Pirates of Internet

“For as long as weddings and divorces are happening on Facebook; my business is running” – Mark Zukerberg

“Since last three years a lot has got changed behind the curtain of online social media industry. It had started with the rise of Egypt’s Spring Revolution which had used Twitter and Facebook as primary weapon of mass mobilization. That was the first moment when tyrants had realized the power of freedom on internet. That was the origin of debate over the net neutrality.
These debates smudged the very definitions of ethics and morality of freedom. Government and tyrants alleged that evil forces are creating propaganda by pushing systematically crafted lies. Hence they advocated that internet freedom must be regulated. Civil Societies defended that even if the freedom is abused it must not be smacked. These people unions defended freedom with an argument that gradually a social conscience will rise and people will get mature enough to treat freedom with responsibility but right to freedom must not be withdrawn. Tyrants kept on questing the potential threat to peace and harmony while civil bodies kept on asking who will supervise the supervisors or the supervisors of supervisors? These questions has never got any answers but the freedom of internet has got toxically adulterated.
Watermarked profile pictures in support of LGBT rights was the declaration of open war between the freedom fighters and tyrants of internet. Facebook sided with the tyrant dumping its users and holy book of social media behind. For the first time platform (itself) has participated in a public discourse. It was like the stage, microphones, dais and speakers become the participant in a public debate. Ocean become party to one side of warring battalions. It was like airplane has become the airhostess to serve the passengers. Watermarked profile to exhibit solidarity with victims of France attack, celebrating Indian leaders meeting with Facebook top boss has become the open violations of influencing public discourse by using might of being the platform. Imagine you’re barely winning the boxing match against a mighty opponent but suddenly referee punches you on the nose. In the gruel of victory no one cared to question the act of referee all hailed for the winners until curtain drop.
In the beginning of second decade of twenty first century, status updates, photo-sharing and other feeds on Facebook was equally visible to every user in network but the new algorithm has marred this freedom. Any user can testify that sharing feeds of personal stuff like birthday, wedding anniversaries, travelogues and graduation stories get more traction than sharing feeds related to political, social or business. While experts may defend it citing business interest of Facebook Inc.; I see Facebook as algorithm pirate. It is exactly like the pirates of ocean voyage few hundred years ago or the present Somalian or Caribbean pirates’ sea routes. Like internet is fab today, cross-oceanic travel was the fab few centuries ago where pirates and tyrants had shaken hands to loot public assets.
Gross accumulator of logics and trend, WhatsApp appears absolutely benevolent from the surface. As they claim they don’t sell ads what they hide is the fact they read, sensitize and divert public trends and discourse. One can often notice a certain type of post (normally a joke or rumour pertaining to any public event) reaches to every mobile in almost no time. This is not possible without manufactured acceleration; the origin and the first ring of the WhatsApp feed front is inflicted by non-human tool i.e. codes that can viral the feeds on WhatsApp platform. You’re bound to disagree here as much I am bound to disagree with you.

The plus one button of Google Plus is one of the revolutionary invention of internet industry. The search engine giant has got extremely powerful tool to get inputs from the user to customize the search experience of every user as per their preferences. In one angle it looks way ethical but it is not. It is actually becoming the nanny tales which turns the story as it pleases the kid. It’s like my search results for a certain syntax are different than your search results for the same syntax. It’s like you will get more of hate feeds about (say Narendra Modi) a leader if your search history says you’re Anti-BJP and for the same syntax I will get more pro-government feeds if my search history predicts I am avid lover of Modi regime. It’s is like if an Italian born Jews and Australian born Buddhist searches the ‘Definition of My God’ those close to ten million links in point two-two seconds will not be identical. It’s like defining taste of sugar to blind and deaf differently by making sure that they continue to believe what we have defined for them is the stone fact.
The most delusional stage for the stardom myriads. The nostalgia of fan-following has forced us to believe that tweeting has nothing to do with birds and sky but it’s all about internet and hastags. If we consider internet as religion than twitter must be declared as the Mecca of this religion. Inventions like hastags, trending list and algorithm of sponsored trending has given the ultimate power to one who can bid highest price for those trending hastags… everything else falls behind. The way Reliance Geo launch has stormed the Twitter globally; the way Bollywood retweeted one hashtag #CelebratingJio; it leaves no scope NOT to believe that JiskiLathiUskiBhains (Buffalo belongs to the one who has the stick)      

After a brief breath of freedom that technology had provided; we are square back to the seizure of tyrannies. Like in the film Gladiator; Emperor ensured that people enjoys the game of bloodbath while looting public money. Or much like Indian Democracy arranged Indo-Pak Cricket match whenever loot happens we have got Social Media to keep us busy in emotional drama of sharing wedding, divorce, broken-heart newsfeeds and keep water-marking profile pictures to show that you care which helps tyrants measure your emotions; barcode it and put it on sale. 

"पंखों को रख के गिरवी आसमान का सौदा कर लिया 
एक रिन्द नें फिर जहन में परिंदा जिन्दा कर लिया।"  

The Social Media Clamour

Here is the corollary
"If social media drives the mainframe journalism then we're living in free society but if the mainframe journalism is driving the social media then we're chained and hypnotized." 

"Yes I didn't speak all these while. Partly because I was bogged down by the social pressure mounting on me but mostly because I wanted to hold back and listen to everything humming around me. The atheist in me had developed the tendency to refuse every single claims of religious people. The anarchist in me had this tendency to defy every argument of nationalism. I deliberated upon taking this pause to heed upon the claims of these nationalists and religious fellas who're indeed my very good friend and always turn up to my need whenever I am in crisis.
Well I am still an atheist and anarchist with more determination and a lot more reasoning but this determination that I have earned has come from my ability to listen. Here it's important to tell what I mean by listening; it is not that I receive all voices coming my way, rather, it's an ability to filter out voices from the humming propaganda. Listening things which are sincerely opposing my viewpoints and not just for the sake of it. During my mental exile; I was listening to those heartfelt prayers that religious people does from their respective gods. During my days of disgust, I was noticing those patriots who practice patriotism also in private life and not only in full public display. I did listen to everyone who did not debate with me to prove their points but simply believed upon what they believe. Based on these observations, I realized majority of the people are persuaded by the well organized propaganda by the state or the forces behind the states. While I should responsibly not indulge in light remarks upon the ignorance of the masses; I have attempted to understand why majority of the masses are ignorant and persuaded.   
These experiences provided me understanding that 'belief' drives viewpoints; these viewpoints slowly garner an ideology. Once we get this ideology we do everything to defend it... this is the very crux of what is happening around in all over social media across the globe. Here is the corollary "If social media drives the mainframe journalism then we're living in free society but if the mainframe journalism is driving the social media then we're chained and hypnotized."
My silence has availed me to notice this three layer pattern; In the inner most cocoon binds those who spend their internet data on publishing their personal stuff ranging from kitchen and wardrobe to their honeymoon spots the brands that they own. Around this cocoon exist thick layer of fungus comprise of those who talk about macro issues but remain mostly philosophical or neutral. They mostly figure out fun in everything mainframe media is ranting about. The surface of this social media embryo is made up of the people who claim to be educated and well learned upon the issues mainstream media is humming like hell. These people spends criminally too much data on examining these so called news based on their ideological frame. They make this job their prestige issue; as if it's going to take away their status, legitimacy or righteousness from them. This entire frail embryo is floating in the smudged, pungent and polluted atmosphere of propaganda. There are billions of these embryos coughing, chocking, barking and shitting on each other but in whatever they're doing their input remain the same i.e. the air in which they're floating.
This is how we are united yet fragmented; this is why these embryos can never wage war against the atmosphere. This is how societies are only mocking that they’re fighting for the liberation, justice, equality and what not but in actuality they’re only burning their energy i.e. data, money, times and life only to snatch their share of space upon the embryo they’re living upon.
Yes this is the present world order in which any possibility of getting fresh air seems impossible but we should not lose our heart because out of all the miseries that we’re living any kid can explain that we’re far free and happy as compared to the past our ancestors had lived and died with. Hope is all that has driven mankind this far; hope is all we can pass on as the baton to next generation and in order to make this hope more visible we have to leave behind a world where the fight among the people shifts its locus from ‘ability’ to ‘responsibility’. We have to learn how to place our views that goes well in the ears of jabbering species around us. We need to invent methods that enhances the ability of listening more than speaking.
Let we all work towards the future world where peace and justice is more approachable. A world where people are not competing upon 'how much they can do' but 'how responsibly they can do' whatever they do. This will realize our dream of a ‘leader less society’ a society which will not be greedy for power. Where ownership will not be about controlling resources but ensuring that everyone will get enough of what they want.

"फिर कबीर"

 माँ, नाना, राणा और कबीर ने मन में अलख लगा दी.… मैंने उस व्हाटशाप्प ग्रुप का नाम रक्खा "फिर कबीर"! 

"ये व्हॉटशॉप बड़ा बेदर्द है। बचपन में अगर कभी सोडा, मंजन लेने के लिए माँ चौराहे को भेजती थी तो उस वक़्त के बड़े भैय्या लोग पान बीड़ी की दूकान पे एक दुसरे को गरियाते और ठहाका लगाते हुए मिलते थे। वो लोग कभी अख़बार में कुछ पढ़ के उस पर चर्चा भी करते थे। चर्चा हमेशा किसी न किसी को गरियाने या किसी के मजाक उड़ाने पर ही जा के खत्म होती थी।
बारवीं पास कर के मैं जब इंदौर आ गया तो देखा के यहाँ के बड़े भैया लोग ऐसा कुछ नहीं करते। पान बीड़ी की दूकान में लोग ज्यादा देर नहीं रुकते हैं.… राजवाड़ा चौराहे की दूकान तो रात भर खुली रहती थी वंहा भी कोई अखबार पे या राजनीती पे या किसी विज्ञानं पे चर्चा नहीं करता था। कुछ दिनों में मैं भी रम गया, मैं भी लड़कियों की, जवानी की, प्रेम की बात करने लगा। फूहड़ता की हदें पार करने लगे। जिस लड़की से कालेज में सलीके से बात करते उसी के बारे में अनाप शनाप बकते और जोर जोर से हँसते। एक दिन यूँ ही किसी दोयम जुमले में हस्ते हस्ते मेरी नज़र शीशे में पड़ी। मैं ही था उस चित्र में.… लेकिन वो दूकान वाले बड़े भैया लोगों की याद आ गयी। मैं भी उतना ही बड़ा हो गया था। इस ख्याल ने अचानक से मुझे छोटा कर दिया, वो भैया लोग तो किसी अखबारी खबर में जिरह करते थे न की ऐसी फूहड़ बातों पर रक्कासी भरी हंसीं हँसते थे। उसदिन मैं बहुत दिनों बाद गंभीर हुआ था। 
बहुत दिनों बाद मैं खुद को समझा पाया की वो पीड़ी और थी, आज कल यही फैशन है। ग्रेजुएशन के बाद एमबीए में दाखिला लिया तो कुछ लगा की शहर आया हूँ। यहाँ लोग अंग्रेजी में बात करते थे, टाई लगाते थे। कालेज भी बहुत फेमस था। सरकारी था लेकिन फैशन वाला था..... वो प्रतियोगी परीछा पास करके दाखिल होना होता था, वरना कितने बीए बीकाम के कालेज खाली सड़ते हैं उसके लिए सब प्राइवेट कालेज में जाते हैं फैशन हैं। मेरा दाखिला हो गया था..... नहीं कोई पढने में तेज वेज नहीं था। आरछण था, मैं एससी से आता हूँ, उप्र का हूँ मप में मेरी जाती को आरछण नहीं था ऐसा बोल के सात हज़ार रूपए लिए थे एडमिशन वाले ने लेकिन कोई फीस नहीं लगी थी। एक रूपए भी नहीं… किसी सहपाठी को बताओ तो आँखें फाड़ के पूछता था 'एक रूपए भी नहीं?'। मैं थोड़ा झेंप के सर हिला देता था। उनके चेहरे में खीज छहर जाती थी। सत्तर हजार सालाना भरने के बाद भी उतना ही मिले जितना एक फटीचर चमार को मिलता है तो खीज काहे न होगी? बहरहाल मुझे बड़ा सुकून मिलता था। बचपन में स्कूल से लौटते वक़्त सरकारी नल से किसी की भरी बाल्टी जो नल से आ रहे पानी से उफन रही थी उसको हटा के पानी पीने लगे.… मैं और मेरे भाई.… तभी किसी ने हमें खीच पीछे फेंक दिया था गाली देते हुए, चमार भी कहा था। उस दिन पता चला था चमार होना कोई घिनौनी बात है। घर रोते हुए गए थे दोनों भाई.… पापा को सब सुनाया तो वो गुस्से में साथ लेके उसी नल के पास गए, वह उन्होंने उस घर के सामने खूब गालियां दी थीं। पहली बार मेरे पापा के मुह से गलियां सुनी थीं, मैं दंग रह गया था। इलाहबाद यूनिवर्सिटी से ग्रेजुएट हैं मेरे पापा, गाँव में सबसे ज्यादा पढ़े लिखे … उन्होंने ही सिखाया था पढ़ने लिखने वाले लोग गाली नहीं बकते। पापा हीरो हैं मेरे पर उसदिन वो मुझे हीरो नहीं लगे थे। इस चमार शब्द ने मेरी नजर मेरे पापा की इज्जत कम की थी, इस लिए मैं इस शब्द से नफरत करता था। शर्म भी आती थि इसकी वजह से इस लिए कभी किसी से जिक्र नहीं करता था की चमार जाती से हूँ। लेकिन आज इस  चमार शब्द ने मेरे पापा के ऊपर सत्तर हज़ार का कर्ज होने से बचा लिया था और फिर मेरे साथी जब मन मसोस के रह जाते थे तो मुझे और ठंडक पड़ती थी कलेजे में।
खैर बचपन से कविताएँ लिखता हूँ! को क्या है, हमारा परिवार मजदूरों की बस्ती में रहते हुए भी पापा ने हमें केंद्रीय विद्यालय में दाखिल कराया था। इस बात पर पडोसी खुन्नस में रहते थे, इस लिए आते जाते कभी चिटपट पे जुआं खिलाना चाहते तो कभी तम्बाकू खिलाना और फिर पापा से शिकायत कर हमें मार खिलवाते थे। पापा भी हमारी एक न सुनते और खूब पिटाई कर देते…  पढने में मैं कुछ ख़ास नहीं था, और मेरा रंग भी मेरे दोस्तों जितना गोरा नहीं था इस लिए किसी से बात करने में झिझक होती थी। मन में सवाल बहुत होते थे लेकिन टीचर के दबाव में कोई सवाल कर भी लिया तो लोग हंसने लगते थे। टीचर भी हँसते हुए टौन्ट मार के बैठा देता था... इसलिए बहुत कुछ मन में दबता गया। उन्हीं ख्यालों को मचल के लिख देता था तो बस गजल हो जाती थी। कवि होना सचमुच दर्द का विषय है हा हा हा! खैर एक दिन एक दोस्त बैंगलोर घूमने के बाद घर आया था मिलने। उसने बताया की शहर में कोई हिंदी बोलता ही नहीं! हम सभी लोग डर गए। यूँ तो सेंट्रल स्कूल इंग्लिश मध्यम का था लेकिन हमें किसी को अंग्रेजी नहीं आती थी! मैं और ज्यादा डर गया। ले दे के बस कविताएँ लिखना आता था, वो भी हिंदी में..... पापा कहते हैं बारवी के बाद शहर जाना है, अब क्या होगा। दुसरे दिन लाइब्रेरी गया इंग्लिश सीखने के लिए.… एक साउथ इंडियन सर मिले उन्होंने कहा तुम मुझे हिंदी सिखाओ मैं तुम्हे इंग्लिश सिखाऊंगा। कारंवा चल निकला!! 
आज एमबीए की पढाई में मैं अच्छी इंग्लिश बोल लेता हूँ। एक दिन एक टीचर ने आरछण पे तंज कसे, बार बार उकसाने वाली भाषा में लोगो को हंसा रहे थे। वो शरीर के रंग से समझ जाते थे की कौन आरछित सीट वाला है। मैंने भी उनको करारा जवाब दिया था.। न्याय और बराबरी पर अपने पापा के जितने लेक्चर सुने थे उन सब को क्लास में दे मारा था। भरी क्लास में उस टीचर का मुह छोटा हो गया था। उसदिन मुझे घमंड हुआ था अपने चमार होने पर।
समर इंटर्नशिप के लिए दिल्ली गया, वहां एक समाचार चैनल में इंटर्नशिप का मौका मिला। उसी ग्रुप का अखबार भी निकलता था इंग्लिश में। मैं एम्स\ के पास एक कालोनी में रहता था, उन दिनों एम्स में युथ फार इक्वलिटी पर छात्रों का संघर्ष चल रहा था. … मैंने आरछण की शुरुवात और उसके इतिहास के बारे में एक लेख लिखा था अंग्रेजी में। ईमेल चलाना नया नया सीखा था, बहुत सारे मेल आये थे। लेकिन युथ फार इक्वलिटी वाले उस संघर्ष ने मेरे विचारों पे कई सवाल छोड़ दिए थे। मसलन ये की हमें मौका मिलना चाहिए लेकिन उनकी कीमत पर क्यूँ ? आखिर उनकी क्या गलती है? खैर भीतर ही भीतर मैं राजनीतिज्ञ हो चला था। मैंने अपने ही इन सवालों को नजर अंदाज करने लगा और जोर शोर से आरछण का समर्थन करने लगा। दिल्ली तो ख्याति पाने का शहर है, एक बड़े नाम चीन पुराने क्रिकेट कप्तान के गोल्फ कोर्स के विमोचन में गया था, वहां भी लोगों को मेरे बॉस ने मेरे आर्टिकल के बारे में बताया था.। लोग बड़े खुश हुए थे। 
एमबीए के बाद नौकरी मिली, एक लड़की से मुहोब्बत हुई वो ऊंचे जात की थी, और फिर उस दिन से मैंने अपनी जाती छुपाना शुरू कर दी। आरछण का समर्थन बंद कर दिया, नफरत से ही सही पर मंदिर भी जाने लगा। खैर पूरे जीवन भर में जीतनी उम्र जवानी की होती है, पूरी जवानी भर में उतनी ही उम्र मुहोब्बत की होती है। सो सावन बीतने के कगार पर ही ये व्हाटशाप्प नाम की बला से पाला पड़ा था.… धीरे धीरे ग्रुप बनाने शुरू हुए। छोटी छोटी क्लिपिंग्स में पोर्न वीडियो भी आने लगी.… 
लेकिन इन दिनों जीवन में बहुत बड़ा परिवर्तन हुआ था! मैं अख़बार छोड़ के टीचर बन गया था। अपनी नावेल लिखनी थी इस लिए आराम की नौकरी तलाशी और एक इंजीनियरिंग कालेज में टीचर लग गया। वैसे तो टीचर होने का शौख था लेकिन सब ने कहा था की आजकल वो बात नहीं रही छात्रों में, सो मैंने भी टाइमपास करने की ठानी और अपने नावेल में मशगूल हो गया। फिर कुछ छात्रों ने मेरे अंदर के टीचर को खोज निकला। उन्ही दिनों एक लड़की अनजाने में मेरे मोबाइल में वो पोर्न वीडियो देख लिया। वो अचानक उठ कर चली गयी, मामला समझ आते ही मैं शर्म से पानी पानी हो गया था। दो दिन तक मारे शर्म के कालेज नहीं गया था। 

पान बीड़ी के गुमटी वाले वो बड़े भौयया लोग मुझे मेरे ऊपर हँसते हुए दिखाई देने लगे.… उनका अख़बार, उनकी जीरहेँ सब कानों में गूंजने लगी थी..... उस दिन मैंने निस्चय किया की सारे व्हाटशाप्प ग्रुप डिलीट कर के एक भद्र ग्रुप बनाऊंगा! उसमे सिर्फ सार्थक बहस होगी कुछ भी अनर्गल नहीं होगा! एक पोएम की किताब खरीदी थी, फिर कबीर! मुनव्वर राणा की कविता संग्रह थी! उनके लिखे 'माँ' पर छंद ने मुझे याद दिलाया की मेरे नाना जी कबीरपंथी थे। उन्होंने खुद को चमार समझने से इंकार कर दिया था! माँ, नाना, राणा और कबीर ने मन अलख लगा दी.… मैंने उस व्हाटशाप्प ग्रुप का नाम रक्खा "फिर कबीर"! सभी दोस्तों को उसमे जोड़ा निवेदन किया की अनर्गल न लिखे। सबने इस पहल का स्वागत किया और हमारा ग्रुप गजब उफान पर चला गया। ८००-१००० कमेंट थ्रेड्स ने गजब धा दिया था.… सन्डे को तो हम सब कई कई हज़ार कमेंट्स कर डालते थे। लेकिन मामला बिलकुल उन पान की गुमटी में अखबार की खबर के बहेस जैसा होने लगा। हर बहेस का अंत सिर्फ किसी न किसी पर तंज या ताने पर ख़तम होती। मैं हर बहेस में हिस्सा लेता था, लेकिन रिजर्वेशन के मुद्दे पर शांत हो जाता। लोगो ने मुझे इस मुद्दे पर घेरना शुरू किया, दबे मुह मैंने रिजर्वेशन के पक्छ में जिरह देता लेकिन घेराव ढीला नहीं होता था। सवाल पे सवाल ने मुहे ये जिरह हरा दी थी। मन ही मन मैं रिजर्वेशन का धुर समर्थक था लेकिन ऐसे किसी बहस में शांत ही रहने लगा। 
फिर राईट विंग कट्टर वादियों की सर्कार बनी और रिजर्वेशन पर लामबंद तरीके से प्रचार चालू हो गया। तरह तरह की दलीले दी जाने लगी! एक मोटा तै कोट पहने शूद्र दिखाया जाता और एक गरीब भूक से बिलखता ब्राह्मण और कांग्रेस को गाली देते हुए लिखा रहते ये है रिजर्वेशन। मुझे इन खोखले दलीलों पे तरस आने लगा। मैंने मन ही मन इस विषय पर लोगों को मानसिक रूप से दिवालिया घोषित कर दिया। जैसा की सभी स्वयंभू विद्द्वान करते हैं। 
फिर एक दिन, एक मासूम सी खूबसूरत सी लड़की (मेरी स्टूडेंट) किसी शोध विषय पर चर्चा के लिए मेरे आफिस बैठी थी, उसके बाकी साथियों के साथ। कुछ बातों में उसने बड़े गुस्से में कहा "वो तो ये रिजर्वेशन न होता तो आज मैं डॉक्टर होती!" उसका गोरा चेहरा गुस्से में लाल हो गया था! पहली बार मैंने रिजर्वेशन के इस बहस को जलते हुए देखा था! हलाकि व्यापम घोटाले की याद करते हुए मैंने उस लड़की को शांत करने की दलील देनी चाही लेकिन उसदिन मेरे अन्दर का स्व्याम्भ विद्द्वान फिर मर गया। मैंने उसे बिना कोई जवाब दिए मन में हि मैंने ने निश्चय किया की इस विषय पर पुख्ता शोध करने की आवश्यकता है। 

आज एक मित्र ने फेसबुक पे लिखा की "भारतीय वामपंथ/वामपंथियों ने समाज को नहीं समझा, इसीलिए समाज इन्हें समझ नहीं सका"। मुझे तुरंत याद आया की अरुंधती रॉय ने आंबेडकर पर एक टिपण्णी की थी की उन्होंने दलितों पर तो उम्दा शोध किया है लेकिन आदिवासियों को बेसहारा ही छोड़ दिया! एक दलील और थी की किस प्रकार गाँधी ने गरीबी का ढोंग कर के भारतीय समाज के पूरे बहेस को जातीवाद से हटा कर गरीबी पर केन्द्रित कर दिया! किस प्रकार गरीब ब्राह्मण एक अत्यंत गरीब दलित पर अत्याचार कर लेता है। नीच जाती का होना और गरीब होना दोनों में कितना फरक है। ये सब सोच ही रहा था की आज एक हिंदी सिनेमा ने कई पहेली सुलझा दी। किस प्रकार दसरथ मांझी के पडोसी ने नाक्साली होना स्वीकार किया, किस प्रकार चुहार जाती के पैरों में नाल ठोंक दी जाती है। 

'फिर कबीर' के उस ग्रुप में एक दोस्त ने मुझे ताना मार के कहा यूँ बहेस से कुछ नहीं होता जाओ 'मांझी की तरह' पहाड़ तोड़ो! उसने इस सिनेमा की इतनी तारीफ की की इन्सान अपने बल बूते कुछ भी कर सकता है.… मैं बड़ी देर तक दसरथ मांझी के उस पडोसी के बारे में सोचता रहा.… वो नाक्साली क्यूँ बना, उसे पुलिस ने गोली क्यूँ मरी, उसकी बीवी का बलात्कार क्यूँ हुआ… उस सिनेमा से कोई ये सारे सवाल क्यूँ नहीं पूछ रहा है? 

आज भी ये जवाब तो मैं नहीं ढूंढ पाया की "हमें तो अधिकार मिलना चाहिए लेकिन उनकी कीमत पर क्यूँ?" लेकिन ये जवाब मिल गया की लोग हर समस्या को अपनी आँखों से देखते है। उन्हें हमेशा अपनी समस्या ज्यादा त्वरित, गंभीर और दर्दनाक लगती है। क्यों अगर हम सब 'रिजर्वेशन' पर सवाल करने के बजाये ये सवाल करने लग जाए की सरकार एक व्यक्ति पर एक सम्भावना मुहैया क्यों नहिं करा सकती? हर आदमी के लिए सीट्स होंगी तो रिजर्वेशन की जरुरत ही क्यूँ पड़ेगी? लोग दलील देते हैं की देश में संसाधनों की कमी है.… हाला की ये फरेब है की संसाधनों की कमी है..... मुट्ठी भर लोग अपर संसाधनों को डकार के कुंडली मारे हुए है संसाधन तो अपार है! अगर हम सब लोग,माई-बाप को यानि साकार को बाध्य करें की सबको सबका हक मुहोइया करो तो क्या ये संभव नहीं है की रिजर्वेशन खुद बा खुद अस्तिविहीन हो जायेगा? यकीन मानिये अगर हमने टेलीग्राम को अस्सी के दसक में बंद किया होता तो कोहराम हो जाता, लेकिन व्हात्शाप के जामने में टेलीग्राम बंद किया है इसलिए सबने उसे भावभीनी श्रद्धांजलि दी है। हम रिजर्वेशन को भी अलविदा कह सकते है लेकिन एकजुट होकर, आमने सामने होकर नहीं! 

सोचियेगा! हमसब काले हैं, लेकिन ये दुनिया रंगीन हैं.… क्या आप इन रंगों को बचाना चाहते हैं? आइये साथ मिलते है! उन्मूलन विभेद का हो मतभेद हुए बिना… चलो हम सब कबीर हो जाएँ!

Your blood, My Sweat and Their Profit

 "Friends the system which invokes patriotism without true nationalism is wrong... system which creates devotedness without sacredness is wrong... It is not that one person is doing violence upon other person" - Jitendra Rajaram

"Atrocities are being led by one ideologies over others not by one people over other. They're looting us and forcing us the fight among us. At the same time they are far gone to safe heavens cherishing the loot. In this image below, do you think this well-armed and armored young man would love to kill the other fragile and unarmed old-man? Or vice-verse? But they're acting against each other violently because a government is trying too hard to profit a third power i.e. Capitalists. They're far safe and jubilant for they have nothing to lose and everything to devour. 

In this second picture, an obese officer is accepting bribe from poor hands. Do you think this entire money will go to his pocket alone? Give me the name of a single police man you know who was recruited by fair examination and not by bribe? There is hardly any public officer selected by fair means. Do you think a job taken by unfair means will be served fairly? All that bribed money! Can anyone recover that money by simply his/her salary? Whom to blame then? Who is the criminal? My answer is anyone who calls them 'thulla' or inflicts people's emotion because some else has called them 'thulla' is criminal. Are we able to catch the collar of real guilty? Yes if prima-facia we can find out the real guilty then we can. Let me decipher it for you.

Here in this third pic below in which a policeman is bleeding, he is not bleeding because he is performing his duty. His duty is to furnish justice and peace for the nation... His duties are to rescue victimized poor people but power is forcing him to do the opposite. Why else riots are happening? Friend the system which invokes patriotism without true nationalism is wrong... system which creates devotedness without sacredness is wrong... It is not that one person is doing violence upon other person. It's one community is doing violence against other community. Like teachers are betraying students, politicians are betraying citizens.... we all including this bleeding man wants to live peaceful for the family but he is bleeding because of his honest attempts to stop a riot. Who is the culprit? Rioters? No! They system which invokes riots. We need to change it.
The objective of posting this image is malicious. How can we mix two different occasion to invoke the feelings of third person. The world 'Thulla' (Which is wrongly used by a CM) is used with a notion of a policeman uses its power to snatch the hard earned money of poor people. The picture here is used to instigate the emotion of people who can relate to this pain. Both of them are wrong and are using you and me to charge upon each other. Friend, not you or I are the criminals but the people backing you and me and persuading to fight are... come out of this ring of Roman Games of Gladiators war in side a ring, lets charge on the Emperor enjoying to see us bleeding. 

Theocracy Strengthens Aristocracy and Defies Democracy.

"It was easy in ancient time for religions to progress for two reasons. One every civilization was miles apart from every other civilization" - Jitendra Rajaram

"The mixture of fear and weakness among the people who surrenders to feudalism has enlarged the idea of God-ism. The theory first coined by the power hungry ruling class and their serfs. People, when united, are the ultimate power. The select few (ruling class) always wanted to control this power of people. The control of power is all about channelizing the energy it holds. This is how the need of an imaginary superpower evolved. A superpower which can channelize the energy of united people. Ruling class invented this imaginary power to tame the real power (i.e. people). 

Had I ONLY been introduced to anyone of Brahma or Allah or Moses or Christ during my childhood I would have easily believed upon god. The creators of God (i.e. Ruling Class) have devised so circumventing methods to establish godly existence that anyone can be fooled easily. Like everyone else, I grew up listening why one is better than other or why one's followers are fool and others are great... I have seen hatred by the people of one faith for the people of another. This hatred is one single and sufficient reason which justifies that theology is all about theocracy.

By one theorem that "If anyone hates everyone else is criminal" I nail every religion guilty of massacre and rioting. Anything that sheds the blood of innocent people cannot be divine certainly not this deed should be justified by any means. The entire reasoning and the reasoning's of reasoning about the existence of god is corrupt. Because in order to prove that they know 'God' they have to prove that they know everything. This is where they're exposed; the quest of sounding supreme has exposed the white lies. Since the very objective of the creation of an imagery supreme ruler is to become the second super power after Him. To become the supreme power among the mortals left them with no choice but to explain everything that happens on the earth and beyond. Not even science knows everything but because science accepts its ignorance and never claims to be omnipresent; people have no emotional attachment with it as much they have it with religions.

It was easy in ancient time for religions to progress for two reasons. One every civilization was miles apart from every other. These civilizations used to live in one climatic zone where predictability of monsoon, seasons, eclipses were high. This is why these religions have geographical orientation in their commandments. Second reason is, common man had no inter-civilization traveling or communications. Only the serfs, merchants and royal families used to travel among the establishments across civilizations that too not frequently. As I said these serfs, merchants and royal families comprises ruling class, they together weaved the matrix of religion. They steadily learned from each other. They had never followed the commandments themselves what they preached others to follow. For example, wine is banned in Islam but every Islamic ruler had regularly consumed wine. Their poems, literature and music has endorsed winery remarkably. Christianity endorsed forgiveness but the churches, priests and christian dynasty were among the most cruel rulers in terms of punishments and violent Olympiads. Hindus have preached a lot about celibacy, they have volumes after volumes of literature to proof why celibacy is best practice or devises power for men but only they have an entire massive temple on Kaamsutra (Study of Sexual Pleasures). The Hindu Kings used to have few of the largest Harems (Royal Brothels) in the world.

We've enough evidences to prove that religion is a tool to keep slaves blindfolded and have them enjoy slavery, lest you throwaway your emotional ignorance to see the truth laid naked in every corner and nooks of the corridors of power. 


मै चौराहा हूँ, तुम रास्ता हो
और बाकी सब मुसाफिर है| 
तुम मुझतक आती हो... और
फिर गुजर जाती हो!! 
तुम्हारे साथ ही 
आते जाते रहते है 
ये मुसाफिर भी... 
रात को तुम मुझे तनहा मिलती हो... 
मै निहारता रहता हूँ तुम्हारी बलखाई 
घुमावडर कमर को दूर तक... 
समझ पता हूँ की असल में तनहा तो तुम हो.. 
मेरे पास तो चार रस्ते है 
हमेशा से और शायद हमेशा के लिए...
- जे. राजाराम 


Canvassing The Real In Me: Tunu Weds Manu Returns (Review)

"मुहोब्बत यूँ ही नहीं मिलती किसीके नसीब से, 
अक्सर जीतना पड़ता है मेहबूब को रकीब से॥"
Presenting my personal opinion about the Movie "Tanu Weds Manu Returns 2015" - Jitendra Rajaram 

"Anyone if gets carelessly powerful gets corrupt. Tanu in USA sends her husband to mental asylum while Dattu fights fiercely for the same man. The beautiful craft of this movie is to keep it centric to women. It used both Ultra Egalitarian Western Society as well as North Indian Female Foeticide Class Orthodox Society to explain how world sees the women as the sex object only. The two characters of the movie Dattu and Tanu have bravely waged war against being just an 'object'. The large life of two women, one is convinced other is confused, but none is corrupt, explains the required facelift this society needs. 
This cinema displays that there is nothing sacred about love or sexual attraction has nothing to with love. Everyone have tried to established the 'other than adam eve relationship between men and women' but none succeeded and this movie simply surrendered to it. All the four women character displayed in it have refused to bow to social pressures. Be the wedding proposal of Pappi, Having Test Tube baby for Jassi, Selecting and rejecting Manu with their own reservation of preferences y Dattu and Tanu etc all them did it exactly what's needed to be done by the women of the day. The men chauvinism of Advocate Arun Kumar amicably expressed the deep breeded belief "If not mine then for none" attitude. Awasthi Ji portrayed the significance of being a man, the bravity manhood holds in forgiving someone a man really cares.
The struggle of Manu in finding the role of 'the body' or 'the soul' of 'a women' in 'the love' that we feel has been portrayed excellently in the movie. Dattu being the face he loved, while her ways of asking 'Hath Rakh ke Bolo" delivers the segregation he was constantly looking for. He was able to get blurred image of who he exactly wants between Dattu and Tanu but his anger and obligation of keeping his words (the mard ki juban) keeps him suspending till last. The way movie reaches to the decision is refreshing... it's far away from old jarring method of declaring one as a vlien and other as hero so that audience can easily win by guessing. It was exactly till the last round around the fire, audiences were not sure whom the man Manu belong to. Even the debate of the Manu's Parent on being which side and which side is right didn't help us getting the clue. You really should watch the movie to know why Manu belongs to the one who gets him at the end. Nonetheless this cinema again proves that perseverance and determination always has high rewards. The dialog 'Abhi Kaise Chal de Awasthi Ji, Abhi to hame aur jaleel hona hai' answers the problem of many family disputes. Just focus in what you want let the insult, disgrace, attacks and arrogance do their bit, if they fail to move you, you will win.   

This large cinema attacks on many vulnerable futilities of the male dominant 'societies' across the cultures. The Kanpur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Jhajjad and the Dandiya of Gujarat put together presumes that women are the property of men and they should live and die in their command. The superiority of complex of being fluent English speaking class (or educated fools) easily fallen to the ambitious, responsible and brave girl of Haryana. Dattu's thick Haryanvi ascent shots right at the forehead of Fashion Obsessed English Fools. It also displayed that the wedding proposal from an IT Peasant can't be the token of owning any girl you put finger upon.  

Among the numerous emotions the owning and disowning of the Test-Tube-Baby, the social unacceptability of science in the society, the younger never married girl being married to aged divorcee by her own will, how the brother should respect the choices of their sisters and why a girl should decisively refuse the wedding proposal she wants to refuse has a very beautiful dress code i.e/ the amalgamation of Gujarati Dandiya Dress with Punjabi Pagri! It has banged the final shot.

Decoding Leadership

“Well I am not a leader! I chose not to. I am one among those hummingbirds who are so called intellectuals writing, speaking, and debating upon the deeds of these great leaders. Then how I am telling you this? Just read it all” Jitendra Rajaram

How you begin matters! Just that!!

No lectures! Or nothing sort of charting 10 best or 5 best things with flashy blinking colours. I have a flat message about leadership. I think in this world we have enough confusion to weave around it, make it thick and keep on talking. I have no intention to get you another chewing-gum.
Leadership has only and only one code i.e. “Conviction”. Everything else is either detail of it or just few fancy words. I’ve no big claims or lucid statistics to earn your jaw dropping wows. This article is to help me explain you how leadership is only and only about ‘conviction’.
Point zero: Conviction
Conviction is called unconditional deep faith, love or lust or belief upon an idea which is yet to born. It has conceived in your mind but has yet not born. Conviction is process of the preparation for labour pain. Much before the delivery ‘conviction’ is about taking everyone’s suggestions but creating your way to have it born.
Point one: Cooking the Idea
Brooding about it… like a live-in relationship about which you doesn’t talk about from almost anyone. It is just you, your imaginary world and the idea. Like in a garden you’re alone with your daughter… loving her, adoring her, introducing her with petals, flowers, butterflies etc. In the garden you’re ought to answer the questions of your daughter, struggling to find a suitable answer for her clever questions. It’s the stage at which you prepare the stage for your idea’s launch.
Point two: Litmus Test
It’s the first moment, the long awaited first moment, when you share your idea with someone with utmost delicacy. It’s like when you let your little daughter walk towards the school for the first time. Like when she passes the main gate all alone, you wish to go behind her, you want to be with her in class, to answer on her behalf but you restrain yourself. You see her getting things done by her own. At this stage you feel happy about the independence your idea is gaining.
Point four: First Counterstroke
You will get a hard blow from someone you love and respect most. There will be your first examination of ‘conviction’. There you will be challenged as a leader for the first time. There most of the potential leaders yield to fate or circumstances whatever you call it. But those who survive… get blended. This counter stroke adds on to their might. This might roars up with double ‘conviction’. From here on these counter strikes become routine affair. Everyone, including your well wishers and your loved ones, will either plead or threaten or do both to deter you from your ‘conviction’ which, if you don’t yield, will soon transit to be your ‘mission’.
Point Five: Mission. At this stage you’ve already succeeded to polarise people. You have developed whirlpools of debates out your conviction. Few people are dead against you but few more (or may be less depending upon your conviction) are die-hard supporters of your idea. Your conviction will soon trigger a war. Right at this stage your beloved will en-chest you and armour you with shield and spear for the war has arrived at the horizon. The humming linage far at the joint of earth n sky is visible.
This is how two poles of leadership ideas are dividing the political sphere of the present world

Point Six: Revolution. Right when your idea becomes you mission it creates whirlpools, whirlwinds and tremors which settles only to redraft the coordinates of the world. Right here it becomes a revolution to go on for generations. From its bad fate to its best phase… keeps on travelling for perhaps eternity one never knows. What becomes almost certain is that you become immortal among the mortals who are not yet even born but will do in upcoming eras to succeed your idea. You become for forever a leader.
At this stage the failure and the success become subject of debates for rest of the people. They jabber on and on upon you, your ideas and your convictions. They’ll hate you for your arrogance or praise you for your determination based on their own perceptions but these debates will not hinder you. Because you’re done, you’ve created what you meant for. As a leader you will always have opponents. What you must know is the art of managing opponents not only the fans. You must know when to divert them, when to siege them or when to set them free. This… you can’t do until you’re not fully convinced of your own idea. The conviction my dear friend is all you need to be a leader. Don’t burn your hands until you’re not convinced with your idea but once you did… it’s immaterial what burns out of it.
Abraham Lincoln! At his time racial demarcation of slavery was gods command. It was considered to wage war against god to immolate slavery. He was threatened to be termed as traitor and perhaps for the same reason he was shot dead. But he was fully convinced with his idea of demolishing slavery. When his loved ones objected, he did not become angry rather, he explained how abolishing slavery is in the interest of USA. How his oath towards the constitutional security of the nation will be justified by abolishing slavery. He then invested his time in circumventing his opponents. He succeeded and he became immortal. The story goes same for many such leaders from across the phenomenal events like politics, economics, commerce, technologies and what not.  This is how Mark Zukerberg, Julian Assange, Pranab Mistry would summarise their success stories.  
Why I am telling you this story?
Well I am not a leader! I chose not to. I am one among those humming birds (who are so called intellectuals) writing, speaking, and debating upon the deeds of these great leaders. My types are normally visible in TV talk shows or mentioned in some books. I am however not even that famous to make those big bouts but yes I do exist like they do. I am here to tell you something very-very little yet powerful story of an idea and his mother. Yes mother called Mobibit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I’ve grown up thinking how my computer screen will converse with my house, table or chair if my hands are not thumping its keyboard. How will my mobile realize that I need break, have to party or have to buy a pair of jeans. Can these gadgets, which are replacing my pals, actually help me? in securing people I love and care for? Since I am not an engineer, I only could think of these things or worry upon but here you see what the mavericks at Mobibit did. They’re changing the notions we attach with mobiles. They’re redefining the need matrix for humans yet again. They’re attaching weaponries in our hands not kill but to ponder, perform and protect on… with one device which connects us with our physical real world. They’re drawing your emotions in colours on the world map. They call this a mobile application. I call it ‘the next big thing’. They named it ‘Locate’ I see it as ‘everything’! Yes it is a mobile application called ‘Locate’ in which you can find everything but will never be bothered by strangers. It’s a window to the world with an osmotic veil which allows anything inside out as you please but nothing outside in without your permission. Can see what I see? Well download Locate… click here!   

Decimated Agriculture Economy

“None of the governments in the world are focusing on the real problems. They’re all busy in extending their military, commerce and political influence upon other nations” – Jitendra Rajaram

Blackened & Infected Dry Crops of Wheat
"The most unnoticed fact of the Farmer’s crisis of India is that no one is nailing Agro-Traders guilty. The grain merchants are far from any allegations. An illusion is being created that merchants are no-where involved in whole story of farmer’s Suicide Issues. When entire Indian media is painting fame for duck politicians for their TRP obsessed controversial remarks and stunts, seldom have we known that government of India has passed an order. Government is fixing fair rate of sale for rain hit crops. Well it looks good in first impression but let me decipher the cruelty weaved in it. It, in practice, means that merchants will get millions of sags of wheat for throwaway prices to sell at inflated MRP. The consumer will pay triple of the amount for poor quality wheat grains indirectly. Rise in food inflation will cut more from consumer’s pocket to pay more profit to the merchant add-on to it will be the subsidy paid to farmers. Well farmer may somehow get the money for ONLY the sags of grains he sells. Merchants will get the grains almost for free and consumers will buy the same grains at triple rates. The gambit is! What about the tons of grain lost in the farmland? The weak-wet-saplings lying as waste over the land because machines can’t thresh them and manual threshing will cost a bomb to poor farmers? What about the small land farmers? How and who will account the real projected loss of grains for them?
These loop-holes are intentionally ignored by the policy makers keeping the merchants interests on top.  But media is busy on the remarks of Farmer’s being coward or about the leaders ignoring the ongoing suicide in the rally venue. How a politician can dare to speak so low about poor farmers? Do we remember a man had said Jai Jawan Jai Kisan? What changes in political environment has made this transition in speech and thoughts possible? Is that the farmers are ward or we all are?
Once acclaimed as Agro-Major is now forcing the farmers for self kill. The fertile terrains of Indian rivers and their cross-sectional deltas have immense capacity to produce food grains but these land areas are rapidly developing into urban concrete. Farmlands are shrinking population is increasing. Not only human population but also the poultry and cattle too are up. Their food source is also produced by us humans. World in general and India in particular have not invented any revolutionary farming methodology to catalyze the food production. The big claims of fertilizers and pesticides are also threatening many species linked to a single food chain. While vultures, sparrows and crows are endangered because pesticides use, fertilizers are imperilling cows and buffalos. Cattles are developing a type of obesity which reduces the quality of milk and increases the weight. In market theory it’s called profit. Good amount of milk and meat earns more. Increase in demand and supply has triggered artificial reproduction of poultry farming and milk production. Hormones injected to chickens for eggs and cattle for milk are contaminating the food intake of humans. Cases of fisheries are worrisome too. They all are food producers but statisticians don’t bring them under the category of farmers.
The defenders of urbanization explain that infrastructural development is must even at the cost of farming land. Their reasoning is that all the water and transportation required in agriculture is also is required for industrialization. However anyone with common sense will refuse to buy this reasoning I don’t want to extend the argument. I rather want to ask the question, from where the food will come for this growing population. Questions are many but we have a deaf government not listening us at all. None of the governments in the world are focusing on the real problems. They’re all busy in extending their military, commerce and political influence upon other nations. We common people have only two choices, one we clap on global ranking of our nation in terms of warfare might or prosperity index or keep blowing the warning whistle to a mass another revolution. The second option is impossible until middle class is not feeling the heat. This is the greatest invention of the 21st century world politics. For the first time in the history of the mankind ruling class succeeded in isolating the opinion hummers (i.e. Middle Class) and victim class (Poor Class) from each other. In this Present World Order created by the Wall Street and IMF the newly created middle class is the ghetto and poor class is the gross loser. The urbanized, educated and salaried middle class is the ultimate customer of the giant market is the Opinion Hummers. This class is capable of buying even the share of the poor who’re either forced labour or simply the victim of loot. Today Farmers in India, irrespective of being rich or poor, are resident of rural area, poorly educated but largely ignored population. They’re precisely the victim class. While the opinion hummer is demanding facial, perfume and shampoo, the victim class is somehow making a day meal possible for the family. Because of this, they’ve started hating each others. If politician calls middle class the reason of food inflation, poor class laughs on them. And when a politician calls farmers a coward middle class laughs on them. Our middle-poor class hatred has made these shameful stunts fashionable among politicians.

Look at the statistics, in year 1951 we had 19% farm labours now we have 32% of Indian population who’re landless yet farmers. In 1951 49.9% of total Indian population was engaged in farming only but today it’s only 26%. Farming is the only profession in which net decline of asset is observed because of family and feudal oligarchy. None of the family in India based on farming only can survive one must have to have at least one person in the family employed in other sector. This is not a sheer depletion index of land property factored among the siblings. This is way more alarming, 46% of present day farmland owners are first generation landowners. They were government teachers or clerks or such employees a generation ago. This 46% population of first time farmers are committing suicide because the traditional farmers have all burnt their hands and eloped to cities for alternative incomes.    
The challenge is to destroy the wall between Opinion Hummers & Victims of the present world politics. If we can get the middle class feel what poor class is feeling and vice-versa, we will destroy the nexus of ruling class politics.
We can’t afford the death Agriculture, we can live without malls, parking and roads but we can’t live without food. Food only grows in farms not in concretes. We have to make this message loud and clear that yes we need developments, industrialization, growth and everything by which urbanized middle class gets fascinated but before everything we need healthy food.

Drawing connections from 1914 to 2014

Alternatives of Third World War to Third World Nation after exactly 100 years of  First World War. 
Drawing connections from 1914 to 2014

‘Rule of the people, by the people and for the people’ as coined by Abraham Lincoln was not a new struggle not even his time. People has been defeated umpteen times before. Exactly 100 years ago when the world was actually very close to Swaraj (Self Rule), Imperialists assaulted us waging World War. 100 years after that fatal assault, the cry of self-rule was gaining in India but mated with same fate.
:- By Jitendra Rajaram (Author)

"Even after hundred years of wars, politics, reforms and transits of ideology, we are back to zero. Assassination of Austrian Prince was in fact become an opportunity to keep Sophie (the queen hair apparent and widow of Archduke Ferdinand) out of Royal Crown because as per Vienna (Mecca of Royals) she was not the perfect blue blood. This very simply implicate that both the World Wars were nothing but the incisive assault on Republic Revolutions. It's exactly what they did to Napoleon Bonaparte in France One hundred more years ago in 1800 AD.

We should not forget that Asia's three giant Nations kissing each other’s blazing borders. All three of them are having potentially destructive Nuclear Arms. These three nations have nothing in common (race, religion, ethnicity, beliefs, warfare) except few things like greed to rule Asia and yes most important that none of them were the direct party to any of the two World Wars. This is a perfect recipe for next Globalized battlefield… What shall we call the looming Third World War? i-War? e-War? FTA War? or Globalized War?

Yes ‘globalized war’ would be fine. It will be an innovation. First two wars were waged among the ‘internationals'. International was a term accepted in Soviet model in which the sovereignty of nationhood was not attacked. Globalization is a concept of border free market which dissolves national identity almost entirely. While the first two World Wars were fought upon ‘International’ jibe the next one (which seem inevitable as of now) will be fought upon ‘Globalization’ mockery. 

Here I would like to open a debate with Mr. Manishankar Ayiyar, (w.r.t. The Hindu: Magazine)*. The very basis of his opinion that “Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Prince Austria-Hungarian Dynasty by Siberian terrorist Gavrilo Princip (which is also true as per the NCERT History book) has triggered the First World War is wrong. It is sufficient to prove that forecasting of Next World War because of Azmal Kasab or Afjal Guru is a white maligned lie"

Rulers with the help of wealthy traders has almost mastered the art of winning public opinion. To wage war a strong government is important, emergence of a murderer (Shah) and his warlords (Modi, Advani, Rahnath, Swaraj ect) is just an example to prove this fact. How else any party will manage strong majority by just fetching 31% votes? This was how a third option i.e. AAP (Aam Admi Party) was dubbed as a party of fools slapped and beaten by their own ex. Not that these fools have not made any mistakes but amplification of these mistakes had also been stage-managed by caliphates of Wealth.

Exactly 100 years later, world has changed drastically. A lot of people have got education, technology has connected like minded people irrespective of distances via social media. These changes have created unprecedented awareness. But these positives signs defeated soon without any hope sowed. Hope that we could have learnt from each other from across borders. Hope that we could have thrown these violence. A hope that the world will be ruled by the people and not by the blue blood. Hope that all of these will be the reality very soon. But these failures are the indicators that the next world war is nearing… None of us will be left alive to repent, to prosecute, to avenge or to rebuild…  

The result of 1914 created markets, the result of 1939 outperformed political ownership of colonies to reconvert them as market only. The effect anytime before 2030 will destroy the mankind. The indications are surfacing. We have tyrannies all across in Pakistan, in China and now in India too. Japan still is ashamed of its last defeat and can pump money to Indian wars. Russia is showing its teeth. China is becoming the manufacture of warring industry. Pakistan  is preparing the battlefield and India has got the flip of 1948 i.e. Now Ghodse is leading the country in-spite of Gandhi. In the world when a claimed Jews nation is in war, when many claimed Islamic nations are in war, why NDA wants a Hindu Nation is quite evident.

The fact is all of these theocratic hypocrites are bullying since thousands of years. The Jews, The Islam, The Hindu and most importantly the Christians. Christian hypocrites are the sleeping sell of next world war. They're funding each and every wars being fought on earth in present days. Next are Jews who think they will conquer the world by controlling wealth in Banks. This lobby of Christian and Jews hypocrites sponsored by all the capitalists of the world and controlled by the sleeping imperialists are controlling every economic and political decisions of the world. Directly of indirectly they kept Congress hostile for as long as Congress Managed to be on reign. Now the hope of Tata, Ambani and allied lies with BJP hence they shifted to it. They took five years to create the public opinion and block those who are against it. Here we are ruled by the Imperialists, Capitalists and Theocrates all at once. No reason to believe why World War will not happen. Remeber we're no longer in the shado of Gandhi, we are ruled by the Ghodse now. 

The Reservation Debate

 "Any surgery needs a healthy body. If the body continues to infest and disease is prevalent the surgery will on dismay the medication."
Rajshri Shahu Ji Maharaj of Kolhapore had first used the policy of reservation in year 1902. He granted For the first time in history, in his state, youths from non-Brahmin were granted education of priesthood. He made these youths practise priesthood which was then cruelly opposed by Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Shahu Ji opened first college "Rajaram College Kolhapore" for the people other than Brahmins. It's noteworthy here to mention that the coronation ceremony of Rajshri ShahuJi was performed by a half-preist (Panda) of Benares. He coronated the king by his toe because the king to be Shahuji was not Khastriya by blood. Later on the politics of reservation played by British Raj in year 1906 by giving 17% reservation to Muslims.

Out of many, one of the greatest work of BR Amedkar is that he synchronized European Struggle by Indian Social Struggle. He identified that Europe has a class struggle between 'Haves' and 'Have-Nots' but India has Caste Struggle. India is divided into 6400 castes plus tribal population, it is not possible for India to draw a line between two. He hence devised the formula of converting Caste in to Class. He bifurcated Hindu Castes on social treatment basis. He categorized Tribesmen as Scheduled Tribes (ST), The people of the castes who are Unapproachable, Untouchable and Unseeable as Schedule Castes (SC). Hence he Created the Class out of Castes by Developing 'Have (i.e. Brahmins, Kshatriya and Vasihaya)' and 'Have-Nots (SC & ST). Later because of the dogfight between Sardar Patel and Pandit Nehru enflamed by RSS and Congress equally forced create Other Backward Class (OBC) while codifying India Independence Act 1947. Creation of OBC was the major blow in the diplomacy of Ambedkar as a Law Minister. He was on the verge of resigning but Nehru didn't let him go. This is how Independent Government of India received the final version of Caste Based reservation. It was applied based on the population density of the Castes in any particular State. Initially OBC readily did not took interest in reservation in response courtesy of classifying them as OBC. However around Mid seventies Mandal Commission was constructed by OBCs to demand quota. This is how in present Government time India has 50% reserved seats in every every field. Here begin the politics of playing with the youths to misguide them upon the fact that even BR Ambedkar himself said that Quota System must be revoked by 1965.

Ambedkar didn't deny the nation theory though never accepted in as a whole concept. He related with Communists struggle but refused that 'economic status' is the only cause of injustice. He explained even if was most educated person in Baroda he was denied a room on rent only because of caste. If a Brahmin is poor he still has power to dictate the terms of others. In caste system everyone hates everyone else in the sequence of their downgraded identities irrespective of their economic status. He so devised the formula of converting castes into caste. In his constant struggle to let the British Raj understand what is the problems of India he explained the sociological fabric of our nation. In year 1919 when British Raj proposed the Constitution of India Act. It was resoluted that by the time British Parliament doesn't understand the problems of India as a whole they will run country in Diarchy (As princely States and Parliamentarian Governance). It was also resoluted that a commission will be sent to India to study its problem. In 1928 Simon Commision was sent to India under Sir John Simon with his deputy Mr. Cleman Attelee. The one later liberated the country of India and Pakistan from British Raj. The Commision was recommending a separate State for Dalits but Ambedkar refused. He was pushed by Md. Ali Jinha but he resorted to his decision to remain as a part of India. He converted to Buddhism only because he never wanted the fabric identity of India to be changed even a little. Al he wanted to destroy the nexus of Casteism to which he repeatedly said until the Varna System doesn't cease to exist the problem will persist but Hindus will never let the Varna System go and so he decided to launch the reservation for the people within the nation. 

Reservation cannot be, and should not be, based on the poverty status because showing that one is poor is very easy but showing that one Shudra is a social taboo. Hence if reservation will lose the sheen. Also Reservation must be revoked at once and no in step or part by part because this happens than privileged Dalits will be victimized more harshly. It's prevalent across the length and depth of bureaucracy that one who is Dalit is cursed and tormented even to date. If he yields to mounting pressure of RSS to fore throw his claim on reservation his next generation will be cursed back to live a tormented life.  
Hence the government of India must be more proactive in its resolution to revoke reservation but such a surgery needs a healthy body. If the body continues to infest and disease is prevalent the surgery will on dismay the medication. 

The murder of 'Idea of India'

The Idea of India never born, it was only conceived. It died well before the coming of labour pain in 1948. The next what happened is what Oxymoron Hindu widely believed about 'Ravana'. They killed him once but they burn its effigy every year; so that they can keep the trauma alive. They celebrate the hypocritical claim that Golden State of Lanka was bad and Dhobis-Idea of Rama Rajya was great. In 1948 the exact replica of Ramayana happened again! They killed Gandhi, who was endorsing Rama Rajya, and advocated that his assassin Nathuram Ghodse did it for the people. Now the Ghodse is new holy man they want to cheer for. Like they praised Ravana they praise Gandhi and like they revere Ram they revere Ghodse. Well forget Ghodse Ram reverence, here I am trying to explain how wilfully ‘The Idea of India’ was a stillborn. No wonder why no one cries over its corpse.

Jawaharlal Nehru once said to Jahangir Tata "Don't use the word profit Jer, I hate that word". This is how Nehru defined Indian Economy as Mixed. He was talking to a capitalist and instructing him refrain from profit. Well this is again a critical statement but here lies the possibility where 'Idea of India' could have survived. A country born over heaps of debt could not have withstood the Russian model but had Capitalist been set free... they would have sold it way before ‘the collective conscience’ of contemporary India would have realized that India is sold.

Jinnah demanded from Viceroy of India that “the Government should be returned to Muslims because it was taken from the Muslims (or Moguls)”. Hindu Mahasabha counter demanded “the Government should be given to Hindus because before Muslims it originally belonged to Hindus”. When both the parties were claiming their might on India they didn’t take the account of when exactly India was united before British Colonial Rule? It was during Ashoka Regime. Who was Ashoka? A Hindu? Or a successor of the dynasty led by Chandagupta Maurya (pupil of Chanakya) who destroyed the coup of Vedic Caste based atrocities? More over who are Muslims in India? Aren’t they those oppressed out-casted lowborn Hindus who forcefully accepted the Islam beneath swords of Moguls and their predecessor Turks? In the name of Muslims the Indian elites are actually behind the lowborn outcastes i.e. Dalit.

Moreover, is it possible that we can perfectly trackback the blood line of a Greek, a Turk, an Aryan, A native Indian or Buddhist or Hindu or Islam? Why it then is necessary to negotiate the realm from the Colonial Government based on these theocratic identities? Why not to negotiate based on the new sociological awakening that had emerged by then?

Here comes the betrayal of Indian National Congress! Truth must be told… this new sociological conscience of Indians was betrayed by the Congress more than anyone else. Congress traded it from all three forces i.e. from the Raj, the League and the Mahasabha. It was so profound transaction of business that killed the very ‘Idea of India’. An idea loosely defined in the in the books of Nehru. I also fearlessly comment that exactly when the Pakistan born Congress become the default ruling party of India. The Raj played two games. One to develop permanent feud in Asian Subcontinents and two keep Indian within the India fighting on the so called terms of minorities and majorities. Had this not been happened Britain would have been our number one enemy instead of Pakistan and we would have been succeeding in keeping off the crony-capitalism endorsed by USA-Britain allies.

It’s culpable homicide of ‘Idea of India’ by ‘Theocratic Extremism’ and ‘Crony Capitalism’ by chocking. Today only two things exist in India… the Market and the Religion! Everything that you earn from college education is market where you can sell yourself. And everything else that you earn from ignorant cunning oxymoron is religion. In which you spend all your fortune. In the quest of advocating the merits of these two, elites are corrupting the system. Do you remember when Dr Manmohan Singh had said “Bribe can be legalized?” or “Naxalite is biggest threat to Internal Security of India?”
Things have only gone worse since Sons of MaBharti took over the realm. Yes I am calling it a realm because I don’t see democracy anywhere in India! It has never been in India. We people are scared of our own police, we are afraid of our own government and they’re only loyal to Elites. We are living in a country where rich is never proved guilty and poor cannot plead innocence. Where elites are in bail even on grave charges and plebeians are in jail without any FIR. Where Abu Salem, Subrat Sahara, and Sanjay Dutt can run their million dollar business from Jail and a pocket picker waits for his trail for decades. For sixty years since Congress was ruling, we had corruption, bribe and fool’s paradise for seculars. Since NDA took over we have got agent-ship, commission and fool’s paradise for Hindus. Precisely they’re making laws to protect crime and criminals. How else will they stop scandals? 

Here I give what my politics stand for. I wish to have one hundred new political parties contesting elections for the common cause .i.e. the rebirth of ‘Idea of India’. We have parties for Muslims, Hindus, Seculars, Communists, and Capitalists, Anarchists and Dalit but not a single party for the people. I want to dilute the thick camouflage of UPA, NDA or Third Front. I want to dissolve the regional representation of Tamil, Bengal, UP or Kerala etc. by weakening DMK, MNS, SS, SP, BSP, TMC etc. I wish if lot’s of political parties with the ideology of ‘Idea of India’ contests the election and win in single digit numbers. It will dilute the monopolization of government and opposition both and will also keep check upon communal and crony capitalist forces.

For as long as even the meekest democracy exists… there should be the struggle of direct representation of the people.