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High Voltage Lose Talk

“Donkey is not a second-class animal, perhaps some of us are” – Jitendra Rajaram
"We’re becoming the society of cheap jokes, dire jibe and second class remarks passing upon any one. This we all do, regardless of whoever we are and, whoever is at the receiving end. We are increasingly failing to recognize differences between a rapist and a decorated public authority. We use same slang to discharge our anguish against both of them. The way our TVs are delivering us content in prime-time programs, we have failed to imagine what is being painted in the minds and hearts of the very people we live and love. Will we accept that “Baba Ji ka Thullu” or “Sahi Pakde hain” is the most creative discovery? Will we accept that what entertains millions of Hindi speaking media consumers is, by any means, a sacred art form? What certifies them as valid entertainment for one and all? What do you think! That our political leaders are learning this second class language from TVs or personal media like…