Bleak Hopes

"This is the theorem, we hate our peers and we double love our common oppressor. This is exactly based on this theorem that countries like India are the arch rival of Pakistan but way too much friend of Britain"

Two things that I’ve witnessed in ongoing world are profoundly encouraging. One Grecian Election 2015 and second is the Delhi Legislative Election 2015. I have very strong reason to be hopeful by these two bleak hopes. These days’ students are being taught about business, money profit, and hard work. They all talk like machine’s recording. They don’t know about their rights, they hardly care about art, culture, politics and society. It is seeped into their brains that these things are taboo! So they believe. On the contrary, I believe, if youngsters will continue to ignore politics, the mankind will soon extinct.
I, as they say, have criminalized teaching. I talk a lot about world’s politics. In present days society politics is taboo because until now it was all about rich men gamble. They used to use it as it pleased to them. A large part of the society, so called educated class, cares a dam about governance. I should rather say they are scared of it. However, as per them, they’re insulated from it and it doesn’t give or take away anything from their possessions. I feel sorry for such a mindset! Not only because they’re gravely wrong but also because it is because of them this political class is cheating the world so shamelessly.
Since world war two is over, common mass has alienated from politics. They thought the danger has passed and now peace will prevail. This however had never happened! On the contrary on the last days of Second World War, World War Three had been conceived. Those winner nations had liberated all the colonies from their political bastion with immediate effect. They did not bother to re-establish the social fabric they so insanely ruptured. Worse they even inflicted the wounds. They did so intentionally! To keep the third world nations busy in butchering each other in the name of religion and/or ethnicity. They made billions in sponsoring these massacres in the name of justice. The idea was to keep the oppressed busy in fighting with each other so that the oppressors continue to boss them all. Today, we can’t even think of waging war against the oppressors, we on other ahdn revere them. What we never noticed that these Third World Nations were never liberated economically. They’re still buying everything they were buying from us at cheapest rates. They’re still selling everything they were selling to us at most callous rates. They added weapons, arms and war vehicles in our buying carts. We gladly and so proudly buy them because we believe that we have enemies at our borders. The brothers of yesterday are the enemies of today. Today we hate each other more than we love our common oppressors. This is the theorem, we hate our peers and we double love our common oppressor.  
This is exactly based on this theorem; countries like India are the arch rival to Pakistan but way too much friend of Britain. This is not uncommon in third world nations. In Africa too black loves and respects whites more than the people of their own ethnicity. This psychological illusion has granted free hand to first world nation to loot our lands and resources. This is the exact reason why our schools aren’t encouraging our kids to participate in politics. All they’re teaching to our kids are nothing but the information that keeps them happy as a slave. Everything that our kids are learning is the tact of selling insurance, clerking in banks or ticketing in railways. It’s because of the short-sightedness of accidental teachers that our kids are overwhelmingly happy for the peanuts they earn. To best they attempt in their lives is to credit certain numbers in the bank accounts end of the month. Some of them become hunter-man; very few of them become the hunter-men of the hunter-men for the senior hunter-men. The fact is none of them are fighting for the liberation. I am talking about the youngsters studying hard and paying their father’s hard earned fortune to become an air-hostess, a hotel manager, a clerk, a manager, a business development or an executive. They learn to talk, eat, laugh, sleep, cough and shit numbers! Only numbers!! If tomorrow they die, newspaper will count them in numbers in headlines.
In well of darkness where generations after generations common men are churning in the system, few rebellions skewed the battlefield! Few divergent in well planned plot of super rich thugs as changed the game. Handful of young people in this world has started playing the same gamble, with same attitude but against them! What is unthinkable yet exalting is that they won two games. These two little victories are the bleak hope that now people will take part in retrieving the system. The country known for legacy, dynasty, royalty and impearl-bloods has got a prime minister out of nowhere. The Greece has got the PM who doesn’t belong to them or does not believe in theocracy. A courageous left party called Syriza has won unthinkably. Mr. Tsipras is the young and courageous man who has become the first ever left prime minister of a royal nation. This is not just a change of guard, this is a revolution. A country where legacy of wealth accumulation as always been the work of god, a stewardship has been established reigned for welfare of the people. A debt ridden country with her failing economy voted against the bailouts. It is a courageous roar against the oppressions of corrupt policy makers. These disgusted politicians were begging for more bailouts from Euro Zones so that they can keep feeding the fat bellies of royal bloods. They kept the common people deprived of their rights so that the super rich continue to slurp the bailout debts in the name of failing national economy. The new regime has been slapped in face of Angela Markel. It’s a verdict which has warned the Germany to stop bossing in Euro-Union.
In yet another set of state legislative election of Indian Union, Delhi Capital State has witnessed overhauling of Indian politics. A party born out of mass-movements has engulfed almost the whole of legislative assembly of Delhi State of 70 seats with 67 seats. This is the thinnest opposition in any legislative or parliamentary house of India ever. While election scientists are busy explaining how this massive verdict has come, I see something very special in it. It is showing the desperation of people to have a pro people regime. It shows that the common man has risen up to claim the realm it has left unused for so many years. It has shown that corporate funds, event management experts, PR agencies and massive advertisement cannot influence the people any longer.

Weather AAP or Syriza will qualify to the expectations of the people is yet to be seen. Will Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Kejriwal rise up to be the men of words are for the future to tell? What I can see today is that people are realizing there power to dethrone the fat bellies. This is the revolution! Come let’s become the part of it. 


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