Pirates of Internet

“For as long as weddings and divorces are happening on Facebook; my business is running” – Mark Zukerberg

“Since last three years a lot has got changed behind the curtain of online social media industry. It had started with the rise of Egypt’s Spring Revolution which had used Twitter and Facebook as primary weapon of mass mobilization. That was the first moment when tyrants had realized the power of freedom on internet. That was the origin of debate over the net neutrality.
These debates smudged the very definitions of ethics and morality of freedom. Government and tyrants alleged that evil forces are creating propaganda by pushing systematically crafted lies. Hence they advocated that internet freedom must be regulated. Civil Societies defended that even if the freedom is abused it must not be smacked. These people unions defended freedom with an argument that gradually a social conscience will rise and people will get mature enough to treat freedom with responsibility but right to freedom must not be withdrawn. Tyrants kept on questing the potential threat to peace and harmony while civil bodies kept on asking who will supervise the supervisors or the supervisors of supervisors? These questions has never got any answers but the freedom of internet has got toxically adulterated.
Watermarked profile pictures in support of LGBT rights was the declaration of open war between the freedom fighters and tyrants of internet. Facebook sided with the tyrant dumping its users and holy book of social media behind. For the first time platform (itself) has participated in a public discourse. It was like the stage, microphones, dais and speakers become the participant in a public debate. Ocean become party to one side of warring battalions. It was like airplane has become the airhostess to serve the passengers. Watermarked profile to exhibit solidarity with victims of France attack, celebrating Indian leaders meeting with Facebook top boss has become the open violations of influencing public discourse by using might of being the platform. Imagine you’re barely winning the boxing match against a mighty opponent but suddenly referee punches you on the nose. In the gruel of victory no one cared to question the act of referee all hailed for the winners until curtain drop.
In the beginning of second decade of twenty first century, status updates, photo-sharing and other feeds on Facebook was equally visible to every user in network but the new algorithm has marred this freedom. Any user can testify that sharing feeds of personal stuff like birthday, wedding anniversaries, travelogues and graduation stories get more traction than sharing feeds related to political, social or business. While experts may defend it citing business interest of Facebook Inc.; I see Facebook as algorithm pirate. It is exactly like the pirates of ocean voyage few hundred years ago or the present Somalian or Caribbean pirates’ sea routes. Like internet is fab today, cross-oceanic travel was the fab few centuries ago where pirates and tyrants had shaken hands to loot public assets.
Gross accumulator of logics and trend, WhatsApp appears absolutely benevolent from the surface. As they claim they don’t sell ads what they hide is the fact they read, sensitize and divert public trends and discourse. One can often notice a certain type of post (normally a joke or rumour pertaining to any public event) reaches to every mobile in almost no time. This is not possible without manufactured acceleration; the origin and the first ring of the WhatsApp feed front is inflicted by non-human tool i.e. codes that can viral the feeds on WhatsApp platform. You’re bound to disagree here as much I am bound to disagree with you.

The plus one button of Google Plus is one of the revolutionary invention of internet industry. The search engine giant has got extremely powerful tool to get inputs from the user to customize the search experience of every user as per their preferences. In one angle it looks way ethical but it is not. It is actually becoming the nanny tales which turns the story as it pleases the kid. It’s like my search results for a certain syntax are different than your search results for the same syntax. It’s like you will get more of hate feeds about (say Narendra Modi) a leader if your search history says you’re Anti-BJP and for the same syntax I will get more pro-government feeds if my search history predicts I am avid lover of Modi regime. It’s is like if an Italian born Jews and Australian born Buddhist searches the ‘Definition of My God’ those close to ten million links in point two-two seconds will not be identical. It’s like defining taste of sugar to blind and deaf differently by making sure that they continue to believe what we have defined for them is the stone fact.
The most delusional stage for the stardom myriads. The nostalgia of fan-following has forced us to believe that tweeting has nothing to do with birds and sky but it’s all about internet and hastags. If we consider internet as religion than twitter must be declared as the Mecca of this religion. Inventions like hastags, trending list and algorithm of sponsored trending has given the ultimate power to one who can bid highest price for those trending hastags… everything else falls behind. The way Reliance Geo launch has stormed the Twitter globally; the way Bollywood retweeted one hashtag #CelebratingJio; it leaves no scope NOT to believe that JiskiLathiUskiBhains (Buffalo belongs to the one who has the stick)      

After a brief breath of freedom that technology had provided; we are square back to the seizure of tyrannies. Like in the film Gladiator; Emperor ensured that people enjoys the game of bloodbath while looting public money. Or much like Indian Democracy arranged Indo-Pak Cricket match whenever loot happens we have got Social Media to keep us busy in emotional drama of sharing wedding, divorce, broken-heart newsfeeds and keep water-marking profile pictures to show that you care which helps tyrants measure your emotions; barcode it and put it on sale. 

"पंखों को रख के गिरवी आसमान का सौदा कर लिया 
एक रिन्द नें फिर जहन में परिंदा जिन्दा कर लिया।"  

The Social Media Clamour

Here is the corollary
"If social media drives the mainframe journalism then we're living in free society but if the mainframe journalism is driving the social media then we're chained and hypnotized." 

"Yes I didn't speak all these while. Partly because I was bogged down by the social pressure mounting on me but mostly because I wanted to hold back and listen to everything humming around me. The atheist in me had developed the tendency to refuse every single claims of religious people. The anarchist in me had this tendency to defy every argument of nationalism. I deliberated upon taking this pause to heed upon the claims of these nationalists and religious fellas who're indeed my very good friend and always turn up to my need whenever I am in crisis.
Well I am still an atheist and anarchist with more determination and a lot more reasoning but this determination that I have earned has come from my ability to listen. Here it's important to tell what I mean by listening; it is not that I receive all voices coming my way, rather, it's an ability to filter out voices from the humming propaganda. Listening things which are sincerely opposing my viewpoints and not just for the sake of it. During my mental exile; I was listening to those heartfelt prayers that religious people does from their respective gods. During my days of disgust, I was noticing those patriots who practice patriotism also in private life and not only in full public display. I did listen to everyone who did not debate with me to prove their points but simply believed upon what they believe. Based on these observations, I realized majority of the people are persuaded by the well organized propaganda by the state or the forces behind the states. While I should responsibly not indulge in light remarks upon the ignorance of the masses; I have attempted to understand why majority of the masses are ignorant and persuaded.   
These experiences provided me understanding that 'belief' drives viewpoints; these viewpoints slowly garner an ideology. Once we get this ideology we do everything to defend it... this is the very crux of what is happening around in all over social media across the globe. Here is the corollary "If social media drives the mainframe journalism then we're living in free society but if the mainframe journalism is driving the social media then we're chained and hypnotized."
My silence has availed me to notice this three layer pattern; In the inner most cocoon binds those who spend their internet data on publishing their personal stuff ranging from kitchen and wardrobe to their honeymoon spots the brands that they own. Around this cocoon exist thick layer of fungus comprise of those who talk about macro issues but remain mostly philosophical or neutral. They mostly figure out fun in everything mainframe media is ranting about. The surface of this social media embryo is made up of the people who claim to be educated and well learned upon the issues mainstream media is humming like hell. These people spends criminally too much data on examining these so called news based on their ideological frame. They make this job their prestige issue; as if it's going to take away their status, legitimacy or righteousness from them. This entire frail embryo is floating in the smudged, pungent and polluted atmosphere of propaganda. There are billions of these embryos coughing, chocking, barking and shitting on each other but in whatever they're doing their input remain the same i.e. the air in which they're floating.
This is how we are united yet fragmented; this is why these embryos can never wage war against the atmosphere. This is how societies are only mocking that they’re fighting for the liberation, justice, equality and what not but in actuality they’re only burning their energy i.e. data, money, times and life only to snatch their share of space upon the embryo they’re living upon.
Yes this is the present world order in which any possibility of getting fresh air seems impossible but we should not lose our heart because out of all the miseries that we’re living any kid can explain that we’re far free and happy as compared to the past our ancestors had lived and died with. Hope is all that has driven mankind this far; hope is all we can pass on as the baton to next generation and in order to make this hope more visible we have to leave behind a world where the fight among the people shifts its locus from ‘ability’ to ‘responsibility’. We have to learn how to place our views that goes well in the ears of jabbering species around us. We need to invent methods that enhances the ability of listening more than speaking.
Let we all work towards the future world where peace and justice is more approachable. A world where people are not competing upon 'how much they can do' but 'how responsibly they can do' whatever they do. This will realize our dream of a ‘leader less society’ a society which will not be greedy for power. Where ownership will not be about controlling resources but ensuring that everyone will get enough of what they want.