caste.

Indian struggle of Independence had actually sparked by Birsa Munda in 1824AD. It actually had been fully comprehended by the youngsters of Lahore, Calcutta and Kanpur. Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar and Subhash Chandra Bose have actually worked towards the liberation of the people from the slavery of the Monarchy. What congress did was a reestablishment of a dynasty of Hindu Majority by not declaring it in its literal meaning. Muslim League, Hindu Mahasabha and Congress had always tried jump over the throne of Delhi without any intention of serve to the people. It just happened that people elected Congress to keep communal forces away from politics.

Bhagat however had a clear vision of implementing real democracy. What congress has done is not a democracy, it is loose ended system to keep power in the possession of their hair apparent. they will never let the world know who was Bhagat why did he sacrifice his life.

I present to you my brother leaders. the glimpses of the courage our Martyr Bhagat had... Imagine what it takes to be alive even after a physical death. I have noted these points from his Jail Notebook.

"भगत सिंह वस्तुतः पुस्तकों पढ़ते नहीं थे बल्कि निगल जाते थे! फिर भी उनकी ज्ञान पिपासा सदा अनबुझी रहती थी।"
"पुस्तकों पढ़ना, नोट्स बनाना, साथियों के साथ उनपर विचार विमर्श करना, अपनी समझ को नए ज्ञान कि कसौटी पर आलोचनात्मक ढंग से परखना और इस प्रक्रिया में अपनी गलतियों को सुधारना। ऐसा वो सतत  करते रहते थे!"
:- श्री राजाराम शास्त्री

"ईश्वर और ऐसी किसी भी दैविक धारणा में आदमी को जबर्दस्त आश्वासन  मिलता है। अंध विश्वाश आदमी कि कठनाइयों को न सिर्फ आसान बल्कि सुखकर भी कर देता है। ये सही है कि आंधी और तूफ़ान में अपने पैरों पर खड़ा रहना मुश्किल होता है लेकिन मुझे अपनी नियति का सामना करने के लिए किसी नशे कि जरूरत नहीं है।
आज मुझे यकीन हो गया है कि सृष्टि का निर्माण, व्यस्थापन और नियंत्रण कर सकने वाली किसी सर्वशक्तिमान परम सत्ता के अस्तित्व का सिद्धांत एकदम निराधार है।"
:- भगत सिंह (सन1926)

भगत सिंह कि पुस्तकें जो कभी नहीं
१ आत्मकथा
२. समाजवाद का दर्शन
३. भारत में क्रन्तिकारी आंदोलन
भगत सिंह कि पुस्तक जो छाप सखी
१. बम का दर्शन

अचानक फांसी होने कि वजह से भगत ये किताबें कभी नहीं पढ़ पाएं जो उन्होंने ने लाहौर के द्वारकानाथ पुस्तकालय से जेल में मंगवाई थी
1. Materialism
2. Whiteman Fight
3. Soviet at Work
4. Collapse of Second International
5. Left Wing Communism
6. Mutual and Prince Corporation
7. Fields, Factories and Workshops
8. Civil War in France
9. Land Revolution in Asia
10. Spy of Optorn Synchleyor

Imagine the  life he is living! If you think he lived only for 23 years, you better seek the answer that are you alive?

The Rise of the Northern Mammoth “The Soviet Union”

The Rise of the Northern Mammoth “The Soviet Union”
“When the world’s economy was soaring with increased sales of perfume, diamond, gold, shares, insurance and brands middle class cared a damn to the increased deaths of hungry poor people”
By Jitendra Rajaram

Just when you think the war is over you get the hardest blow. This has become evident once again. After the assassination of Osama Bin Laden USA was all set to evacuate Afghanistan on the mercy of stray wolves of Extremists. But back to back roars of Soviet force in Syria and Ukraine took the sleep away from the eyes of NATOs.
Since the nostalgia of globalization is grounding. The hypothesis of ‘Second International’ regaining the lost battle… ballooned capitalistic economy which kept real development covered. Capitalistic forces had two golden decades to talk about their charitable hearts. When the world’s economy was soaring with increased sales of perfume, diamond, gold, shares, insurance and brands middle class cared a damn to the increased deaths of hungry poor people.
When fertile lands were converting into malls, roads and parking lots of concrete to roll over steel made vehicles for selling and buying everything useless lest meaningful the mushrooming middle class thought the world is really becoming a better place…
Poor scapegoats i.e. the Middle Class failed to see that entire Persian Gulf was getting butchered for the loot of Crude oil. All that they could see was Jihad and Terrorists. All they felt is that Sheikhs are good men and that of Islamic nomads are uneducated orthodox who believe upon the revenge and blood.  
When India got her first Prime Minister whole nation turned awake in the stroke of the midnight. Even before the first dawn we killed the father of the nation. The tantrum we did spread was ridiculous i.e. “his role as set by gods has been achieved and now he should leave this world”. While many of us refused to believe upon this hypocrisy of god... ironically many did. In the following decades two three main things were getting ready…. One rise of communal claims upon India, two rise of bureaucratic redtapism and three the threat two Indian Democracy in Goddess Indira Gandhi’s regime. While marvelous mixed economic model blasted in the first half of the last decade of 20th century the communal forces took the reign of nation in last years of 20th centuries. Thankfully for some reason we still have Democracy (but in ventilator). 
India shifted from Soviet to USA. USA becomes the arms supplier of both the rival nation of South Asia i.e. India and Pakistan. Communal forces of Pakistan and India successfully conducted Kargil War to increase Arms import from USA. Whoever lost or won but US got the double profit of it…
It was the right time woos when the attention of the world towards something most essential for the strengthening of the Dollar took shape. The Sheikh of Arab weaved the Tantrum of Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Jihad to bring in the scope for justifying American intervention in Persian Affairs. America wanted the control of OPEQ nations for crude oils. All it needed was a mild blow in left hand i.e. WTO attack. America successfully advertised Arms and Missiles in trapping Iraqi president Saddam Husain in the allegation of Chemical Weapons. When they did not find even the more of chemical war heads there, Saddam was hanged for the crime of waging war against USA! Funny isn’t it?
All this while, Osama Bin Laden was done with his ambition of unsettling Soviet Union by inflicting Islamic sentiments among Soviet residents. Internal tussle of communal sects scuffed the soviet into premature death. Fall of Soviet was the success of Al-Qaeda and so was the last nail in the coffin of Osama Bin Laden…
Tussle of Taliban, Jihad, Northern Alliance and Pashtoons in Afghan established Jihad as the synonymous of terrorism so dark that anyone with beard and skull cap reassembled to terrorist to the poor middle class of this world.
Russia turned down in the sleeping shell for two decades. It was the time when European Union took birth.. an alternate to the mighty dollar in the US drawn market model their happen to be century old rivals of US formed an alliance to represent one strong currency called Euro. Another threat to Dollar…  Europe had centuries of blood baths by now… USA knew European Nations will not fall the victim of communal blisters. To assassinate Euro they have to burn their homeland farms again… the theory of sub prime crisis worked in second dip in recession ripples of 2008.
While all these were happening Arab Spring conceived... Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Iran and Turkey entered into the next level of public revolt… another pimple in cheek of the Queen of Britain which she hated like hell…
Incisive royals smelled the opportunity by keeping market down. it lead Euro to the ventilator, Arab is unsettled; South Asia is still experimenting in Public Ombudsmen and redefining Democracy with Right To Recall & Right To Reject…  
A hope is finally rising again… an alternate of American power. Good or bad but certainly an option! A hope!! A ray from the north is appearing…  

What do you think? 

India: An Illusion of Democracy

"Indian general election is nothing but a cock fight"

Nothing is hidden but we still fail to see. We are country ruled by one family since independence. Certainly not democracy but British Rule was more federally structured in which powers of viceroys were transferable and shared. I think the current model of choosing either serpent or spleen is worse than the Mogul era where at least our business were flourishing significantly.
Whoever is representing the Prime Ministerial office in 21st century Indian subcontinent is the poster boy of a fiasco called democracy. Beneath the gloves claws are as dangerous as of impearls. The 25% of total national wealth of India lies in the banks of only 36 families. These 36 families are so powerful that they command the mind, mindset and choices of commoners at very microscopic levels.
Impearls have by now mastered the art of understanding the demon hidden in the benevolent faces of every human being. They are able to judge up till what extent a person will behave ethical. Because the fact is beneath the skin we all are equally opportunistic. They know how to buy our votes.
In 90% case Indian voters elect the candidate sponsored by these impearls. In 10% case voters will chose those who can easily be purchased by them. It is like when we are asked to choose any of the above five. In 90% case we chose the most desired candidate of the monarchs and if by some reason chose the other four, the elected gets the fair prize of her/his popularity by those world buyers. Theoretically this is called ‘first window of opportunity’ in which all the options you get is null and void.
These power controllers are very incisive they foresee things very smartly. They will keep feeding the horse for as long as horse is distinct winner. The very moment this ‘distinct’ word dilutes they buy new horse. 65 years congress were the distinct winner now because public is enraged wants change all the second, third and fourth options have been hijacked. What they’re doing now is actually enjoying the show of cock fight.
Indian general election is nothing but a cock fight. Those who bid upon the cocks are nervously watching the show. Those who failed to bid upon the cocks are busy in forecasting the permutations and combinations which cock will survive the next assault. While rulers who have organized the show of cockfight are busy in looting the state. They ensure that their watch dogs must keep the cock-fight on. It should not get over until they’re done looting.
 In the above presented case. Those cocks fighting are the group of stupid common man just named as electoral parties. The bidders are those who contest elections, the watch dogs are those who handle party manifestations like RSS, SIMI, Imams, Communists, Socialists, Educationists, reformists or etc. Guess the rulers! Right these 36 royal families. These families are synchronized with the world’s impearls and capitalists to keep the world population hypnotized. Games, Cinema and related entertainment sources are the instruments of propaganda to keep commoner hooked with stupid objectives.  
I will continue this essay in which I will bring the evidences and facts to prove that Indian Democracy is an illusion. Beneath the smoke world capitalists and royal families are creating religion and entertainment as a weapon to rule the bottom of the pyramid. Keep reading and questioning friends…