Religion & Politics

"Politics has a limitation, it works with people having some resources shared with the society. Religion is the full version of power"

"Let’s start from the scratch! It is better to part ways then becoming the mole in the eye for each other. There is a world for all of us to live if not peacefully together then cautiously apart. 
My earned social media society has wrong expectations from me, For this reason my posts forces them to hate me for one reason when a while ago they loved me for many reasons.

While I am teacher in my much endorsed profession, my heart lies in reading and writing. In this scholarly progress I have constructed mechanism of grasping knowledge. As a scholar of science, I have intense desire of finding the logic from the source of it. I am not sold to bare imaginations! It is one reason I’ve never believed upon God. It all begins from here! In my fraternity a lot of people believes upon God. It naturally associates them with some religion. Right here friction begins. If I don’t accept God how will I accept ways to reach him and that too so many? Mutually exclusive ways? Every way advertises itself better than the rest. As they do for some marketing good. If I don’t believe upon god, I so will not have faith upon religion. If I reject both how will I accept the politics of religion? How will I accept any Durga Avatar (Indira Gandhi) Ganga Putra or a Vishnu Avatar (Modi) as the magical saviors of this world? The line is drawn... You’re welcome to befriend me.  

Politics has a limitation, it works with people having some resources shared with the society. Religion is the full version of power. It covers even those who’re penniless, thoughtless, civilized or anarchist. It is deeply rooted at all level. It commands everyone including Men, Women, Poor, Dalits, Untouchables, Unseeables, Eunuch, Prostitutes, Thieves, Goons, Smugglers everyone. Everyone has one God and a method to please him. Everyone has a reason to justify his/her work as good as well as at least one reason to justify why other’s work as bad. One more thing is unique in the religion, the more illogical it goes the more blindness it brings.

Interestingly whenever you try to argue about the religion, the preacher will provoke your childhood faith system and suppress your adulthood reasoning. When you aspire for any good life the same preacher will take U turn only to ask you be practical. It says everything and its opposite, at one point it will evoke love, kindness and trust on the other it forces to be practical, realistic and reasonable. The concept is to keep a remedy for every dilemma you face so that you don’t think of going beyond it.

Well by all my logical capacity I am not able to find God but since science has still limited answers, I will not conclude weather He exists or not. I presume He doesn’t but if I go other way around I am firm that His idea of creating mankind would have not been to seek slaves or disciples in the form of creatures. With the limited capacity of seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting this so diverse universe He would have just thrown upon us a challenge to decipher and conquer the world He has made. In no case he asked us to follow Him. If at all this is true that he wanted disciples he just cannot be called God. Religion says anyone generous is good so if God is not generous he is not good. Science of law says anything ethical, moral & legal is right than I believe slavery is not ethical, moral or legal. Here I make my point religiously as well as scientifically following god is right. So God exists or not his slavery should be condemned. Freedom which is responsible, ethical, moral and legal should be the binding rules to experiment with our just five senses of touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, and seeing to interpret the whole universe of this billions of billion things. It includes the quest of searching God and His great God and His great-great Gods. Mathematically speaking if anything proved emotionally has to be proved logically too.

Karl Marks perfectly said ‘religion is an opium’. I extend ‘politics is an art of hypnotizing’ and ‘religion is an opium’. Anyone who’s hypnotized has consumed opium is nothing but a dead man walking i.e. zombie!! I am not the one thankfully, I’ve my own senses open.

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