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Legal Crimes

"If community leaders (etc.) exclaim that they're on the verge of extinction if they don't fight back, it becomes pointless who sponsors those wars. Or by what means money comes. Corruption becomes merely a legal complexity worth nothing" :- Jitendra Rajaram
Law alone cannot behold justice. Lack of evidences or morphed evidences can defer the judgment of any quantum. Often delayed judgement or diplomatic selection of time of pronouncing judgement destroys the hope. Social opinion towards any person shatters every laws and norms of State, the last call of social criminals. 
On what ground Lalu Yadav is out of jail? On what ground will Jayalalitha remain out of Jail? Why judicial systems took two decades to convict these politicians as guilty? Why Amit Shah is acquitted? Why Abu Salem is not pronounced guilty? Why Asharam's verdict is pending? Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Pragya Singh Thakur, Salman Khan are NOT sentenced? Why Anderson of Union Carbide died natural de…