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The murder of 'Idea of India'

The Idea of India never born, it was only conceived. It died well before the coming of labour pain in 1948. The next what happened is what Oxymoron Hindu widely believed about 'Ravana'. They killed him once but they burn its effigy every year; so that they can keep the trauma alive. They celebrate the hypocritical claim thatGolden State of Lankawas bad andDhobis-Idea of Rama Rajyawas great. In 1948 the exact replica of Ramayana happened again! They killed Gandhi, who was endorsing Rama Rajya, and advocated that his assassin Nathuram Ghodse did it for the people. Now the Ghodse is new holy man they want to cheer for. Like they praised Ravana they praise Gandhi and like they revere Ram they revere Ghodse. Well forget Ghodse Ram reverence, here I am trying to explain how wilfully ‘The Idea of India’ was a stillborn. No wonder why no one cries over its corpse.
Jawaharlal Nehru once said to Jahangir Tata "Don't use the word profit Jer, I hate that word". This is how Ne…