The Reservation Debate

 "Any surgery needs a healthy body. If the body continues to infest and disease is prevalent the surgery will on dismay the medication."
Rajshri Shahu Ji Maharaj of Kolhapore had first used the policy of reservation in year 1902. He granted For the first time in history, in his state, youths from non-Brahmin were granted education of priesthood. He made these youths practise priesthood which was then cruelly opposed by Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Shahu Ji opened first college "Rajaram College Kolhapore" for the people other than Brahmins. It's noteworthy here to mention that the coronation ceremony of Rajshri ShahuJi was performed by a half-preist (Panda) of Benares. He coronated the king by his toe because the king to be Shahuji was not Khastriya by blood. Later on the politics of reservation played by British Raj in year 1906 by giving 17% reservation to Muslims.

Out of many, one of the greatest work of BR Amedkar is that he synchronized European Struggle by Indian Social Struggle. He identified that Europe has a class struggle between 'Haves' and 'Have-Nots' but India has Caste Struggle. India is divided into 6400 castes plus tribal population, it is not possible for India to draw a line between two. He hence devised the formula of converting Caste in to Class. He bifurcated Hindu Castes on social treatment basis. He categorized Tribesmen as Scheduled Tribes (ST), The people of the castes who are Unapproachable, Untouchable and Unseeable as Schedule Castes (SC). Hence he Created the Class out of Castes by Developing 'Have (i.e. Brahmins, Kshatriya and Vasihaya)' and 'Have-Nots (SC & ST). Later because of the dogfight between Sardar Patel and Pandit Nehru enflamed by RSS and Congress equally forced create Other Backward Class (OBC) while codifying India Independence Act 1947. Creation of OBC was the major blow in the diplomacy of Ambedkar as a Law Minister. He was on the verge of resigning but Nehru didn't let him go. This is how Independent Government of India received the final version of Caste Based reservation. It was applied based on the population density of the Castes in any particular State. Initially OBC readily did not took interest in reservation in response courtesy of classifying them as OBC. However around Mid seventies Mandal Commission was constructed by OBCs to demand quota. This is how in present Government time India has 50% reserved seats in every every field. Here begin the politics of playing with the youths to misguide them upon the fact that even BR Ambedkar himself said that Quota System must be revoked by 1965.

Ambedkar didn't deny the nation theory though never accepted in as a whole concept. He related with Communists struggle but refused that 'economic status' is the only cause of injustice. He explained even if was most educated person in Baroda he was denied a room on rent only because of caste. If a Brahmin is poor he still has power to dictate the terms of others. In caste system everyone hates everyone else in the sequence of their downgraded identities irrespective of their economic status. He so devised the formula of converting castes into caste. In his constant struggle to let the British Raj understand what is the problems of India he explained the sociological fabric of our nation. In year 1919 when British Raj proposed the Constitution of India Act. It was resoluted that by the time British Parliament doesn't understand the problems of India as a whole they will run country in Diarchy (As princely States and Parliamentarian Governance). It was also resoluted that a commission will be sent to India to study its problem. In 1928 Simon Commision was sent to India under Sir John Simon with his deputy Mr. Cleman Attelee. The one later liberated the country of India and Pakistan from British Raj. The Commision was recommending a separate State for Dalits but Ambedkar refused. He was pushed by Md. Ali Jinha but he resorted to his decision to remain as a part of India. He converted to Buddhism only because he never wanted the fabric identity of India to be changed even a little. Al he wanted to destroy the nexus of Casteism to which he repeatedly said until the Varna System doesn't cease to exist the problem will persist but Hindus will never let the Varna System go and so he decided to launch the reservation for the people within the nation. 

Reservation cannot be, and should not be, based on the poverty status because showing that one is poor is very easy but showing that one Shudra is a social taboo. Hence if reservation will lose the sheen. Also Reservation must be revoked at once and no in step or part by part because this happens than privileged Dalits will be victimized more harshly. It's prevalent across the length and depth of bureaucracy that one who is Dalit is cursed and tormented even to date. If he yields to mounting pressure of RSS to fore throw his claim on reservation his next generation will be cursed back to live a tormented life.  
Hence the government of India must be more proactive in its resolution to revoke reservation but such a surgery needs a healthy body. If the body continues to infest and disease is prevalent the surgery will on dismay the medication. 

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