My views and my ethics

My views and my ethics

“I believe water, land and air should not be traded. I believe cultural assets should be protected. I wish every human should get fair opportunities, risks, threats and strengths. Those who’re left behind should be pulled along. Those who went too ahead should be pushed behind so that resources can be shared equally and in ratio of the requirement”

By Jitendra Rajaram (Author),

I think a nation witnessed bloodbath at the time of freedom, a nation surrounded by its own bifurcated states with ever intensifying tensions needs transparent, public winning and democratic means of administration. This is exactly what Nehru designed as the new India. A nation where people had divine love to their leader had people who hated him too. The small chunk of people who were scared of public anger because they exploited them for thousands of years never wanted the people to become powerful.
When they failed to stop democracy, they assassinated the messiah of free India. As if the bigotry they heeded upon were the greatest virtue, they continued to haunt the people. They systematically criticized even the most important decisions that Indian Parliament has taken. They have a powerful weapon called ‘insulting’. They insulted Ambedkar for copy paste European Nation’s constitution. I wander which European country has caste based reservation which they hate the most. I wander which European Nation has Hindu Code Bill or Muslim Personal Law Board. If Ambekar copied the constitution they what Rajednra Prasad, the chair person of Constitution Committee and other members were doing? These are tough questions for which if they fail to answer they taunt you to support biased and tilted platform that Indian Constitution provides.  When they castigated for thousands of thousands of years to kill the most deafening screech of mercy they never regretted now they talk of equality. I know these crotches of reservation are not going to take poor sufferers anywhere but this still give no right to caste Hindus for crying about equality.
RSS or Hindu Maha Sabha cried for the baton of power given to Hindus from Birtish because it is British Nation. Muslim League cried for the baton of power claiming that last Shah of Mogul dethroned by British was Muslim so it shall be restored to Muslim. These fights never thought of common man. If Hindus could have got it they would have reinstated Varna to rule Dalits, if Muslim could have got they would have deleted Elite Hindus and keep Dalits enslaved. With Gandhi Congress won the most favored option of being secular with a promise to keep safeguard the weaks. Nehru tried his level best to felicitate an impartial nation to its people but everyone around him including the congressmen failed him.
Nehru’s Idea of democracy was simple. Become adult and elect your nation’s chief, plus eighteen and welcome! Plain, flat, simple! No rocket science. Everyone gets his franchise in the nation. It itches too many till date. So called intelligentsia beliefs that larger chunk of people aren’t capable of conscious decisions. They’re misused by influencers. This is an argument to claim that democracy in real sense is unachievable and so should be abandoned. They want some chosen few like graduates, tax payers or socially concerned people should be rightful of selecting (not electing) the government. In existing democracy contestants at least bother to visit deep villages for at least once in five year but they will be abandoned and discarded if democracy is revoked. The model they’re proposing is fatally erroneous for example if only graduates are franchised then real power will be transferred to Universities not to the people. If only tax payers are franchised then bankers will be empowered not the people. Universal Adult Franchise is the only method which credits national ownership to every citizen anything else will criminalize the whole governing system. Over the period of time it has been manipulated yes but this still conveys equality at the remarkable success.
Ambedkar has never been accepted as respected individual in the fraternity of theological aristocrats. He is cursed for creating reservation system. The intelligentsia argues that it is the anti-thesis of equality. Kids commit suicide not because they’re not selected but someone less scored got selected. They self annihilate not because they failed but because someone has passed. If any sect of any society has been systematically attacked since last four thousand years, barred from any social respect and forced to live like ghettos will they be able compete anyone from royals and elites? If one fine tomorrow anyone announces that everyone can participate in the race and winner will be awarded will these ghettos ever stand a chance to give decent chase? Winning comes nowhere close! What Ambedkar did by reservation then? If a car has to run from 100 KM to the red tape and another car had to run 300 KM for the same chase which one will need more fuel, more maintenance and more attention? If a college provides only 60 seats no reservation no special treatment and 10000 students compete for admission then should the 61th rank commit suicide? If a college provides 60 seats with no reservation and remaining 60 seats for various reservations should the 61th and 121th rank holder should commit suicide? Is that the life is so cheap? The truth is parents force them to suicide, society cries out to blame reservation and media cooks its own bread by creating hype. Reservation is not reaching to the needy because of the wrong cliché not because of misuses.
Ambedkar had hit hardest in the tyranny of Hindus. He has tranquillized entire logic of Varna System constructed by Hindus. He converted castes into class. He reorganized 5400 castes and sub castes of Indian religions into classes. He categorically defined every sect’s status and stake holding in the society. He had done something unthinkable, a kind of slap on the faces of demigods, to felicitate recognition to the socially extinct humans.
I believe water, land and air should not be traded. I believe cultural assets should be protected. I wish every human should get fair opportunities, risks, threats and strengths. Those who’re left behind should be pulled along. Those who went too ahead should be pushed behind so that resources can be shared equally and in ratio of the requirement. To achieve this objective whatever means deemed necessary should be taken… So far Democracy is hopeful. For as long as it keeps the hope alive I am in it with it.


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