Canvassing The Real In Me: Tunu Weds Manu Returns (Review)

"मुहोब्बत यूँ ही नहीं मिलती किसीके नसीब से, 
अक्सर जीतना पड़ता है मेहबूब को रकीब से॥"
Presenting my personal opinion about the Movie "Tanu Weds Manu Returns 2015" - Jitendra Rajaram 

"Anyone if gets carelessly powerful gets corrupt. Tanu in USA sends her husband to mental asylum while Dattu fights fiercely for the same man. The beautiful craft of this movie is to keep it centric to women. It used both Ultra Egalitarian Western Society as well as North Indian Female Foeticide Class Orthodox Society to explain how world sees the women as the sex object only. The two characters of the movie Dattu and Tanu have bravely waged war against being just an 'object'. The large life of two women, one is convinced other is confused, but none is corrupt, explains the required facelift this society needs. 
This cinema displays that there is nothing sacred about love or sexual attraction has nothing to with love. Everyone have tried to established the 'other than adam eve relationship between men and women' but none succeeded and this movie simply surrendered to it. All the four women character displayed in it have refused to bow to social pressures. Be the wedding proposal of Pappi, Having Test Tube baby for Jassi, Selecting and rejecting Manu with their own reservation of preferences y Dattu and Tanu etc all them did it exactly what's needed to be done by the women of the day. The men chauvinism of Advocate Arun Kumar amicably expressed the deep breeded belief "If not mine then for none" attitude. Awasthi Ji portrayed the significance of being a man, the bravity manhood holds in forgiving someone a man really cares.
The struggle of Manu in finding the role of 'the body' or 'the soul' of 'a women' in 'the love' that we feel has been portrayed excellently in the movie. Dattu being the face he loved, while her ways of asking 'Hath Rakh ke Bolo" delivers the segregation he was constantly looking for. He was able to get blurred image of who he exactly wants between Dattu and Tanu but his anger and obligation of keeping his words (the mard ki juban) keeps him suspending till last. The way movie reaches to the decision is refreshing... it's far away from old jarring method of declaring one as a vlien and other as hero so that audience can easily win by guessing. It was exactly till the last round around the fire, audiences were not sure whom the man Manu belong to. Even the debate of the Manu's Parent on being which side and which side is right didn't help us getting the clue. You really should watch the movie to know why Manu belongs to the one who gets him at the end. Nonetheless this cinema again proves that perseverance and determination always has high rewards. The dialog 'Abhi Kaise Chal de Awasthi Ji, Abhi to hame aur jaleel hona hai' answers the problem of many family disputes. Just focus in what you want let the insult, disgrace, attacks and arrogance do their bit, if they fail to move you, you will win.   

This large cinema attacks on many vulnerable futilities of the male dominant 'societies' across the cultures. The Kanpur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Jhajjad and the Dandiya of Gujarat put together presumes that women are the property of men and they should live and die in their command. The superiority of complex of being fluent English speaking class (or educated fools) easily fallen to the ambitious, responsible and brave girl of Haryana. Dattu's thick Haryanvi ascent shots right at the forehead of Fashion Obsessed English Fools. It also displayed that the wedding proposal from an IT Peasant can't be the token of owning any girl you put finger upon.  

Among the numerous emotions the owning and disowning of the Test-Tube-Baby, the social unacceptability of science in the society, the younger never married girl being married to aged divorcee by her own will, how the brother should respect the choices of their sisters and why a girl should decisively refuse the wedding proposal she wants to refuse has a very beautiful dress code i.e/ the amalgamation of Gujarati Dandiya Dress with Punjabi Pagri! It has banged the final shot.


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