Basics of Many Problems

Basics of Many Problems
“Till date we know that social governance have not achieved leak proof public administration methods. These leaks in public governance played havoc. In the attempts of sealing these leaks without correcting the wrongs in the society the rulers patched another hilt in the ship’s bottom! Sinking is almost certain…”
By Jitendra Rajaram

“A Reason women are enslaved by men is the fragile biological design of female human. The menstrual cycle, bearing child, carrying the fetus for nine months has reduced biological strength. It however was not easy to contour them into slavery. In initial days when human species learnt to walk on two legs in spite of four, women were equally contributing in the hunting and gathering of the food for the clan. Because of the very first innovation of converting two front legs into hands, human race began to construct things for the safety and pleasure more profusely than any other race of that era. This revolution has triggered the concept of living in large cohorts to keep helping each other. This was the time when female humans expressed the desire of safety and protection for them especially during woeful hours of menstrual cycle or bearing a baby.  These reasons forced women to stay in safety and security of the clan. Over the period of time this ‘safety and security’ has become the trade commodity. It was available to those who can bow down to the aged and oldies of the clan in exchange of mercy and mastership.
What happened next is so closely linked that it will sound the tale of cinemascope but since it has to be narrated, I can only help it sound more logical.
Like always men wanted to be around women for the want of sexual satisfaction. Since women had begun to stay in cohorts, men too lost interest in going out for food collection. It hampered the supply for the evening devours of the clan. Old men devised a technique that the one contributes maximum in the intraday food stock will get the opportunity to be with the women of his choice. If you’ve read in between the lines that women has begun the commodity to bet upon. Strongest man contributed highest in the food stock and so got the hottest babe of the clan. It created a fringe of selection. Strongest went to the most beautiful and weakest went to the ugliest. It has than become a daily routine of clashing with a spirit to hunt fast, bring more and have hottest.
It was the era when clan (village in modern days) used to be the owner of the all the recourses gathered by the people of the clan. No individual had the ownership on the stocks. But the competition of bringing more stock brought one more ills. The highest contributor started questioning the rights of the lowest contributor. It created another round of delusion among the youngsters of the clan. To address these problem old men again propounded a new law. In rough language (because alien legal language wasn’t known then) the new law was like this. Strong people will go to hunt deer, cattle or birds etc less strong will go for the gathering of fruits and nuts while the weak will manage the herds along with taking care of the babies and women of the clan. Weakest were asked to do the menial jobs like cleaning, sweeping and brooming etc. While this addressed many problems of the clan’s administration it also raised few more problems one was liberty of becoming opportunistic. The third layer I.e. weak people had got the opportunity of eating more from the stock reserves (or remains) for free and enjoying with women of their choice without much of a competition. This irked the strong young men of clan. History of the mankind would have witnesses the first ever strike at this junction of the human development. Wise old men had seen the world before these stupid energetic young men had born. They deployed another strategy. The best of the clans stock will be allocated to the strongest of the men. These strongest men will be given permanent ownership of the women selected by them for as long they are please for so. This was the inception of the concept of wedding. It is sadly not all that romantic as it appears in modern days. This solution addressed many problems at once but the problems created by this plan are not solved till date...
This helped young strong men to identify who are the children they had produced. Till before polygamy has left men unwire of their children. Only women used to know their children but not men. The structure of mother father and children two which we precisely call family has started claiming ownership of the contribution they were making in the stocks of clan. The strongest men got permanent hottest women to parent the children born of them along with the ownership of the contribution they have made in the clan. A perfect construction of greed based demarcation in the oldest society of mankind.
This pattern yielded the ripples of genomic sequence of breeding. The weak couple got the weak issues and strong couple got the strong issues. The heir-apparent of the strong’s inherited the excessive wealth accumulated in the greed of being most demanding men. Weak men continued to survive in the mercy of the strong eating what strong’s have left away. It weakened the control of old men in the society for a very short while till the time they devised the theory of God more professionally…
This evolved structure of clan which had by then become a civilization, because of the increase in population, had burned the entire mankind in the fire of greed. This civilization simply meant the authority of powerful over the weak. Old men used to stay in the ‘safety and security’ net of the clan, based upon their life experience they were very incisive in using the young strong men. This had become the acceptable settlement of every clan. With the advancement of time clans had grown behemoth to get translated into civilizations. It happened very recently i.e. few thousand years ago. These civilizations needed code of law, norms and rules to live together.
Till date we know that social governance have not achieved leak proof public administration methods. These leaks in public governance played havoc. In the attempts of sealing these leaks without correcting the wrongs in the society the rulers patched another hilt in the ship’s bottom. The ruling class propounded the theory of God and Super Natural Powers. The age old attribute of human i.e. ‘fear factor’ become instrumental yet again to implement the commandments of living life. Rulers declared themselves as the breed of Gods to achieve the entitlement and authority of maintaining ‘law and order’ to keep the God’s commandments relevant.”
Whatever is happening today is because of the delusion that God living in heaven will someday come on earth to correct everything. No one is correcting the most basic mistake which we had done ninety thousand years ago… i.e. give women the equality and justice.
If men and women are treated fairly and equally, it will collapse the class struggle. It will kill the heroism. It will reinstate the rule of ‘talent centric’ hierarchies. It will create identities without escalating the greed of ownership. It will create a society where everyone is earning for everyone else. No one will die hungry… crime will be reduced.
It certainly will not set everything right but at least cruelty of the existing societies will be reduced remarkably.

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