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The murder of 'Idea of India'

The Idea of India never born, it was only conceived. It died well before the coming of labour pain in 1948. The next what happened is what Oxymoron Hindu widely believed about 'Ravana'. They killed him once but they burn its effigy every year; so that they can keep the trauma alive. They celebrate the hypocritical claim that Golden State of Lanka was bad and Dhobis-Idea of Rama Rajya was great. In 1948 the exact replica of Ramayana happened again! They killed Gandhi, who was endorsing Rama Rajya, and advocated that his assassin Nathuram Ghodse did it for the people. Now the Ghodse is new holy man they want to cheer for. Like they praised Ravana they praise Gandhi and like they revere Ram they revere Ghodse. Well forget Ghodse Ram reverence, here I am trying to explain how wilfully ‘The Idea of India’ was a stillborn. No wonder why no one cries over its corpse.

Jawaharlal Nehru once said to Jahangir Tata "Don't use the word profit Jer, I hate that word". This is how Nehru defined Indian Economy as Mixed. He was talking to a capitalist and instructing him refrain from profit. Well this is again a critical statement but here lies the possibility where 'Idea of India' could have survived. A country born over heaps of debt could not have withstood the Russian model but had Capitalist been set free... they would have sold it way before ‘the collective conscience’ of contemporary India would have realized that India is sold.

Jinnah demanded from Viceroy of India that “the Government should be returned to Muslims because it was taken from the Muslims (or Moguls)”. Hindu Mahasabha counter demanded “the Government should be given to Hindus because before Muslims it originally belonged to Hindus”. When both the parties were claiming their might on India they didn’t take the account of when exactly India was united before British Colonial Rule? It was during Ashoka Regime. Who was Ashoka? A Hindu? Or a successor of the dynasty led by Chandagupta Maurya (pupil of Chanakya) who destroyed the coup of Vedic Caste based atrocities? More over who are Muslims in India? Aren’t they those oppressed out-casted lowborn Hindus who forcefully accepted the Islam beneath swords of Moguls and their predecessor Turks? In the name of Muslims the Indian elites are actually behind the lowborn outcastes i.e. Dalit.

Moreover, is it possible that we can perfectly trackback the blood line of a Greek, a Turk, an Aryan, A native Indian or Buddhist or Hindu or Islam? Why it then is necessary to negotiate the realm from the Colonial Government based on these theocratic identities? Why not to negotiate based on the new sociological awakening that had emerged by then?

Here comes the betrayal of Indian National Congress! Truth must be told… this new sociological conscience of Indians was betrayed by the Congress more than anyone else. Congress traded it from all three forces i.e. from the Raj, the League and the Mahasabha. It was so profound transaction of business that killed the very ‘Idea of India’. An idea loosely defined in the in the books of Nehru. I also fearlessly comment that exactly when the Pakistan born Congress become the default ruling party of India. The Raj played two games. One to develop permanent feud in Asian Subcontinents and two keep Indian within the India fighting on the so called terms of minorities and majorities. Had this not been happened Britain would have been our number one enemy instead of Pakistan and we would have been succeeding in keeping off the crony-capitalism endorsed by USA-Britain allies.

It’s culpable homicide of ‘Idea of India’ by ‘Theocratic Extremism’ and ‘Crony Capitalism’ by chocking. Today only two things exist in India… the Market and the Religion! Everything that you earn from college education is market where you can sell yourself. And everything else that you earn from ignorant cunning oxymoron is religion. In which you spend all your fortune. In the quest of advocating the merits of these two, elites are corrupting the system. Do you remember when Dr Manmohan Singh had said “Bribe can be legalized?” or “Naxalite is biggest threat to Internal Security of India?”
Things have only gone worse since Sons of MaBharti took over the realm. Yes I am calling it a realm because I don’t see democracy anywhere in India! It has never been in India. We people are scared of our own police, we are afraid of our own government and they’re only loyal to Elites. We are living in a country where rich is never proved guilty and poor cannot plead innocence. Where elites are in bail even on grave charges and plebeians are in jail without any FIR. Where Abu Salem, Subrat Sahara, and Sanjay Dutt can run their million dollar business from Jail and a pocket picker waits for his trail for decades. For sixty years since Congress was ruling, we had corruption, bribe and fool’s paradise for seculars. Since NDA took over we have got agent-ship, commission and fool’s paradise for Hindus. Precisely they’re making laws to protect crime and criminals. How else will they stop scandals? 

Here I give what my politics stand for. I wish to have one hundred new political parties contesting elections for the common cause .i.e. the rebirth of ‘Idea of India’. We have parties for Muslims, Hindus, Seculars, Communists, and Capitalists, Anarchists and Dalit but not a single party for the people. I want to dilute the thick camouflage of UPA, NDA or Third Front. I want to dissolve the regional representation of Tamil, Bengal, UP or Kerala etc. by weakening DMK, MNS, SS, SP, BSP, TMC etc. I wish if lot’s of political parties with the ideology of ‘Idea of India’ contests the election and win in single digit numbers. It will dilute the monopolization of government and opposition both and will also keep check upon communal and crony capitalist forces.

For as long as even the meekest democracy exists… there should be the struggle of direct representation of the people. 


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