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Clean City Indore

When the government starts to function like a corporate office, these surveys, competitions, and awards become the carrot and donkey chase. Where awards are the carrots and citizens are the donkeys." - Jitendra Rajaram 

"From Gonda (listed as the dirtiest city in India) to Indore (the cleanest city in India), I have experienced fact and fiction of ‘clean India’ claim. It’s a lie that nothing has been done as much it is a lie that significantly has been done to make Indore cleanest city. It’s shock to many and surprise to many more that Indore ranks above Navi-Mumbai, Bangalore and Greater Noida. In Indore, I live near old trenching ground since last three years. This trenching ground was the only garbage disposing unit for a city which is home to 3.8 Million people. A place where burning garbage was the only masterstroke to dispose of garbage. The suffocating, stinking and poisonous smoke had made lives of many like hell. After three long years of public protests and follow-u…