Your blood, My Sweat and Their Profit

 "Friends the system which invokes patriotism without true nationalism is wrong... system which creates devotedness without sacredness is wrong... It is not that one person is doing violence upon other person" - Jitendra Rajaram

"Atrocities are being led by one ideologies over others not by one people over other. They're looting us and forcing us the fight among us. At the same time they are far gone to safe heavens cherishing the loot. In this image below, do you think this well-armed and armored young man would love to kill the other fragile and unarmed old-man? Or vice-verse? But they're acting against each other violently because a government is trying too hard to profit a third power i.e. Capitalists. They're far safe and jubilant for they have nothing to lose and everything to devour. 

In this second picture, an obese officer is accepting bribe from poor hands. Do you think this entire money will go to his pocket alone? Give me the name of a single police man you know who was recruited by fair examination and not by bribe? There is hardly any public officer selected by fair means. Do you think a job taken by unfair means will be served fairly? All that bribed money! Can anyone recover that money by simply his/her salary? Whom to blame then? Who is the criminal? My answer is anyone who calls them 'thulla' or inflicts people's emotion because some else has called them 'thulla' is criminal. Are we able to catch the collar of real guilty? Yes if prima-facia we can find out the real guilty then we can. Let me decipher it for you.

Here in this third pic below in which a policeman is bleeding, he is not bleeding because he is performing his duty. His duty is to furnish justice and peace for the nation... His duties are to rescue victimized poor people but power is forcing him to do the opposite. Why else riots are happening? Friend the system which invokes patriotism without true nationalism is wrong... system which creates devotedness without sacredness is wrong... It is not that one person is doing violence upon other person. It's one community is doing violence against other community. Like teachers are betraying students, politicians are betraying citizens.... we all including this bleeding man wants to live peaceful for the family but he is bleeding because of his honest attempts to stop a riot. Who is the culprit? Rioters? No! They system which invokes riots. We need to change it.
The objective of posting this image is malicious. How can we mix two different occasion to invoke the feelings of third person. The world 'Thulla' (Which is wrongly used by a CM) is used with a notion of a policeman uses its power to snatch the hard earned money of poor people. The picture here is used to instigate the emotion of people who can relate to this pain. Both of them are wrong and are using you and me to charge upon each other. Friend, not you or I are the criminals but the people backing you and me and persuading to fight are... come out of this ring of Roman Games of Gladiators war in side a ring, lets charge on the Emperor enjoying to see us bleeding. 

Theocracy Strengthens Aristocracy and Defies Democracy.

"It was easy in ancient time for religions to progress for two reasons. One every civilization was miles apart from every other civilization" - Jitendra Rajaram

"The mixture of fear and weakness among the people who surrenders to feudalism has enlarged the idea of God-ism. The theory first coined by the power hungry ruling class and their serfs. People, when united, are the ultimate power. The select few (ruling class) always wanted to control this power of people. The control of power is all about channelizing the energy it holds. This is how the need of an imaginary superpower evolved. A superpower which can channelize the energy of united people. Ruling class invented this imaginary power to tame the real power (i.e. people). 

Had I ONLY been introduced to anyone of Brahma or Allah or Moses or Christ during my childhood I would have easily believed upon god. The creators of God (i.e. Ruling Class) have devised so circumventing methods to establish godly existence that anyone can be fooled easily. Like everyone else, I grew up listening why one is better than other or why one's followers are fool and others are great... I have seen hatred by the people of one faith for the people of another. This hatred is one single and sufficient reason which justifies that theology is all about theocracy.

By one theorem that "If anyone hates everyone else is criminal" I nail every religion guilty of massacre and rioting. Anything that sheds the blood of innocent people cannot be divine certainly not this deed should be justified by any means. The entire reasoning and the reasoning's of reasoning about the existence of god is corrupt. Because in order to prove that they know 'God' they have to prove that they know everything. This is where they're exposed; the quest of sounding supreme has exposed the white lies. Since the very objective of the creation of an imagery supreme ruler is to become the second super power after Him. To become the supreme power among the mortals left them with no choice but to explain everything that happens on the earth and beyond. Not even science knows everything but because science accepts its ignorance and never claims to be omnipresent; people have no emotional attachment with it as much they have it with religions.

It was easy in ancient time for religions to progress for two reasons. One every civilization was miles apart from every other. These civilizations used to live in one climatic zone where predictability of monsoon, seasons, eclipses were high. This is why these religions have geographical orientation in their commandments. Second reason is, common man had no inter-civilization traveling or communications. Only the serfs, merchants and royal families used to travel among the establishments across civilizations that too not frequently. As I said these serfs, merchants and royal families comprises ruling class, they together weaved the matrix of religion. They steadily learned from each other. They had never followed the commandments themselves what they preached others to follow. For example, wine is banned in Islam but every Islamic ruler had regularly consumed wine. Their poems, literature and music has endorsed winery remarkably. Christianity endorsed forgiveness but the churches, priests and christian dynasty were among the most cruel rulers in terms of punishments and violent Olympiads. Hindus have preached a lot about celibacy, they have volumes after volumes of literature to proof why celibacy is best practice or devises power for men but only they have an entire massive temple on Kaamsutra (Study of Sexual Pleasures). The Hindu Kings used to have few of the largest Harems (Royal Brothels) in the world.

We've enough evidences to prove that religion is a tool to keep slaves blindfolded and have them enjoy slavery, lest you throwaway your emotional ignorance to see the truth laid naked in every corner and nooks of the corridors of power. 


मै चौराहा हूँ, तुम रास्ता हो
और बाकी सब मुसाफिर है| 
तुम मुझतक आती हो... और
फिर गुजर जाती हो!! 
तुम्हारे साथ ही 
आते जाते रहते है 
ये मुसाफिर भी... 
रात को तुम मुझे तनहा मिलती हो... 
मै निहारता रहता हूँ तुम्हारी बलखाई 
घुमावडर कमर को दूर तक... 
समझ पता हूँ की असल में तनहा तो तुम हो.. 
मेरे पास तो चार रस्ते है 
हमेशा से और शायद हमेशा के लिए...
- जे. राजाराम