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Pirates of Internet

“For as long as weddings and divorces are happening on Facebook; my business is running” – Mark Zukerberg
“Since last three years a lot has got changed behind the curtain of online social media industry. It had started with the rise of Egypt’s Spring Revolution which had used Twitter and Facebook as primary weapon of mass mobilization. That was the first moment when tyrants had realized the power of freedom on internet. That was the origin of debate over the net neutrality. These debates smudged the very definitions of ethics and morality of freedom. Government and tyrants alleged that evil forces are creating propaganda by pushing systematically crafted lies. Hence they advocated that internet freedom must be regulated. Civil Societies defended that even if the freedom is abused it must not be smacked. These people unions defended freedom with an argument that gradually a social conscience will rise and people will get mature enough to treat freedom with responsibility but right to f…