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My views and my ethics

My views and my ethics
“I believe water, land and air should not be traded. I believe cultural assets should be protected. I wish every human should get fair opportunities, risks, threats and strengths. Those who’re left behind should be pulled along. Those who went too ahead should be pushed behind so that resources can be shared equally and in ratio of the requirement”
By Jitendra Rajaram (Author),

I think a nation witnessed bloodbath at the time of freedom, a nation surrounded by its own bifurcated states with ever intensifying tensions needs transparent, public winning and democratic means of administration. This is exactly what Nehru designed as the new India. A nation where people had divine love to their leader had people who hated him too. The small chunk of people who were scared of public anger because they exploited them for thousands of years never wanted the people to become powerful.
When they failed to stop democracy, they assassinated the messiah…

Against The Current

“They’re now openly demanding answers of everything that parents, family and teachers had refused to answer. The fragmented cluster of people from across the world, who refused to accept the set social rules, got connected to become noticeable. They share the pain of humiliation of neglect and being subjected to laugh upon”
By Jiendra Rajaram (Author),

The disgrace of being outcaste from the society you are forced to live, dine and mingle is hellish. However this isolation while persistently crawling towards the freedom is hardest but finest way of life. Not accepting the norms of society slaps defamation, neglect, taunts and disgrace. Rebellion-hood had always been beginning only this way since time unknown. Once you cross this fire-walk selected few considers examining the belief what you believe… right here begins the journey of revolution. Something declared very wrong today has a history of being very right in near past. Not very late in the history ‘sati’…

The Industry of War

The Industry of War Indian partisan brought conflicts of Kashmir Issue, Eastern Pakistan, McMohan Line, and Special States along with it... These conflicts necessitated the accumulation of arms and display of it.
By Jitendra Rajaram Conflicts are profitable. It just kills benign people, poor soldiers and turns million’s life miserable but it brings sacks of money in the banks of politicians, businessman and militia. States, no matter how democratic, wants to carry on one or more arms based conflicts in their territories. It yields in multiple ways in the favor of statesmen. By crying loud about these conflicts they provoke national sentiments which enflames citizen’s desire for solution. These cries create the perception of heroes for the statesman. The tribes/people of conflicting warzones fighting for their rights becomes terrorists in the eyes of common man. This perception develops a national sentiment which validates defense expenditure. I.e. for every billion dollar spent on buying…

Hope! Blank Dry Thirsty HOPE

Hope! Blank Dry Thirsty HOPE  "We talk what they talk on TV, we forget what they forget on TV. We are obsessed with demagogues who talk foul, self contradictory and plain lie. This is the end and the beginning of our right of expression" By Jitendra Rajaram  

"Heroism is what we worship! We want some god incarnation to fix everything wrong. For as long as that reincarnation is not happening we want to compromise with the dark forces. Compromise is what we do, prescribe and believe as the correct way of living life.
We, Indian, consider alarming issues a subject of philosophy to be chattered over the coffee, dinner or few smoke puffs. We take up these discussions and forget. Monthly salary, monthly targets, social status is all that matters for us. For everything else we want a demigods to come and fix. Our best time pass is to comment upon the people who are doing at least something relevant if not useful. And this we do as experts, as if we are more talented than the pers…