My Version Election Review

“The new Eye Candy prepared by Harvard & APPCO has demolished the Chocolate Boy of Italian Blood. Majority have chosen least worse among the lot that too as per their capacity of deciphering the worse”

Jitendra Rajaram

“I won’t settle with the mass’s verdict. I am fighting for my ideology. One election’s mandate will not defeat the torchbearer of thousands of years of struggle. I will not surrender to the power just because they marched over the Mainland capital once again. I am not scared of your roar; you better hunt and relinquish on my dead muscle.   

Mandate 2014 was an event management show in which so called arc rivals joined hands to nudge the polarization so that people can continue to believe that democracy exists. I am only counting the NOTA as the individually conscious decision of the people which has defied the tyrannical compulsion of limited choices of force opting one.

In assembly election of Rajasthan however NOTA was fairly more than 7% vote share in some constituencies where reservation of SC ST ceased the Caste Hindus to contest. It simply reflects the enflamed castesism in Indian Politics. The detailed study of 16th general election of India is yet to come over but we can’t deny the possibility of such trends.   When being OBC swung off the BSP in UP the possibility of caste based voting trends cannot be a hypothetical remark.

Well the poster boy of Hindutva took the development Mascot very-very incisively. When the second generation of fascist outfit lost the election against Rajeev Gandhi, they blamed it to their slogans like “What Computers will do in Lantern &Bullock-cart Nation” and “A computer will snatch the job of 1000 clerks”. They got to know this way they will end up losing the identity. They switched over to ‘Ram’ ‘Nuclear Bomb’ and Hindutva Mascot full-fledged determination. It relented in their favor they mobilized it and the world’s lobbyists got another option in Indian politics. They negotiated the terms of undercover handshaking among the dacoits and rioters of Indian politics.
From that day to this day NDA and UPA worked hand in gloves. They vouched all white in fiction and then they betrayed in daylight. Together they managed to cease the window of opportunity to common man. In the present form of Indian democracy, they have everything inside the hall but to enter they have only windows. Every single window has a toll man guarding the entries. How many can contest from one seat? 10? 20? 30? This year Benares had 70 contestants! How many of them had any right intention of public administration? How many of them would have sided with either UPA or NDA whichever looked great? All the options in EVM machines are accustomed to benefit either of them. This election proved that NDA has pre-poll settlement with UPA which has been facilitated by international lobbyists.
A Raja, Kanimojhi, Lalu, all went to jail! Tata, Ambani all questioned by Supreme Court but where is Neera Radia? The kingpin? The central knot of the story? Where is she? Why is she not being questioned? Why the entire election was revolving around the personalities? Why not issues were discussed? Why Modi has become the system all in one? A corporate boy, a Hindutva boy, a Tea-Seller, an OBC, a Nationalist, A married bachelor, a Gangaputra and all? Why was he all in one battery charger for all mobile? Because lobbyist want single window clearance for all they need.
The classic move of congress to be dubbed as failure has incisively saved the prince of Gandhi Dynasty. Had it been a UPA victory the public anger to destabilize the UPA3 would have tore them all naked so they settled upon the change of guard. Nothing else has changed, it has rather accelerated. Nuclear Deals will race up. Arms imports will rise. Just nothing will happen for the villages... The Tendu Leaf pickers, The Grapes Growers, The Orange Farmers will continue to be castigated for producing more toxin buyers. Good days are here! Welcome home J

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