Against The Current

“They’re now openly demanding answers of everything that parents, family and teachers had refused to answer. The fragmented cluster of people from across the world, who refused to accept the set social rules, got connected to become noticeable. They share the pain of humiliation of neglect and being subjected to laugh upon”

By Jiendra Rajaram (Author),

The disgrace of being outcaste from the society you are forced to live, dine and mingle is hellish. However this isolation while persistently crawling towards the freedom is hardest but finest way of life. Not accepting the norms of society slaps defamation, neglect, taunts and disgrace. Rebellion-hood had always been beginning only this way since time unknown. Once you cross this fire-walk selected few considers examining the belief what you believe… right here begins the journey of revolution.
Something declared very wrong today has a history of being very right in near past. Not very late in the history ‘sati’ (burning widows along the burial of dead husband) was widely accepted religious ritual of the society. Today imaging such a cruelty is a tagged sin. Not very long time ago Europeans had a trend of wearing animal skins as a fashion; today it is not only illegal but is also a social taboo. We had long arrived from an era where talking about equality of women rights was considered taboo. We have arrived to a future where LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) rights are being talked and awarded steadily i.e. a step ahead to women equality. Something has oscillated from wrong to right and back from right to wrong too. For example, Jawaharlal Nehru once said to Jamshed Tata “Don’t talk profit Jer! It smells greed”. Today ‘profit’ is first thing they teach in colleges.
Histories have never been written unbiased. The very intention to record history has a ‘profit’ as a centrifugal force. Why else majority of the histories are written to praise a dynasts or demigods? Nonetheless histories (and propaganda that it propagates) has incredible impact on the perception building. These histories have proven facts to explain that power molests weak.
This power, of ruling people, kept on shifting from one to another all these millenniums. In the overall development of mankind, human race is primarily divided into four professions namely Educator, Administrator, Trader and Service Provider (details are sub division of it). Don’t mistakenly typecast this professional classification as the Manu’s Varna System. There is a valley in between the word ‘caste’ and ‘profession’. Manu classified these Varna to rule defeated and enslaved tribes by Aryans.
Beginning era had high regard for Educators in the society. Decision making authority both in good times and in emergencies was with Educators. Educators were the group of aged people who have seen the world more than anyone else. Based upon the experiences and teachings of their fathers they used to advice help propagate the lives. It was the most selfless power. They developed an institution to pass their knowledge from oldest of the society to youngest of the society through creative and trustworthy means. They developed models of teaching which is entertaining, engaging and pregnant with knowledge to keep young kids can feel involved. They preached respect, love and compassion. Administrators then used to establish link between the clans people, traded and manufactured materials. They slowly gained the power to control the supply and demand and over powered the people. As the population grew, clans started fighting for the natural resources they used to enjoy alone. The responsibility to solve quarreling among the clans honored to the Administrators. Heroism conceived here when these Administration received endorsing of their deeds. These heroes took the leadership from the Educators and redefined the attributes of power by bravery, war, sacrifices. They began weakening their followers to gain traction in their powers. This was the time when Educators and Administrators hatched up a conspiracy of keeping the followers weak and leaders strong. It was a sort of negotiated settlement of sharing the power by keeping knowledge and bravery the central tendency of the social gyration. This Idea was too powerful to be defeated. This amalgamation of knowledge and valiance bore lasting effect. Power mongers innovated yet newer methods of ruling. They kept on developing one after one illusions and fiascos. They propounded the theory of God (a sort of knowledgeable, powerful and brave imagination of superhuman creed). This mammoth creation of human imagination i.e. God has become so profoundly significant that it destroyed every other institution of public governance and established the duos on the reigns anonymously. They insulated ‘Education’ & ‘Administration’ from the reach of common man.
It took decently one thousand years to rise above (very very slightly) from this nexus of corrupt power of religion and politics. But it continued to darken the fate of common man by throwing them further into hopeless circumstances. In last two hundred years Traders successfully overtook the reign from duo rulers Educators-Administrators (For example ‘The pope & king’ or ‘Imams & Sultans’ orPujari & Jamidar’ or ‘Lords & Emperors’ etc.). They replaced ‘wealth accumulation i.e. profit’ as the primary virtue from ‘knowledge’ and ‘bravery’. ‘Profit’ replaced every other objectives of humanity. Salvation, Bliss and Godly Path turned out to be fictitious talk of the mouth only. Wealth creation’ has become the only agenda of life. Today talking about ‘profit’ has become the fashion. Young generation is forced to think and believe that making ‘profit’ is the only motive of adulthood. ‘Profit’ is what they teach in classrooms. ‘Profit’ is what they talk in home during dinner; ‘profit’ is what they think while taking any decision. It has become socially accepted belief like that God has/had become.
The Educators, Administrators and Traders shared the power of knowledge, bravery and wealth to keep religion, politics and money as cumulative force for ruling people. Wars after wars, killings, massacre, riots and world wars rampant the world till imperials developed nuclear bombs. Wars reduced but trade of war increased. It shifted the power from Administrators to Traders. Traders made business heroism. Richness has become the new hit… graduates ask GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the nation thinking good GDP means developing nation. They never ask HDI (Human Development Index). CTC has become more prominent question for a college student than the work profile, subject expertise etc. These days Salesmen are treated more knowledgeable than the teachers. Sales Target, House Full, Income and Revenue has become the indicators of success.
Unification of the world (educated & privileged world only) via internet has created a new society. In this virtual society the disgrace of being against the set rules is less than the physical world. Social media has given the space where even common people can question those set public perceptions. They’re now openly demanding answers of everything that parents, family members and teachers had refused to answer. It has linked the fragmented cluster of people from across the world. Those who refused to accept the set social rules got connected to become noticeable. They share the pain of humiliation, neglect and being subjected to laugh upon when they were struggling alone in their own societies. In these new cyber societies they debate openly, extend agreement or disagreement upon freedom, equality and justice. They are revisiting the mankind with an intention to learn. They’re learning the ways of combating the demons of society. They are burgeoning, they are rising… common man is getting united to combat the power mongers. Hope is rising…

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