Tragedy of Public Perception

“This election is between Democracy and Capitalism in which Media is tokenized to Profit Mongers. Lets interpret the influencers in political campaigns happened in this General Election- 2014 in India”

The biggest tragedy for the public is that it needs a leader. They resonate to pick a person who promises to handle everything all alone. Favored, liberal, ethical, unethical, legal or illegal they want their representatives to keep them lesser involved. Precisely anyone who promises idleness to public becomes default leader.
Conflict in idleness norms of a group of people defines the type of leader represents them. Sooner or later it becomes that leaders starts enjoying their positions. They began to tussle with other leaders and public begins to enjoy it. Welfare, administration, humility, services and responsibility all becomes the distant echoes. Hypnotized sects unconditionally support their leaders and strongly oppose their opponents without gauging the validity of the issues. Often issues/agenda don’t exist at all.
In this ongoing general election of 2014 in India, issues are as much irrelevant as words are to illiterate and blinds. We don’t talk about expensive education, nuclear disarmament, R&D investment, employment generation, environmental concerns, mining, minerals, social instability, industrial output, agriculture growth, international market and economy etc. we only talk about one specific person of a society. When asked about issues public says it is not theirs job in utter hopelessness. That is it! It finishes here then begins talk of the person, his character, his background, his marital status, partners, his bedroom details, perfumes, watches, facial, bankers and what not. It makes them hero, demigod or messiah who shouldn’t be interrogated. They’re just right beyond ifs.
This perception building has been the art of marketing since globalization. Market reactions to these perception making companies has ensured them a hot seat. The Brand Identity, Brand Image, Recognition, perception etc has lead to the translation of brand premium into profit. These strategies attached additional cost in product development which has culminated the ‘need’ based buying behavior of common man.
In this General Election these theorems are applied in politics. More or less it is bearing the same impact as it was bring to brand in retail market. But this age old market practice will not translate into votes. None of the marketing strategies so far are created to woo bottom of the pyramid population. They’re not the consumers of the target FMCG, Consumer Durables and Telecom for the advertisers. This leaves two holes in the planning one strategist are experimenting upon creating propaganda for bottom of pyramid second lower class is not much influenced by the advertisements. They were never been used to of such influences.
Middle Class for the first time in world history had become larger in population percentage in comparison to poor class. In India it has happen just three years ago. All the Harvard, Oxford and Wharton machinery which is involved in influencing this election is actually targeting this largest population sphere of Indian demography. These event managers have converted election into events. They’ve used all the possible media of public broadcasting including internet to woo the middle class voters. To their disappointment, this middle class don’t vote much. New voters migrated from resident towns to nearby cities for higher education and old voters are working in metro cities. These voters cannot make to go vote and come back in just one holiday. There is substantial population of middle class who never vote.
Yes the overall percentage of voting has increased this year but so has increased the options. Every electronic voting machine has more than 15 options plus NOTA (None of these above). Election commission’s drive to encourage voting has a sizable impact which will influence the pattern of poles but this highly unpredicted.  
Out of many influences, inclinations and personal liking one cannot be unbiased while predicting anything like the outcome of the world’s most democratic election. I belong to a party, I campaigned for it and hold prominent role in the district level of this party’s affairs but have been independent in my opinion while wiring this article until now.

For larger good reason, I just wish that this election must defy all the presumptions, exit polls, Media Manipulation and Management Strategies. If this happens India as a nation will continue to uphold the highest honor of being democracy. No corporate, talented hoots and pickers will ever be able to rule the public perception of this nation. The chances of this however are very less.

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