High Voltage Lose Talk

“Donkey is not a second-class animal, perhaps some of us are” – Jitendra Rajaram

"We’re becoming the society of cheap jokes, dire jibe and second class remarks passing upon any one. This we all do, regardless of whoever we are and, whoever is at the receiving end. We are increasingly failing to recognize differences between a rapist and a decorated public authority. We use same slang to discharge our anguish against both of them. The way our TVs are delivering us content in prime-time programs, we have failed to imagine what is being painted in the minds and hearts of the very people we live and love. Will we accept that “Baba Ji ka Thullu” or “Sahi Pakde hain” is the most creative discovery? Will we accept that what entertains millions of Hindi speaking media consumers is, by any means, a sacred art form? What certifies them as valid entertainment for one and all? What do you think! That our political leaders are learning this second class language from TVs or personal media like WhatsApp? How do they know that we will be enthralled by their wittiness by using such lowly annotations? Like these leaders, our language is polluted too, but to an extent our speech has limited audience. This however shouldn’t reduce the guilt and guilty we must have but imagine how deep and wide does it spreads when our beloved politicians speak such a low. Don’t we think as a society we are sinking to the shame of nakedness?    
Decades ago when we were not free and British were ruling us, our senses for respect ware evident in the language we used to speak. Our public speech had all high decorations for the authorities or the leaders having contrast ideological views. In a biography of Mr. Jaya Prakash Narayan an issue of an illegitimate commentary upon Dr. Rajendra Prasad is mentioned. This issue explains how high were our values. In a very casual and private discussion Mr. Narayan quoted to another congressman “Dr. Prasad ji to Pandit Ji ki pair ki joothi bhi nahi hain (Dr. Prasad is not even equal to shoes of Mr. Nehru)”. Few days later somehow this remark reached to Dr. Prasad’s ear. He quickened to visit Mr. Narayan’s home to confirm whether he had actually said this. Jayprakash turned pale out of remorse and guilt to which Dr. Rajendra Prasad politely asked, while almost crying, “Narayan Ji apne jo bhi kaha so kaha par ye batao kya main sach me itna gaya beeta hun? (It’s ok what you have said Narayan, but do you really think I am that useless?)”. That was the moment when Jayaprakash fell on the feet of Dr. Prasad to plead forgiveness. Next day Indian Express, published the regret letter authored by Mr. Jayaprakash Narayan in which he mentioned that no level of penance can fetch enough reparation for the sin that he had committed. Remember it was a private tête-à-tête not a speech in a massive rally. Also, Jayaprakash did never hold any public office or represented any authority ever. 
The magnificence of the language and gestures we used to practice in our public life has long gone. We have a prime minister who dreams of outperforming Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru but not even remotely he equates to the nobility of public life that Nehru lived. Listening to what our politicians talk today, I can most responsibly say that, our school days’ debate competitions had more rich content and legitimate language for every contrasting viewpoint.
The public discourse that now we are living with is infesting our minds. Worse it is becoming OK for the mind arguments of our youngsters. Think of tomorrow, when next league of politicians will take charge of the offices that our role models holding today! It is shaming us that our leaders have nothing sort of world view or not even a local view for politics. They’re failing on deciding upon what to speak and what not in public.  
If jokes of Bhaiya-Bhabhi (Brother and brother’s wife) is the content of speech given by the leader of massive fan following educated from the best university of America… imagine what could be the content of your sons and daughters tomorrow!
Everyone who votes has an inclination towards a political leader. This extends to another fact that we also disagree with a certain other leader. This is how we decide whom to vote. It is simply not a crime. But what is crime… is that we justify our leader for everything while we attack upon another leader for all same thing. This biased opinion about one leader’s shameful offense upon the other is escalating the rage. Donkey is not a second-class animal, perhaps some of us are. Donkeys must not be dragged in our prestigious parliamentarian language. “Donkey” is not a right word for public discourse. Donkey has nothing to do with our political sense of hatred so why to victimize it by our verbal filth. Irrespective of who used it first or who used it as a counter argument, we must unanimously condemn it vociferously. Least, a leader as big as the Prime Ministers of world’s largest democracy he could have simply passed on from this tempting issue.
The arguments and counter-arguments must be above a line. A line that we as a citizen should have drawn or must draw now. Any remark that inches below the belt must be ruthlessly shunned and leaders must be punished.