Religion & Politics

"Politics has a limitation, it works with people having some resources shared with the society. Religion is the full version of power"

"Let’s start from the scratch! It is better to part ways then becoming the mole in the eye for each other. There is a world for all of us to live if not peacefully together then cautiously apart. 
My earned social media society has wrong expectations from me, For this reason my posts forces them to hate me for one reason when a while ago they loved me for many reasons.

While I am teacher in my much endorsed profession, my heart lies in reading and writing. In this scholarly progress I have constructed mechanism of grasping knowledge. As a scholar of science, I have intense desire of finding the logic from the source of it. I am not sold to bare imaginations! It is one reason I’ve never believed upon God. It all begins from here! In my fraternity a lot of people believes upon God. It naturally associates them with some religion. Right here friction begins. If I don’t accept God how will I accept ways to reach him and that too so many? Mutually exclusive ways? Every way advertises itself better than the rest. As they do for some marketing good. If I don’t believe upon god, I so will not have faith upon religion. If I reject both how will I accept the politics of religion? How will I accept any Durga Avatar (Indira Gandhi) Ganga Putra or a Vishnu Avatar (Modi) as the magical saviors of this world? The line is drawn... You’re welcome to befriend me.  

Politics has a limitation, it works with people having some resources shared with the society. Religion is the full version of power. It covers even those who’re penniless, thoughtless, civilized or anarchist. It is deeply rooted at all level. It commands everyone including Men, Women, Poor, Dalits, Untouchables, Unseeables, Eunuch, Prostitutes, Thieves, Goons, Smugglers everyone. Everyone has one God and a method to please him. Everyone has a reason to justify his/her work as good as well as at least one reason to justify why other’s work as bad. One more thing is unique in the religion, the more illogical it goes the more blindness it brings.

Interestingly whenever you try to argue about the religion, the preacher will provoke your childhood faith system and suppress your adulthood reasoning. When you aspire for any good life the same preacher will take U turn only to ask you be practical. It says everything and its opposite, at one point it will evoke love, kindness and trust on the other it forces to be practical, realistic and reasonable. The concept is to keep a remedy for every dilemma you face so that you don’t think of going beyond it.

Well by all my logical capacity I am not able to find God but since science has still limited answers, I will not conclude weather He exists or not. I presume He doesn’t but if I go other way around I am firm that His idea of creating mankind would have not been to seek slaves or disciples in the form of creatures. With the limited capacity of seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting this so diverse universe He would have just thrown upon us a challenge to decipher and conquer the world He has made. In no case he asked us to follow Him. If at all this is true that he wanted disciples he just cannot be called God. Religion says anyone generous is good so if God is not generous he is not good. Science of law says anything ethical, moral & legal is right than I believe slavery is not ethical, moral or legal. Here I make my point religiously as well as scientifically following god is right. So God exists or not his slavery should be condemned. Freedom which is responsible, ethical, moral and legal should be the binding rules to experiment with our just five senses of touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, and seeing to interpret the whole universe of this billions of billion things. It includes the quest of searching God and His great God and His great-great Gods. Mathematically speaking if anything proved emotionally has to be proved logically too.

Karl Marks perfectly said ‘religion is an opium’. I extend ‘politics is an art of hypnotizing’ and ‘religion is an opium’. Anyone who’s hypnotized has consumed opium is nothing but a dead man walking i.e. zombie!! I am not the one thankfully, I’ve my own senses open.

My Version Election Review

“The new Eye Candy prepared by Harvard & APPCO has demolished the Chocolate Boy of Italian Blood. Majority have chosen least worse among the lot that too as per their capacity of deciphering the worse”

Jitendra Rajaram

“I won’t settle with the mass’s verdict. I am fighting for my ideology. One election’s mandate will not defeat the torchbearer of thousands of years of struggle. I will not surrender to the power just because they marched over the Mainland capital once again. I am not scared of your roar; you better hunt and relinquish on my dead muscle.   

Mandate 2014 was an event management show in which so called arc rivals joined hands to nudge the polarization so that people can continue to believe that democracy exists. I am only counting the NOTA as the individually conscious decision of the people which has defied the tyrannical compulsion of limited choices of force opting one.

In assembly election of Rajasthan however NOTA was fairly more than 7% vote share in some constituencies where reservation of SC ST ceased the Caste Hindus to contest. It simply reflects the enflamed castesism in Indian Politics. The detailed study of 16th general election of India is yet to come over but we can’t deny the possibility of such trends.   When being OBC swung off the BSP in UP the possibility of caste based voting trends cannot be a hypothetical remark.

Well the poster boy of Hindutva took the development Mascot very-very incisively. When the second generation of fascist outfit lost the election against Rajeev Gandhi, they blamed it to their slogans like “What Computers will do in Lantern &Bullock-cart Nation” and “A computer will snatch the job of 1000 clerks”. They got to know this way they will end up losing the identity. They switched over to ‘Ram’ ‘Nuclear Bomb’ and Hindutva Mascot full-fledged determination. It relented in their favor they mobilized it and the world’s lobbyists got another option in Indian politics. They negotiated the terms of undercover handshaking among the dacoits and rioters of Indian politics.
From that day to this day NDA and UPA worked hand in gloves. They vouched all white in fiction and then they betrayed in daylight. Together they managed to cease the window of opportunity to common man. In the present form of Indian democracy, they have everything inside the hall but to enter they have only windows. Every single window has a toll man guarding the entries. How many can contest from one seat? 10? 20? 30? This year Benares had 70 contestants! How many of them had any right intention of public administration? How many of them would have sided with either UPA or NDA whichever looked great? All the options in EVM machines are accustomed to benefit either of them. This election proved that NDA has pre-poll settlement with UPA which has been facilitated by international lobbyists.
A Raja, Kanimojhi, Lalu, all went to jail! Tata, Ambani all questioned by Supreme Court but where is Neera Radia? The kingpin? The central knot of the story? Where is she? Why is she not being questioned? Why the entire election was revolving around the personalities? Why not issues were discussed? Why Modi has become the system all in one? A corporate boy, a Hindutva boy, a Tea-Seller, an OBC, a Nationalist, A married bachelor, a Gangaputra and all? Why was he all in one battery charger for all mobile? Because lobbyist want single window clearance for all they need.
The classic move of congress to be dubbed as failure has incisively saved the prince of Gandhi Dynasty. Had it been a UPA victory the public anger to destabilize the UPA3 would have tore them all naked so they settled upon the change of guard. Nothing else has changed, it has rather accelerated. Nuclear Deals will race up. Arms imports will rise. Just nothing will happen for the villages... The Tendu Leaf pickers, The Grapes Growers, The Orange Farmers will continue to be castigated for producing more toxin buyers. Good days are here! Welcome home J

My views on "Annihilation of Caste" By Dr. B R Ambedkar

“He agreed that equality is not possible but reiterated that discrimination is crime. While equality depends upon the wealth, social status, education, awareness, willingness and courage of an individual the discrimination is just an act of callous injustice”
I salute to his courage when he said “Just because the good is not availed I will never settle with bad”: Jitendra Rajaram

"Annihilation of Caste" By Dr. B R Ambedkar 1936AD is the second book I took longest time to read (First was "Brief History of Time" By Dr. Stephen Hawkins some two years ago). Like the former, I read all the endnotes, footnotes, anecdotes and references of this book. This version of Navayana Publication  (2014) contained two more beautiful things i.e. an introduction of the book by Arundhoty Roy titled “The Doctor & The Saint” and “A Note on the Poona Pact” by S. Anand to complete the references and objectivity of the subject.
I was always sympathetic to the caste struggle and sufferings of the minority in India. But this book has lead me to actualize that all the religions are politically ill intentioned. This book has recorded all the testimonies of the tyrannies of Hindus and their incisive fence to keep a large section enslaved. These testimonies are recorded from the sources highly revered by the Hindus themselves i.e. Vedas, Smrities and Stuties written by Aryans so it discards any possibility of its being fiction. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar prescribed the most radical treatment that Hindu society (if not religion) needed since long. It was left to the Hindus if they wanted to undergo this treatment which they did not. Gandhi by his weak attitudes sensitized the untouchability but decided not to provide any acceptable solution to it. He never wanted to dent his own Saint cum politician identity. His approach to be either neutral or inclined to caste Hindus has done maximum assault to the struggle of the suppressed class of India.
‘Annihilation of Caste’ is the most conscious reasoning of why untouchability persists in India. It is the most logical debate upon why Caste in India should be abolished. One should regard to the courage of Ambedkar who did not hesitated a dime to put his views upon Hindus Laws. He knew in advance what will happen to him. The disgrace, outcaste and humiliation were the only reward possible for his stupid audacity but he was ready.
While solution suggested by Ambedkar is radical and may draw anger of elites the diagnosis must be acceptable to all. When I say the suggested solution is radical it still means that it is the only possible solution. Here is the diagnosis

The exponential decay of the radioactive atom of caste means that Brahmanism is practiced not just by the Brahmin against the Kshatriya or the Vaishya against the Shudra, or the Shudra against the untouchable, but also by the untouchables against the unapproachable or the unapproachable against the unseeable. It means there is a quotient of Brahmanism in everybody regardless of which caste they belonged to. It is the ultimate means of control in which they concept of pollution, purity and the perpetration of social as well as physical violence is not just outsourced but implanted in everybody’s imagination. It’s like an elaborate enforcement network in which everybody polices everybody else. Brahmanism makes it impossible to draw a clear line between victims and oppressors. Brahmanism as said by Ambedkar “is the very negation of the spirit of liberty, equality and fraternity”1.

Ambedkar boldly commented in the beginning of his undelivered speech that “They hate me! To them I am the snake in their garden because I have questioned the authority of the Mahatma they so eloquently revere”2.
He compared Indian struggle of independence from the struggle for republic in Rome. In Rome, spite the big revolution and policy reforms the Plebian3 of Rome did not able to free themselves from the shackles of Patricians4. Simply because in all those policy reforms it was mentioned that God i.e. priests of highest church will have the final verdict upon the validity and invalidity of every decisions taken by the lower and upper house of Parliament. This illusion of God worked out against suppressed class there too at it has been working with Indians since ages.
His remarks like “My quarrel with Hindus and Hinduism is not the imperfections of their social conduct. It is more fundamental. It is over their ideals.5” has inflamed the anger of elite Hindus but left them bemused and mute. He consciously debated his stand on universal consciousness of class struggle. He called upon the notion of Equality & Justice to which socialists consider the supreme objective. He justified that only economic equality will never serve the purpose as long as social and religious equality is not achieved. He referred to Indian Caste to prove his point that even if a section is economically poor still contains the power to hate Dalits. How else a Brahmin possessing no wealth can command a Kshatriya or a touchable Shudra can refuse to service an untouchable Shudra?
He agreed that equality is not possible but reiterated that discrimination is crime. While equality depends upon the wealth, social status, education, awareness, willingness and courage of an individual the discrimination is just an act of callous injustice. He demanded answers to few questions like “Should anyone be treated unequal just because he is not equal? Can inequality be justified by the argument that recourses are scarce and everyone cannot have it? Can finish line be same for all healthy, malnourished, handicapped, blind and disgraced?” If even the little of these is justified than all the books, epics and Holy Scriptures should be burned and flushed because they allow double standard treatments.
After completion of every book that I read, I try to imagine that how much a book can do to a human! This book has surpassed my level of this imagination too. I don’t know what or how much exactly I have got from this book but one point I am certain of that now I know and love one more people who went to war each day, knowing in advance that they will fail. True, he was less “successful” in the most vulgar sense of the word, but by no means less fulfilled6.

Notes taken from
1. Roy, A. “The Doctor & The Saint” Issue One Publication Navayana Page 54
 2. Ambedkar, BR. “Annihilation of Caste” Issue One Publication Navayana Page 200
 3. Plebian means the common people born in common families or ordinary breed
 4. Patricians means the royal blood born in impearl families are the ancestors of Gods.
 5. Ambedkar, BR. “Annihilation of Caste” Issue One Publication Navayana Page 353
6. Roy, A. “Pokhran the end of imagination” on 14th May 2014, 12:00 Noon accessed the link

Tragedy of Public Perception

“This election is between Democracy and Capitalism in which Media is tokenized to Profit Mongers. Lets interpret the influencers in political campaigns happened in this General Election- 2014 in India”

The biggest tragedy for the public is that it needs a leader. They resonate to pick a person who promises to handle everything all alone. Favored, liberal, ethical, unethical, legal or illegal they want their representatives to keep them lesser involved. Precisely anyone who promises idleness to public becomes default leader.
Conflict in idleness norms of a group of people defines the type of leader represents them. Sooner or later it becomes that leaders starts enjoying their positions. They began to tussle with other leaders and public begins to enjoy it. Welfare, administration, humility, services and responsibility all becomes the distant echoes. Hypnotized sects unconditionally support their leaders and strongly oppose their opponents without gauging the validity of the issues. Often issues/agenda don’t exist at all.
In this ongoing general election of 2014 in India, issues are as much irrelevant as words are to illiterate and blinds. We don’t talk about expensive education, nuclear disarmament, R&D investment, employment generation, environmental concerns, mining, minerals, social instability, industrial output, agriculture growth, international market and economy etc. we only talk about one specific person of a society. When asked about issues public says it is not theirs job in utter hopelessness. That is it! It finishes here then begins talk of the person, his character, his background, his marital status, partners, his bedroom details, perfumes, watches, facial, bankers and what not. It makes them hero, demigod or messiah who shouldn’t be interrogated. They’re just right beyond ifs.
This perception building has been the art of marketing since globalization. Market reactions to these perception making companies has ensured them a hot seat. The Brand Identity, Brand Image, Recognition, perception etc has lead to the translation of brand premium into profit. These strategies attached additional cost in product development which has culminated the ‘need’ based buying behavior of common man.
In this General Election these theorems are applied in politics. More or less it is bearing the same impact as it was bring to brand in retail market. But this age old market practice will not translate into votes. None of the marketing strategies so far are created to woo bottom of the pyramid population. They’re not the consumers of the target FMCG, Consumer Durables and Telecom for the advertisers. This leaves two holes in the planning one strategist are experimenting upon creating propaganda for bottom of pyramid second lower class is not much influenced by the advertisements. They were never been used to of such influences.
Middle Class for the first time in world history had become larger in population percentage in comparison to poor class. In India it has happen just three years ago. All the Harvard, Oxford and Wharton machinery which is involved in influencing this election is actually targeting this largest population sphere of Indian demography. These event managers have converted election into events. They’ve used all the possible media of public broadcasting including internet to woo the middle class voters. To their disappointment, this middle class don’t vote much. New voters migrated from resident towns to nearby cities for higher education and old voters are working in metro cities. These voters cannot make to go vote and come back in just one holiday. There is substantial population of middle class who never vote.
Yes the overall percentage of voting has increased this year but so has increased the options. Every electronic voting machine has more than 15 options plus NOTA (None of these above). Election commission’s drive to encourage voting has a sizable impact which will influence the pattern of poles but this highly unpredicted.  
Out of many influences, inclinations and personal liking one cannot be unbiased while predicting anything like the outcome of the world’s most democratic election. I belong to a party, I campaigned for it and hold prominent role in the district level of this party’s affairs but have been independent in my opinion while wiring this article until now.

For larger good reason, I just wish that this election must defy all the presumptions, exit polls, Media Manipulation and Management Strategies. If this happens India as a nation will continue to uphold the highest honor of being democracy. No corporate, talented hoots and pickers will ever be able to rule the public perception of this nation. The chances of this however are very less.

Nothing less than equality

"Religion has always been a tool to unsettle the social fabric of the civilizations. It has always polarized people against people by evoking nonexistent sentiments" 

By Jitendra Rajaram

Everything that is wrongly settled is never settled and must be resettled. You cannot call censorship of weaker section as justice. You cannot plead for justice from the people whom you maimed when were in power. When they had been defeated by unethical means, these defeated will certainly rise back. Your populist stunts may be favoring you, for at least a while, just because those who're listening to you today were not in the battlefield yesterday. They hadn’t seen that episode when you had ravaged minorities horribly. The sympathy you’re withdrawing today will not be of help much. You have stigmatized us for waging war.  History will record your demise as the extinction of demagogue’s evils. Fasten your waist belt we’re ready to fight back with another fulcrum of power. 

British Raj used the sleeping desire of Indian ruling class specially the clusters of Maratha. Indian rulers were upset with the invasion of Turks (a local term used for Persian invaders) not by Muslims. In steady process Turks Islam while they were conquering Persia hence they later become synonymous to Muslims. Islam expanded under the shadow of Turks sword in India. It has generated viscosity among Nomad Warmongers to develop a unison identity. Like any other religion did when in zenith.  

When British announced to rollback, Muslims leaders claimed to power supplicating that it should be returned to them as It had been taken from them two centuries ago. While Hindu claimed that India principally belongs to them and so should be returned to them. Both claims were cowardice. To draw edge both religions’ leaders endorsed communal hatred, plotted riots and massacre to settle the score and exhibit their claims. All they wanted was to impress the king of Commonwealth. This is when Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha mulled hatred at the cost of blood. They classified blood by incisively maintaining the identity of political outfits only.

Religion has always been a tool to unsettle the social fabric of the civilizations. It has always polarized people against people by evoking nonexistent sentiments. We’re accused of being Satan because we Atheist (read Secular) firmly believe that religions are white lie. Veteran Artist Late Farookh Shaikh said days before his departed “In India it (secularism) is read as an act of mediating among religions”.
This ongoing communal hatred in India since partition has one interesting hidden fact. Elite Islam who claims to be the real genes of Turks sided with Pakistan along with their big wealth. The Mujahirs (converted Muslims) were refused from Pakistan to wander stray in blood hungry India for either being massacred or to live in misery. Gandhi took the bold step by asking them to stay back if they wish to (The only reason why RSS ex-man Ghodse shot him dead). They lived united in divided fate. This rhetoric of communal hatred explodingly explained in a great book “Annihilation of Caste” By Dr. B R Amedkar. Avarna or Dalit as we famously call them were dangerously neglected in every states of Mogul India as well as in British India. Missionaries under the flag of their kings patted them for conversions. Dalits happily converted to Islam or Christianity or Sikhism expecting livable social standards (even if slightest).
Macroscopically Dalits are the real minorities but to be politically correct and woo Dalits, right wing extremists don’t nag them directly. They want to sound politically pro constitution but also want to reclaim India as their possession. Attacking on Islam, Christianity is so become a issue in India.  
It is routine to see barbaric acts, nagging, verbal abuse and sectional assault conducted by these right wing extremists against Muslims, Dalits and Seculars. They scare to mention that they in reality don’t want Dalits equality. They rather directly point their guns to Muslim and Secular. Religion has been proved illogical, Hindu religion has gone ways ahead to attach superstition with it… they attached zodiac, palmistry, saint omen, purity of soul and reincarnation everything into one. All blurred fear of future uncertainly is addressed in these superstitions. These deities, gods and goddesses are all alive and ruining poor lives only because of these superstitions. To kill communalism, we have to kill religion, to kill religion we have kill superstition, to kill superstition we have to educate people.