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Your blood, My Sweat and Their Profit

"Friends the system which invokes patriotism without true nationalism is wrong... system which creates devotedness without sacredness is wrong... It is not that one person is doing violence upon other person" - Jitendra Rajaram
"Atrocities are being led by one ideologies over others not by one people over other. They're looting us and forcing us the fight among us. At the same time they are far gone to safe heavens cherishing the loot. In this image below, do you think this well-armed and armored young man would love to kill the other fragile and unarmed old-man? Or vice-verse? But they're acting against each other violently because a government is trying too hard to profit a third power i.e. Capitalists. They're far safe and jubilant for they have nothing to lose and everything to devour. 

In this second picture, an obese officer is accepting bribe from poor hands. Do you think this entire money will go to his pocket alone? Give me the name of a single…

Theocracy Strengthens Aristocracy and Defies Democracy.

"It was easy in ancient time for religions to progress for two reasons. One every civilization was miles apart from every other civilization" - Jitendra Rajaram

"The mixture of fear and weakness among the people who surrenders to feudalism has enlarged the idea of God-ism. The theory first coined by the power hungry ruling class and their serfs. People, when united, are the ultimate power. The select few (ruling class) always wanted to control this power of people. The control of power is all about channelizing the energy it holds. This is how the need of an imaginary superpower evolved. A superpower which can channelize the energy of united people. Ruling class invented this imaginary power to tame the real power (i.e. people). 
Had I ONLY been introduced to anyone of Brahma or Allah or Moses or Christ during my childhood I would have easily believed upon god. The creators of God (i.e. Ruling Class) have devised so circumventing methods to establish godly existence tha…


मै चौराहा हूँ, तुम रास्ता हो
और बाकी सब मुसाफिर है|
तुम मुझतक आती हो... और
फिर गुजर जाती हो!!
तुम्हारे साथ ही
आते जाते रहते है
ये मुसाफिर भी...
रात को तुम मुझे तनहा मिलती हो...
मै निहारता रहता हूँ तुम्हारी बलखाई
घुमावडर कमर को दूर तक...
समझ पता हूँ की असल में तनहा तो तुम हो..
मेरे पास तो चार रस्ते है
हमेशा से और शायद हमेशा के लिए...