Decoding Leadership

“Well I am not a leader! I chose not to. I am one among those hummingbirds who are so called intellectuals writing, speaking, and debating upon the deeds of these great leaders. Then how I am telling you this? Just read it all” Jitendra Rajaram

How you begin matters! Just that!!

No lectures! Or nothing sort of charting 10 best or 5 best things with flashy blinking colours. I have a flat message about leadership. I think in this world we have enough confusion to weave around it, make it thick and keep on talking. I have no intention to get you another chewing-gum.
Leadership has only and only one code i.e. “Conviction”. Everything else is either detail of it or just few fancy words. I’ve no big claims or lucid statistics to earn your jaw dropping wows. This article is to help me explain you how leadership is only and only about ‘conviction’.
Point zero: Conviction
Conviction is called unconditional deep faith, love or lust or belief upon an idea which is yet to born. It has conceived in your mind but has yet not born. Conviction is process of the preparation for labour pain. Much before the delivery ‘conviction’ is about taking everyone’s suggestions but creating your way to have it born.
Point one: Cooking the Idea
Brooding about it… like a live-in relationship about which you doesn’t talk about from almost anyone. It is just you, your imaginary world and the idea. Like in a garden you’re alone with your daughter… loving her, adoring her, introducing her with petals, flowers, butterflies etc. In the garden you’re ought to answer the questions of your daughter, struggling to find a suitable answer for her clever questions. It’s the stage at which you prepare the stage for your idea’s launch.
Point two: Litmus Test
It’s the first moment, the long awaited first moment, when you share your idea with someone with utmost delicacy. It’s like when you let your little daughter walk towards the school for the first time. Like when she passes the main gate all alone, you wish to go behind her, you want to be with her in class, to answer on her behalf but you restrain yourself. You see her getting things done by her own. At this stage you feel happy about the independence your idea is gaining.
Point four: First Counterstroke
You will get a hard blow from someone you love and respect most. There will be your first examination of ‘conviction’. There you will be challenged as a leader for the first time. There most of the potential leaders yield to fate or circumstances whatever you call it. But those who survive… get blended. This counter stroke adds on to their might. This might roars up with double ‘conviction’. From here on these counter strikes become routine affair. Everyone, including your well wishers and your loved ones, will either plead or threaten or do both to deter you from your ‘conviction’ which, if you don’t yield, will soon transit to be your ‘mission’.
Point Five: Mission. At this stage you’ve already succeeded to polarise people. You have developed whirlpools of debates out your conviction. Few people are dead against you but few more (or may be less depending upon your conviction) are die-hard supporters of your idea. Your conviction will soon trigger a war. Right at this stage your beloved will en-chest you and armour you with shield and spear for the war has arrived at the horizon. The humming linage far at the joint of earth n sky is visible.
This is how two poles of leadership ideas are dividing the political sphere of the present world

Point Six: Revolution. Right when your idea becomes you mission it creates whirlpools, whirlwinds and tremors which settles only to redraft the coordinates of the world. Right here it becomes a revolution to go on for generations. From its bad fate to its best phase… keeps on travelling for perhaps eternity one never knows. What becomes almost certain is that you become immortal among the mortals who are not yet even born but will do in upcoming eras to succeed your idea. You become for forever a leader.
At this stage the failure and the success become subject of debates for rest of the people. They jabber on and on upon you, your ideas and your convictions. They’ll hate you for your arrogance or praise you for your determination based on their own perceptions but these debates will not hinder you. Because you’re done, you’ve created what you meant for. As a leader you will always have opponents. What you must know is the art of managing opponents not only the fans. You must know when to divert them, when to siege them or when to set them free. This… you can’t do until you’re not fully convinced of your own idea. The conviction my dear friend is all you need to be a leader. Don’t burn your hands until you’re not convinced with your idea but once you did… it’s immaterial what burns out of it.
Abraham Lincoln! At his time racial demarcation of slavery was gods command. It was considered to wage war against god to immolate slavery. He was threatened to be termed as traitor and perhaps for the same reason he was shot dead. But he was fully convinced with his idea of demolishing slavery. When his loved ones objected, he did not become angry rather, he explained how abolishing slavery is in the interest of USA. How his oath towards the constitutional security of the nation will be justified by abolishing slavery. He then invested his time in circumventing his opponents. He succeeded and he became immortal. The story goes same for many such leaders from across the phenomenal events like politics, economics, commerce, technologies and what not.  This is how Mark Zukerberg, Julian Assange, Pranab Mistry would summarise their success stories.  
Why I am telling you this story?
Well I am not a leader! I chose not to. I am one among those humming birds (who are so called intellectuals) writing, speaking, and debating upon the deeds of these great leaders. My types are normally visible in TV talk shows or mentioned in some books. I am however not even that famous to make those big bouts but yes I do exist like they do. I am here to tell you something very-very little yet powerful story of an idea and his mother. Yes mother called Mobibit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I’ve grown up thinking how my computer screen will converse with my house, table or chair if my hands are not thumping its keyboard. How will my mobile realize that I need break, have to party or have to buy a pair of jeans. Can these gadgets, which are replacing my pals, actually help me? in securing people I love and care for? Since I am not an engineer, I only could think of these things or worry upon but here you see what the mavericks at Mobibit did. They’re changing the notions we attach with mobiles. They’re redefining the need matrix for humans yet again. They’re attaching weaponries in our hands not kill but to ponder, perform and protect on… with one device which connects us with our physical real world. They’re drawing your emotions in colours on the world map. They call this a mobile application. I call it ‘the next big thing’. They named it ‘Locate’ I see it as ‘everything’! Yes it is a mobile application called ‘Locate’ in which you can find everything but will never be bothered by strangers. It’s a window to the world with an osmotic veil which allows anything inside out as you please but nothing outside in without your permission. Can see what I see? Well download Locate… click here!   

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