Drawing connections from 1914 to 2014

Alternatives of Third World War to Third World Nation after exactly 100 years of  First World War. 
Drawing connections from 1914 to 2014

‘Rule of the people, by the people and for the people’ as coined by Abraham Lincoln was not a new struggle not even his time. People has been defeated umpteen times before. Exactly 100 years ago when the world was actually very close to Swaraj (Self Rule), Imperialists assaulted us waging World War. 100 years after that fatal assault, the cry of self-rule was gaining in India but mated with same fate.
:- By Jitendra Rajaram (Author)

"Even after hundred years of wars, politics, reforms and transits of ideology, we are back to zero. Assassination of Austrian Prince was in fact become an opportunity to keep Sophie (the queen hair apparent and widow of Archduke Ferdinand) out of Royal Crown because as per Vienna (Mecca of Royals) she was not the perfect blue blood. This very simply implicate that both the World Wars were nothing but the incisive assault on Republic Revolutions. It's exactly what they did to Napoleon Bonaparte in France One hundred more years ago in 1800 AD.

We should not forget that Asia's three giant Nations kissing each other’s blazing borders. All three of them are having potentially destructive Nuclear Arms. These three nations have nothing in common (race, religion, ethnicity, beliefs, warfare) except few things like greed to rule Asia and yes most important that none of them were the direct party to any of the two World Wars. This is a perfect recipe for next Globalized battlefield… What shall we call the looming Third World War? i-War? e-War? FTA War? or Globalized War?

Yes ‘globalized war’ would be fine. It will be an innovation. First two wars were waged among the ‘internationals'. International was a term accepted in Soviet model in which the sovereignty of nationhood was not attacked. Globalization is a concept of border free market which dissolves national identity almost entirely. While the first two World Wars were fought upon ‘International’ jibe the next one (which seem inevitable as of now) will be fought upon ‘Globalization’ mockery. 

Here I would like to open a debate with Mr. Manishankar Ayiyar, (w.r.t. The Hindu: Magazine)*. The very basis of his opinion that “Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Prince Austria-Hungarian Dynasty by Siberian terrorist Gavrilo Princip (which is also true as per the NCERT History book) has triggered the First World War is wrong. It is sufficient to prove that forecasting of Next World War because of Azmal Kasab or Afjal Guru is a white maligned lie"

Rulers with the help of wealthy traders has almost mastered the art of winning public opinion. To wage war a strong government is important, emergence of a murderer (Shah) and his warlords (Modi, Advani, Rahnath, Swaraj ect) is just an example to prove this fact. How else any party will manage strong majority by just fetching 31% votes? This was how a third option i.e. AAP (Aam Admi Party) was dubbed as a party of fools slapped and beaten by their own ex. Not that these fools have not made any mistakes but amplification of these mistakes had also been stage-managed by caliphates of Wealth.

Exactly 100 years later, world has changed drastically. A lot of people have got education, technology has connected like minded people irrespective of distances via social media. These changes have created unprecedented awareness. But these positives signs defeated soon without any hope sowed. Hope that we could have learnt from each other from across borders. Hope that we could have thrown these violence. A hope that the world will be ruled by the people and not by the blue blood. Hope that all of these will be the reality very soon. But these failures are the indicators that the next world war is nearing… None of us will be left alive to repent, to prosecute, to avenge or to rebuild…  

The result of 1914 created markets, the result of 1939 outperformed political ownership of colonies to reconvert them as market only. The effect anytime before 2030 will destroy the mankind. The indications are surfacing. We have tyrannies all across in Pakistan, in China and now in India too. Japan still is ashamed of its last defeat and can pump money to Indian wars. Russia is showing its teeth. China is becoming the manufacture of warring industry. Pakistan  is preparing the battlefield and India has got the flip of 1948 i.e. Now Ghodse is leading the country in-spite of Gandhi. In the world when a claimed Jews nation is in war, when many claimed Islamic nations are in war, why NDA wants a Hindu Nation is quite evident.

The fact is all of these theocratic hypocrites are bullying since thousands of years. The Jews, The Islam, The Hindu and most importantly the Christians. Christian hypocrites are the sleeping sell of next world war. They're funding each and every wars being fought on earth in present days. Next are Jews who think they will conquer the world by controlling wealth in Banks. This lobby of Christian and Jews hypocrites sponsored by all the capitalists of the world and controlled by the sleeping imperialists are controlling every economic and political decisions of the world. Directly of indirectly they kept Congress hostile for as long as Congress Managed to be on reign. Now the hope of Tata, Ambani and allied lies with BJP hence they shifted to it. They took five years to create the public opinion and block those who are against it. Here we are ruled by the Imperialists, Capitalists and Theocrates all at once. No reason to believe why World War will not happen. Remeber we're no longer in the shado of Gandhi, we are ruled by the Ghodse now. 

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