Inverse of Policy Paralysis

"Since the days of Indira-is-India-and-India-is-Indira to this date of Namo-Namo, Indian public being sold to either socialist economy, to secular politics, to this new combo of all-inclusive-Development-of-Hindu-nation. In the era of consumerism one only buys Combo pack. Narendra Modi was a combo pack of the big bazar called India."
Jitendra Rajaram
"Indian Socialist Fabric had been first offended when Bollywood Flicks agglomerated the anger of public by showing imported Chandeliers, Cars and Cigarettes etc. However when orphaned Prime Minister (Rajiv Gandhi) won the election, he hammered first nail in Nehru's Economy by exhilarating those wounds. He but wasn’t all that anarchic in his raj. He introduced telephone in the country of bullock-carts and Computers in the country of Lanterns. He was cursed saying "If one computer can work all in one minute equivalent to what one thousands of clerks can work for one hour than millions of poor Babus will become jobless! Hence congress is conspiring to increase the unemployment". in present day, those who cursed the orphaned PM, has won only because of the machinery he built. This is not a character certificate but sectional praise for the good work of poor short lived Prime Minister. Before he died, his black collar got revealed. The Boffores Scam striped Congress to nakedness.
Ashamed and Gandhi-less Congress somehow condensed upon the idea of hiding behind PV Narshimha Rao retreated from defending socialism. This was the era when sun of socialist economy was set forever in India. We embarked into new arena of Secular Faced Government. Since the days of Indira-is-India-and-India-is-Indira to this date of Namo-Namo, Indian public being sold to either socialist economy, to secular politics, to this new combo of all-inclusive-Development-of-Hindu-nation. In the era of consumerism one only buys Combo pack. Narendra Modi was a combo pack of the big bazar called India. The offer of the deal was the bonus. Everyone who voted NDA had hidden agenda of chipping in the Hindu-Nation adjective for India, development was the bonus they projected as their salary. When an Indian Widow of Italian origin was set to take the realm, Indian constitution was threaten for obliteration by Saffron Brigade. Congress cared to save our national fabric and sacrificed the seat for the first non-Hindu Prime Minister. The turban man Manmohan Singh. An old but trusted guard of Gandhi family lasted for ten years only to be butchered by long starving wealth hungry and aging politicians. Everyone from opposition to cabinet relinquished upon the lame duck. An aged duck chose to be silent but they party exposed him in well conspired back stabbing. One after one, from sports to coal, Congress was ready to be sold. Right when RSS was ready to buy UPA1, the one whose hilts toed the Hindutva juggernaut from Somenath to Ayodhya crash landed in Qaid-e-Azam's Tomb in Karachi. Hence the second rider-in-command took the relics in 2014. His hilts rocked the caravans not only till Delhi but in Tokyo, Washington and Sydney or all across the world precisely. Long after the Orphan-Gandhi's (Rajeev Gandhi) assassination India witnessed a tall man in Delhi (Narendra Modi). This was the end of policy paralysis, seconds after the oath he quarantined Group of Ministries and Snoozed UID Mission. The Group of Ministers Dissolved. Planning Commission Dismantled, Officers reported to office on time with electrocuting energy. Share Market surged to unprecedented height only to make the India Shining. All that was paralyzed during the old guard (Manmohan Singh), the Dark-Knight has revolutionized it. After seven months of rejoice he become the supremo of India. Just an act of cut-copy-paste from the styles of Clinton, Obama, Blair and Abe. This is another evidence of APCO, Narendra Modi is trained exactly the way APCOs other clients are trained of public behaviours.
The selection of Narendra Modi as the supremo of India. Oh! If I hurt you, read election of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India is well planted strategy of the big game. EU, NATO, BRICS, ISBA, ASEAN, SAARC and OPEC are or were the processes of experimenting how the One World Government will look like. Narendra Modi can successfully facilitate platforms for every kind of experiments Blue Bloods want to be executed on Indian Ghettos. One he will provide laws for crony capitalism for Indian Businessmen, Second he will let the First World Nations to access the Asian Land to operate for Africa and Asia the home of largest number of Third World Nations. In exchange to these two he will live his childhood dream to see India as a Hindu Land. The world forces will have no problem in this because Communal Bigotry is part of their plan to sensitize their ghettos against terrorism. The world Middle Class is the ghetto of Consumerism. They're the scapegoats of experimenting globalization, communalization and terrorization. The three recipe of making One World Government.
As of now In India, we are ruled by people who hate Nobel Laureates. The criticizer of Amartya Sen and a second class economist who know only the laws of trade and commerce is the chief man of Indian Planning Commission. I call it A-NITI Ayog as Dr. Dalton prefixed A before Tom to define Atom, I prefix A before NITI to define ANITI Ayog which has reduced the powers of everyone in the constituting body to empower PM. That is how Supremo is made isn’t it. However this ANITI Ayog will pull of all the ambitious and world class projects of Government of India like NAREGA, PDS, FSB, and Midday Meal for kids, RTE, Fuel Subsidy and replace it with one instrument of Jan-Dhan Yojna. Media will do all the hue and cry of India Shining. In reality, DCT is the art of keeping Bank’s money with the Banks in an excuse to seal the leakages of the system. This government will privatize every public sector company in name of development including Indian Railway. Sincw 17th July 1991 to 1st July 2014, the total earning of India exchequer by divestment is INR 5.31 Lakh Crore, however the money that we could have earned by not disinvesting these companies is 4.15 Lakh Crores Every Single Year! But who cares. We are told that Babus and Government Employees are good for nothing and so privatization will. What we fail to realize that right from the IAS officer to every single peon recruited by Govrenmnet of India comes on role after fighting at least one lakh competitors or more. How come this work force can be good for nothing? Problem is the unwillingness of government. What is ironic is that the ghetto of India i.e. Middle Class will continue to clap in Supremo Narendra Modi’s speeches and dressing sense. These two things will be the in ToTO detrimental factor of Indian Development.  


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