Hope! Blank Dry Thirsty HOPE

Hope! Blank Dry Thirsty HOPE  
"We talk what they talk on TV, we forget what they forget on TV. We are obsessed with demagogues who talk foul, self contradictory and plain lie. This is the end and the beginning of our right of expression"
By Jitendra Rajaram  

"Heroism is what we worship! We want some god incarnation to fix everything wrong. For as long as that reincarnation is not happening we want to compromise with the dark forces. Compromise is what we do, prescribe and believe as the correct way of living life.

We, Indian, consider alarming issues a subject of philosophy to be chattered over the coffee, dinner or few smoke puffs. We take up these discussions and forget. Monthly salary, monthly targets, social status is all that matters for us. For everything else we want a demigods to come and fix. Our best time pass is to comment upon the people who are doing at least something relevant if not useful. And this we do as experts, as if we are more talented than the person trying to do something. All the time when we are not earning money, we play the role of a critic, consultant or comedian trying to sound wise in the subject matters catered to us by sponsored broadcasters. 

We talk what they talk on TV, we forget what they forget on TV. We are so much spoiled in social sense that we are used as a dry grass of market place... Anything more than this should be termed as 'customer'. 

We forward funny images, teasers, satire ETC whenever someone is slapped, someone has scored badly or someone has spoken foul... We never talk otherwise. We are obsessed with demagogues who talk foul, self contradictory and plain lie. This is the end and the beginning of our right of expression 

At the second level of humans, we are scared. We don’t dare to speak truth, we silently observe the events. We react nothing as if we don’t feel at all. However we are able to think and imagine the solution, the verdict or the justice but we are afraid to bring it on table.  We are as good as we don’t exist because we are not useful to market, we fail to entertain anyone and we don’t appeal to anyone except the people of our closest proximity.

At the third level of humans, we are half prepared. We fail to mark line between power and justice. We fail to understand the complexity of problems. We surrender often and go back to follow the good old people saying of earning salary, caring family and waiting for the disease to happen before we die. We are impulsive and wish to correct everything in one stroke. We dishearten often and get annoyed by the pressure exerted from the coloured wolf in our society.

At the fifth level of humans, we don’t recognize pressure. All we see a set goal. We are aware that miracle is not going to happen. We are perfectly convinced that no hero is required. All that needs to be done has to be done by us alone. We are able to prioritize our actions and act with full determination. We don’t negotiate between success and failure, fame or disgrace, benefits or loss. We enjoy the suffering, we enjoy the ride which is ambitious and without worries…

At the sixth level of humans, we are visionaries. We envisage the path; we lay down the roads not taken. We direct the course of revolution for the people who are awakening. We know the history and future of struggle, we know the sacrifice it has taken and it will take… we know at what level we have to be the torch bearer and when we have to handover the command. We know the course, the direction, the battlefields the attacks and the counter attacks.

We are no heroes, we can’t! The only ability we hold is to peel off the problems layer by layer and foresee the time it will take to be solved. We know it is near infinite level of energy required to get the message deliver from sixth level to first level of humans but we still see the possibility of it. In darkest hours of night dawn appears impossible but hope keeps spreading the light. In every breathe we take... we only have hopes! Deserted, thirsty hope that we are sailing with…


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