Nothing less than equality

"Religion has always been a tool to unsettle the social fabric of the civilizations. It has always polarized people against people by evoking nonexistent sentiments" 

By Jitendra Rajaram

Everything that is wrongly settled is never settled and must be resettled. You cannot call censorship of weaker section as justice. You cannot plead for justice from the people whom you maimed when were in power. When they had been defeated by unethical means, these defeated will certainly rise back. Your populist stunts may be favoring you, for at least a while, just because those who're listening to you today were not in the battlefield yesterday. They hadn’t seen that episode when you had ravaged minorities horribly. The sympathy you’re withdrawing today will not be of help much. You have stigmatized us for waging war.  History will record your demise as the extinction of demagogue’s evils. Fasten your waist belt we’re ready to fight back with another fulcrum of power. 

British Raj used the sleeping desire of Indian ruling class specially the clusters of Maratha. Indian rulers were upset with the invasion of Turks (a local term used for Persian invaders) not by Muslims. In steady process Turks Islam while they were conquering Persia hence they later become synonymous to Muslims. Islam expanded under the shadow of Turks sword in India. It has generated viscosity among Nomad Warmongers to develop a unison identity. Like any other religion did when in zenith.  

When British announced to rollback, Muslims leaders claimed to power supplicating that it should be returned to them as It had been taken from them two centuries ago. While Hindu claimed that India principally belongs to them and so should be returned to them. Both claims were cowardice. To draw edge both religions’ leaders endorsed communal hatred, plotted riots and massacre to settle the score and exhibit their claims. All they wanted was to impress the king of Commonwealth. This is when Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha mulled hatred at the cost of blood. They classified blood by incisively maintaining the identity of political outfits only.

Religion has always been a tool to unsettle the social fabric of the civilizations. It has always polarized people against people by evoking nonexistent sentiments. We’re accused of being Satan because we Atheist (read Secular) firmly believe that religions are white lie. Veteran Artist Late Farookh Shaikh said days before his departed “In India it (secularism) is read as an act of mediating among religions”.
This ongoing communal hatred in India since partition has one interesting hidden fact. Elite Islam who claims to be the real genes of Turks sided with Pakistan along with their big wealth. The Mujahirs (converted Muslims) were refused from Pakistan to wander stray in blood hungry India for either being massacred or to live in misery. Gandhi took the bold step by asking them to stay back if they wish to (The only reason why RSS ex-man Ghodse shot him dead). They lived united in divided fate. This rhetoric of communal hatred explodingly explained in a great book “Annihilation of Caste” By Dr. B R Amedkar. Avarna or Dalit as we famously call them were dangerously neglected in every states of Mogul India as well as in British India. Missionaries under the flag of their kings patted them for conversions. Dalits happily converted to Islam or Christianity or Sikhism expecting livable social standards (even if slightest).
Macroscopically Dalits are the real minorities but to be politically correct and woo Dalits, right wing extremists don’t nag them directly. They want to sound politically pro constitution but also want to reclaim India as their possession. Attacking on Islam, Christianity is so become a issue in India.  
It is routine to see barbaric acts, nagging, verbal abuse and sectional assault conducted by these right wing extremists against Muslims, Dalits and Seculars. They scare to mention that they in reality don’t want Dalits equality. They rather directly point their guns to Muslim and Secular. Religion has been proved illogical, Hindu religion has gone ways ahead to attach superstition with it… they attached zodiac, palmistry, saint omen, purity of soul and reincarnation everything into one. All blurred fear of future uncertainly is addressed in these superstitions. These deities, gods and goddesses are all alive and ruining poor lives only because of these superstitions. To kill communalism, we have to kill religion, to kill religion we have kill superstition, to kill superstition we have to educate people.

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