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India: An Illusion of Democracy

"Indian general election is nothing but a cock fight"

Nothing is hidden but we still fail to see. We are country ruled by one family since independence. Certainly not democracy but British Rule was more federally structured in which powers of viceroys were transferable and shared. I think the current model of choosing either serpent or spleen is worse than the Mogul era where at least our business were flourishing significantly.
Whoever is representing the Prime Ministerial office in 21st century Indian subcontinent is the poster boy of a fiasco called democracy. Beneath the gloves claws are as dangerous as of impearls. The 25% of total national wealth of India lies in the banks of only 36 families. These 36 families are so powerful that they command the mind, mindset and choices of commoners at very microscopic levels.
Impearls have by now mastered the art of understanding the demon hidden in the benevolent faces of every human being. They are able to judge up till what extent a person will behave ethical. Because the fact is beneath the skin we all are equally opportunistic. They know how to buy our votes.
In 90% case Indian voters elect the candidate sponsored by these impearls. In 10% case voters will chose those who can easily be purchased by them. It is like when we are asked to choose any of the above five. In 90% case we chose the most desired candidate of the monarchs and if by some reason chose the other four, the elected gets the fair prize of her/his popularity by those world buyers. Theoretically this is called ‘first window of opportunity’ in which all the options you get is null and void.
These power controllers are very incisive they foresee things very smartly. They will keep feeding the horse for as long as horse is distinct winner. The very moment this ‘distinct’ word dilutes they buy new horse. 65 years congress were the distinct winner now because public is enraged wants change all the second, third and fourth options have been hijacked. What they’re doing now is actually enjoying the show of cock fight.
Indian general election is nothing but a cock fight. Those who bid upon the cocks are nervously watching the show. Those who failed to bid upon the cocks are busy in forecasting the permutations and combinations which cock will survive the next assault. While rulers who have organized the show of cockfight are busy in looting the state. They ensure that their watch dogs must keep the cock-fight on. It should not get over until they’re done looting.
 In the above presented case. Those cocks fighting are the group of stupid common man just named as electoral parties. The bidders are those who contest elections, the watch dogs are those who handle party manifestations like RSS, SIMI, Imams, Communists, Socialists, Educationists, reformists or etc. Guess the rulers! Right these 36 royal families. These families are synchronized with the world’s impearls and capitalists to keep the world population hypnotized. Games, Cinema and related entertainment sources are the instruments of propaganda to keep commoner hooked with stupid objectives.  
I will continue this essay in which I will bring the evidences and facts to prove that Indian Democracy is an illusion. Beneath the smoke world capitalists and royal families are creating religion and entertainment as a weapon to rule the bottom of the pyramid. Keep reading and questioning friends… 


Unknown said…
Nicely explnd the tamasa of elction nd democrcy...vishu
Anonymous said…
'These families are synchronized with the world’s impearls and capitalists to keep the world population hypnotized. Games, Cinema and related entertainment sources are the instruments of propaganda to keep commoner hooked with stupid objectives. '..

False consciousness ideas live on...! Can't say it's a problem by me, but some would say they are elitist, difficult to envisage being practised if it doesn't involve some sort of avant-garde group implementing their ideas, with the risks that entails of corruption etc... Risk authrotiarinaism and all authoritarian groups at the upper level, like most people, think they are doing the right thing(or wilfully blind themselves, represss) Unlike a lot of people implementing the ideas through how they act, think on a day to day level, who don't think or are persuaded to think positively about their actions and the system they perpetuate.. What do you think..?

(ps i think maybe elitist is a term used by people hostile to the concept... But language doesn't seem to have a noter one, or aren't thought of it in these moments...! Can be a task perhaps...

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