Third Option of Third World Nation after exactly 100 years of World Wars

Drawing connections from 1914 to 2014

‘Rule of the people, by the people and for the people’ certainly is the most recent rhythm coined by Abraham Lincoln but the struggle for it is not new. People has been defeated umpteen times in the war to establish Republic. Exactly 100 years ago when world was actually very close to Swaraj (Self Rule), Imperialists knelled it mercilessly… 100 years later, the cry of self-rule is gaining acceleration again! This time in the most sought after Third World Nation i.e. India"
: - By Jitendra Rajaram (Author)

The flank of Indian British Army participated in World War for Britain 1914AD

"Any government of the world will never accept that ‘hand in glove’ Imperialists and Capitalists have waged war against people. Whenever war happened and wherever it happened every time capitalists have sponsored the it for imperialists. It's a bogie that WW1 triggered by the assassination of Austrian Prince. It was in fact turned out to be an opportunity to keep Sophie's son ( Sophie was the queen hair apparent of Hungarian Dynasty, wife and co-assassinate of Archduke Ferdinand) out of Royal Crown because as per Vienna (Mecca of Royals) she was not the perfect blue blood. This very simply implicate that both the World Wars were nothing but the incisive assault on Republic Revolutions. A revolution which gained momentum once again under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte around two hundred years ago.

Here I would not hesitate to open a debate with Mr. Manishankar Ayiyar, (w.r.t. his article in The Hindu: Magazine Titled "Serbia 1914 to Pakistan 2014")*. The very basis of his opinion that “Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Prince Austria-Hungarian Dynasty by Siberian terrorist Gavrilo Princip (which is also true as per the NCERT History book) has triggered the First World War is wrong. It is sufficient to prove that his so great scientific forecasting of Next World War which according to him may be triggered by the acts of Azmal Kasab or Afjal Guru or likes) is a white maligned, ill-intentional lie. On the contrary when Mr. Aiyer too have accepted, as he confessed in that same article, that the solution lies in Gandhian way forward. And if you really believe upon Gandhian way then you should publicly refuse the government of Gandhi’s assassins first! On the basis of these communications (like the one Mr Ayier did) I dare to put forward this allegation upon Indian Ruling Party that they are preparing the mindset of people for the war against Pakistan. If this happens it will surely become the World War 3.  

We shouldn't forget that Asia has three giant Nations kissing each other’s blazing borders with potentially destructive Nuclear Arms. These three nations have nothing in common be it race, religion, ethnicity, beliefs, warfare except few like greed to rule Asia and no experience of the agony of World Wars. This is a perfect recipe for next Globalized battle field… Adding to the fire stock we have fueled India by a worrisome transfer of power. (I am deliberate in using ‘globalized’ and not ‘international’ in my remark. International was a term accepted in Soviet model in which the sovereignty of nationhood). Globalization is a concept of border free market which dissolves national identity almost entirely. While the first two World Wars were fought upon ‘International’ jibe the next one (which seem inevitable as of now) will be fought upon ‘Globalization’ mockery.
Rulers with the help of wealthy trader’s money has almost mastered the art of winning public opinion. They're capable of waging war against people by be-fooling them calling their patriotic inner-sense. The same inner-sense which helped them form a strong government. A majority government is important to wage war. Emergence of a murderer in the mascot of a tea seller's son, a Dalit Hindu Nationalist declared as 25th Avatar of Hindu's lord Vishnu. 

Just concluded General Election of India for its 16th Loksabha was fought on sentiments of Anti-Congress which an irritant assumption that no alternatives other than NDA (i.e. BJP) is available. This was how a third option i.e. AAP (Aam Admi Party) was dubbed as a party of fools slapped and beaten by their own ex.

Exactly 100 years later, world has changed drastically. A lot of people have got education, technology has connected like minded people irrespective of distances. These changes have created unprecedented awareness which is the principle reason why AAP has become so relevant in Indian politics. I wish these positives signs will not be defeated this time. Hope we will learn from each other from across borders, hope we will fore throw these violence, hope world will be ruled by the people and not by the blue bloods… hope all of these will be the reality very soon! Otherwise next World War will eradicate life from Earth… None of us will be left alive to repent, to prosecute, to avenge or to rebuild…  


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