Hamlet to Haider

"Muslims are not minority in India, They're Second Majority. Azadi is not a solution to Kashmir, just revoke Article 370 & AFSPA at once" 

"No one of the serious cinema goers in India went to watch Haider for its being inspired by Hamlet. Everyone wanted to see the cinema maker's assessment of Kashmir Issue. Specially when the new regime of people's hope has taken over since quite a few months now. Active radical outfits there has left people of India either insulated or granted very little access to the people of Kashmir. All they get to know about them is through some newspaper or some unauthorized medias. Majority of these medias are skewed ill-motives. The complex pacts between J&K and Indian Government (since its accession in Indian Union in 1947AD) has made the matter only worse. Recent change of guard at Sultanate Delhi has raided hopes of resolving these disputes. No wonder why this cinema was most awaited. 

Yes if we go by the commitment of the producer, Haider remains the Hamlet's reproduction. But the curiosity to know the insights of Kashmir overpowered the excitement of Hamlet. Indian audiences are not fond of reading literature. Lazy folks have the hobby of shopping in Mahabachat sale. One on one free scheme of getting Hamlet free with Real Kashmir has diverted people from Bang-Bang to see Haider. This cinema has attracted two kinds of Indians, one, those having guilt of not knowing intelligent class's Hamlet, and two, those who wanted to improve their gossip chat skills by knowing reality of Kashmir beyond the veil. As a scholar I found this movie did injustice with the second hope of the audience following are the reasons why? 

  1. Muslims are not minority in India and Azadi is not a solution to Kashmir. As least not in present political circumstances. Endorsing Azadi should not have been the agenda of Haider 
  2. Indian Army is nailed entirely for atrocities on people of Kashmir which in is only one side of story. this half truth was not expected from the responsible CinemaScope.
  3. 'The revenge' of Kashmiri people from Indian establishment, 'The revenge' of Indian Forces from separatists, 'The revenge' of azadi lovers from army sponsored local goons, 'The Revenge' of a father's death by a son from his won uncle was not defined properly. 
  4. Why Haider's father who was on side of life "mai zindagi ke side hu" as he said would call upon his son whom he loved most "Haider ki hifazat khuda karega" to take revenge from his own brother's betrayal? Was Haider ill-informed about his father? Was he sure that that grave no### was his father's only? Was he sure that those calls of revenge was not the cook-trick of Rooh? These answers would have provided better conclusions. 

While I still don't deny that Indian army acts as a vulture out there I still expected that 'Azadi'' should not have been endorsed in Cinema of such a repute. The conclusion of the story as 'Intekam ki Aag" Forgiveness and failure of the Haider's commitment to his Father's grave is another example of the Chuzpa (as that AFSPA) in the Indianization of Hamlet.