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Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2018

The center most state of India, Madhya Pradesh is as diverse as the whole of India is. With a tint of culture adopted from all across the nation, Madhya Pradesh is truly the heart of incredible India. Isn't it whatever happens in the heart gets transported to whole of the body? Madhya Pradesh is the pathological barometer of India.  

After every election gone by, voter learns new lessons. It's evident from the fact that how NOTA and the new political parties (like AAP) have quickly emerged with strong identity. With the advent of new and young political leaders, the flavour of leadership is diversifying. This assembly election will send shock waves to the political metrics of upcoming General Assembly Elections due next year in 2019.

The first election commissioner of India, in year 1952, Sir Sukumar Sen had weaved the method of actualizing the "right to vote" for every Indian. His vision had made the ultimate concept of Universal Adult Franchise (UAF) in the formation…

Nakedness of global conflict and its impact on India

We are still taking it very lightly but RSS is becoming really very big threat for the idea of India. Once fully grown, it will be way more vehement than British Raj.
Threat is less from the Hindutva agenda of RSS but more from the ways it's being used by the global powers for even bigger evil game. 
Hindu is not a religion by definition, it is an unauthorized proclamation for a collection of all the sects living in Indian subcontinent who revere natural resources or idols. Since post vedic era, Brahmins were constantly struggling for a  demographic identify against more organized and self growing demographic identities like Islam, Jude, Christianity, Buddhist, Jainism etc. From Shankaracharya to Vivekanand a lot of Brahman representatives have tried to bring Indian population under a singular identity. As of now it seems now that finally Vivekanand has succeeded with his idea of including Dalit and tribesmen into the second ring of Hindu identity. Until now all other nomenclatur…

Unlimited Limitations

Weare not dying, perhaps we get next set of senses by surrendering the existing five senses. Maybe death is just a stage to go to the next level..."

Time is the only one such physical unit which one cannot feel but experience. In this enormous universe made up of trillion trillion things, why humans have only five channels to engage with it? Why humans can only touch, smell, taste, hear and see this universe and nothing else we can do with it?
I am sure there must be more than five ways to interact with the cosmos. This
universe must be having at least one billion of such units like time unknown to human race. Yes time cannot be touched, smelled, tasted, heard or seen but can still be profoundly experienced by mankind.
Other than time, can we imagine what those units could be? If we realize about things which exist but can't be felt using our all five senses what will we conclude about species we see and pity upon? Don't we realize that those seem senseless to us are havi…

Fear of FAIR is Unfair

FAIR = Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research

What will be the legacy of our race when we are all gone? - Jitendra Rajaram
"Life…is a romantic invention of the Earth. And the most romantic invention of life is… death! Imagine, If I somehow, find out that I am sure to die in next five minutes. What will I do? I will utilize the remaining five minutes in craziest way I can. I will do anything from kiss adieu to my wife and to blast off a fuel station nearby. I can spend these five minutes to do the most carefree things I could think of. Now imagine, if I find out that I am not going to die ever. That I am going to live forever for as long as this universe exists! What will I do? I think I will travel to the USA, walk in to the American President office and force close every other government on the planet. I will declare that I and only I will rule this planet. After a while I will look out for another planet as my next aspiration. No!

Sounds crazy, right? Imagine if anyone has …

A Schizophrenic conversation with Eric Hobsbawm

"I, with my tiny life and tinier knowledge as compared to Mr. Hobsbawm, defer from his almost decisive statement that Empires are dead" - Jitendra Rajaram

“Born in 1917 and died in 2012, Eric Hobsbawm has actually lived 300 years. His ability to connect past, present, and future of this world in a very comprehensive yet inclusive manner has helped us know how this world has arrived in 2017 from 1492. Born in Egypt and died in Britain, he lived in each and every state born and reborn after his birth. I am going through his book “Globalization, Democracy and Terrorism” published in the year 2007 by Little Brown Publication UK.
I, with my tiny life and tinier knowledge as compared to Mr. Hobsbawm, defer from his almost decisive statement that Empires are dead. Also, I agree with him that while empires can be created by the power of arms and might, it cannot be sustained without active local participation and involvement.

My argument

Empires are not dead yet is based upon my hy…

Halli Labs Acquired by Google, too late but too smart too!

"The four month old Indian start-up help technology to march on in its timeless purpose"

Halli Labs belongs to Google now. This is the first acquisition Google has done in India ever. However, After Sundar Pichai’s elevation this news has come way too late but this acquisition indeed has a lot to cherish about. Here is an excerpt from the Halli Labs introduction paragraph “Halli Labs is applying modern ML (Machine Learning) techniques to solve old problems and domains to help technology to march on in its timeless purpose – i.e. giving superhuman powers to all of us humans in letting us do whatever we want to do better.”
Like any other internet giant, Google is also desperate to exploit Indian market. In its bid to play big, Google has arrived very late in India specially when Microsoft has a strong presence in Indian market since three decades. Acquisition of Halli Labs spells Google’s priority of improving its Indian Language translation. 500 Million people use Hindi and th…

समीक्षा: - “मिनिस्ट्री ऑफ़ अट मोस्र्ट हैप्पीनेस” अरुंधती रॉय

इस किताब से मेरा वो विचार और शक्तिशाली हो जाता है “कि दुनिया भर के नरदेवता सिर्फ सत्तासीन रहने की कवायद में व्यस्त हैं|”

“मिस उदया जबीं, पांच माएं और छ पिताओं की पुत्री हमारी दुनिया की एक मात्र भौतिक उम्मीद है| मिस उदया जबीं, अत्यधिक खुशियों के मंत्रालय का एक मात्र अंतिम फल है| वो मिस उदया जबीं, जिसका नाम बिना मिस कहे नहीं लिया जा सकता, जिसका सृजन उसकी माँ की कोख में उस वक़्त अंकुरित हुआ जब उसकी माँ का उसके छः पिताओं ने बलात्कार किया था| छः सरकारी पुलिस में से पता नहीं किसकी बेटी है मिस उदया जबीं! जो आज के खौफनाक अत्याचारों की बची ही हुई खंडहर है| उसका नाम, उसकी जिंदगी, उसकी सीख और दुनिया से उसकी पहचान वो पांच औरतें करायिंगी जो उसे माओं की तरह प्यार करती हैं| उनमे से दो मर चुकीं हैं, दो जीना नहीं चाहती और एक जो सबसे बुजुर्ग है, जो न औरत है और न आदमी| कश्मीर, दिल्ली, केरल, बस्तर और इंदौर में पली बढ़ी ये माएं जन्नत गेस्ट हाउस में मिस उदया जबीं का लालन पालन करेंगी| जन्नत गेस्ट हाउस, दुनिया से परे एक सलतनत है जो हज़ार साल पुरानी दिल्ली के शाहजहानाबाद में कहीं गुमनाम सी जगह में है| ये सल्तानंत…

Book Review: Ministry of utmost happiness – Arundhaty Roy

"Since the Kal Yuga is taking its lessons from Sat Yuga to interpreted everything in binary, this book must be read to know how the centre of these binaries can be reached" "Miss Udaya Jabeen, daughter of six fathers and five mothers is the only physical instrument of hope, the only fruitage churned out of the ministry of happiness (…utmost happiness). She is the reminiscence of brutality, sowed while her mother was being raped by her six fathers. Her name, her life, her learning and her views towards the Duniya will be shaped by five women loved her as mothers. Two of those mothers were died, two of those mothers never wanted to live and one of those mothers were neither a woman nor a man. Mothers from Kashmir, Kerala, Delhi, Baster and Indore. Jannat Guest House, an empire away from the Duniya was built over a graveyard near the tomb of Hazarat Sarmad Shah somewhere in Shahjahanabad in a thousand-year-old city called Delhi. A Hazarat who was executed by Aurangzeb becau…

Ram Nath Kovind: Biggest face of the Caste Based Politics

The Most Patriotic Party of the World has selected Kanpur ka Dalit as Turup ka Ekka (the ace of trump card).

A little history will explain the present. History knows how masterstrokes and surgical strikes helped sneaking the ace of trump-card called Ram Nath Kovind. Very summarized history in a capsule will describe why Ram Nath Kovind is set to become the second most citizen of India. Yes! The second citizen of India also called the president of India.
Second citizen? Penchant is in history again, same history which we will refer to know how loser of Ghatampur and Bhoganipur legislative assembly of Kanpur district has been planted as second in rank of the throne décor of a Commonwealth Nation i.e. the President of India. Same India which is also the Kohinoor of the crown of Commonwealth British imperia. Yes! the second rank! Because as per the treaty of India Independence Act 1935, Instrument of Accession of India 1945 and Mountbatten Act 1947, the Queen of Britain will remain the firs…

Caste Based Reservation Vs Cost Based Reservation

"Let’s do fancy advertisements in every media sources to 'give-up' reservation, why should we attempt to amend constitution for this pity thing"
"In India, the debate upon reservation is unending. Everyone living in India or living as Indian have their viewpoint about it. No matter if the arguments are in defence of reservation of against it but most of these viewpoints are self-contradictory. The most acceptable argument, where both extremes of debaters seek consensus is that there should be a reservation in India but not on the basis of caste. Somehow, most of the people are convinced that even the poor of elite caste deserve reservation and the privileged low caste riches must not be allowed to be the beneficiary of reservation.
Well it is hard to debate against the ‘collective conscience of the masses’. Even the supreme court of India considers ‘Collective Conscience of the Masses’ as the last resort of their D’jure Dilemmas. Especially when supreme court is d…

Social Media Versus Social Science

At the surface level, the algorithmic analogy of Google & Facebook appears very fair but dig deep to know that with both, user loses the freedom of acquiring knowledge without prejudices. – Jitendra Rajaram

“Arranged Data is called information. Any interpretation of information is called knowledge. This interpretation is subject to individual’s past experience that correlates with this new-found information. Data revolution enables the supremacists with a new kind of power. With data, now they can counterfeit our past experience to conquer our future. The algorithms of artificial intelligence have pushed us all into a new cage. In the name of safety, we are all brought inside an iron box which may (or may not) keep us alive from attacks, road accidents or terror blasts but inside this iron box we are forced to live with ear piercing noise coming from outside. This noise is called information terrorism. The little box that we all hold in our hand is the tag rope. This tag rope deliv…

Clean City Indore

When the government starts to function like a corporate office, these surveys, competitions, and awards become the carrot and donkey chase. Where awards are the carrots and citizens are the donkeys." - Jitendra Rajaram 

"From Gonda (listed as the dirtiest city in India) to Indore (the cleanest city in India), I have experienced fact and fiction of ‘clean India’ claim. It’s a lie that nothing has been done as much it is a lie that significantly has been done to make Indore cleanest city. It’s shock to many and surprise to many more that Indore ranks above Navi-Mumbai, Bangalore and Greater Noida. In Indore, I live near old trenching ground since last three years. This trenching ground was the only garbage disposing unit for a city which is home to 3.8 Million people. A place where burning garbage was the only masterstroke to dispose of garbage. The suffocating, stinking and poisonous smoke had made lives of many like hell. After three long years of public protests and follow-u…

High Voltage Lose Talk

“Donkey is not a second-class animal, perhaps some of us are” – Jitendra Rajaram
"We’re becoming the society of cheap jokes, dire jibe and second class remarks passing upon any one. This we all do, regardless of whoever we are and, whoever is at the receiving end. We are increasingly failing to recognize differences between a rapist and a decorated public authority. We use same slang to discharge our anguish against both of them. The way our TVs are delivering us content in prime-time programs, we have failed to imagine what is being painted in the minds and hearts of the very people we live and love. Will we accept that “Baba Ji ka Thullu” or “Sahi Pakde hain” is the most creative discovery? Will we accept that what entertains millions of Hindi speaking media consumers is, by any means, a sacred art form? What certifies them as valid entertainment for one and all? What do you think! That our political leaders are learning this second class language from TVs or personal media like…

Predicting UP Assembly Election 2017

"The introduction of NOTA and addition of first time voters (i.e. age group between 18 and 25) are tempering all pre-poll surveys like never before" - Jitendra Rajaram

"In 21st century, selling future is the most profitable business. When the middle class population of the world is connected through a palm size gadget, curiosity has become the single largest instinct that triggers sales. From insurance to stem cells everything that gives some future assurance in exchange of the present income is selling. Speculation is one of many packages of the commodity called ‘future’. From FIFA, Cricket, IPLs, Big Boss or related TV Reality shows to politics; speculations about who is winning is the riddle everyone attempts to solve to make money. $140Million was spent in betting on who will be the 45th president of USA. An NRI living in USA had lost $28000 (=1409000.00 Rupees) in few minutes when President Donald Trump’s victory appeared certain. Uttar Pradesh assembly election …

जमीन से हैश-टैग

"महानगरों में, टीवी में और हैश-टैग की दुनिया में वो हकीकत की गंध भी नहीं है जो कड़ाके की ठण्ड में चुनावी गर्माहट से उपजे कोहरे ने जमीनी हवा में घोल राखी है| इतना घाना कोहरा है की भविष्य तो दूर वर्तमान को भाप पाना भी किसी सुर्वेक्षण के बस की बात नहीं है| " - जे आर वी
"वोट डालने के क्षण को याद करिए| लाइन में लगे रह कर इंतज़ार करना, अपनी पहचान कुछ कागजी टुकड़ों के दम पर साबित करना और नाखून में स्याही लगवाने वाली प्रक्रिया आदि को नहीं...! सिर्फ उन पलों को जब आप उस वोटिंग मशीन को तन्हाई में निहार रहे होते हैं| मैं आपके राजनीतिक रूप से सजग मन से कोई बैर नहीं रखता और न ही आपकी राजनीती से कोसो दूर रहने की समझदारी पर संदेह कर रहा हूँ| मैं तो सिर्फ उन दस बीस सेकेण्ड में पूरी हो जाने वाली घटना को आपके जहन में उकेरने की कोशिश कर रहा हूँ|
अब आप तवज्जो दीजिये इस बात पर की कुछ दिनों बाद आने वाले उन दस बीस सेकेंडों में आप क्या करेंगे...? इस बात का पूर्वानुमान लगाने वाली इन बड़ी बड़ी सांख्यकी की पद्धतियों को आप कितना कुशल मानेंगे? क्यूंकि आप इस ब्लॉग को पढ़ रहे हैं... आप उन विशेष नागरिक के दर…