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Canvassing The Real In Me: Tunu Weds Manu Returns (Review)

"मुहोब्बत यूँ ही नहीं मिलती किसीके नसीब से,  अक्सर जीतना पड़ता है मेहबूब को रकीब से॥" Presenting my personal opinion about the Movie "Tanu Weds Manu Returns 2015" - Jitendra Rajaram 
"Anyone if gets carelessly powerful gets corrupt. Tanu in USA sends her husband to mental asylum while Dattu fights fiercely for the same man. The beautiful craft of this movie is to keep it centric to women. It used both Ultra Egalitarian Western Society as well as North Indian Female Foeticide Class Orthodox Society to explain how world sees the women as the sex object only. The two characters of the movie Dattu and Tanu have bravely waged war against being just an 'object'. The large life of two women, one is convinced other is confused, but none is corrupt, explains the required facelift this society needs.  This cinema displays that there is nothing sacred about love or sexual attraction has nothing to with love. Everyone have tried to established the 'other than adam…