Ram Nath Kovind: Biggest face of the Caste Based Politics

 The Most Patriotic Party of the World has selected Kanpur ka Dalit as Turup ka Ekka (the ace of trump card).

A little history will explain the present. History knows how masterstrokes and surgical strikes helped sneaking the ace of trump-card called Ram Nath Kovind. Very summarized history in a capsule will describe why Ram Nath Kovind is set to become the second most citizen of India. Yes! The second citizen of India also called the president of India.

Second citizen? Penchant is in history again, same history which we will refer to know how loser of Ghatampur and Bhoganipur legislative assembly of Kanpur district has been planted as second in rank of the throne décor of a Commonwealth Nation i.e. the President of India. Same India which is also the Kohinoor of the crown of Commonwealth British imperia. Yes! the second rank! Because as per the treaty of India Independence Act 1935, Instrument of Accession of India 1945 and Mountbatten Act 1947, the Queen of Britain will remain the first citizen of the Union Republic of India. The Royal anthem of British imperia is the royal anthem of Union of India too. History! Isn’t it new?  

As per the manifestation of the troll’s party, the BJP, the all-round development of Indians need redrafting of history. To redefine this secular-republic-union-of-India into a new United-States-of-India. To hide in their shame, our Khaki Clad bosses want to overlap facts with confusions. For this, they have devised a manual of confusion. A handbook on “how to reduce the value of Indian craftsmen”.

The hard hit of note-ban Gandhi somehow survived to be printed again in the new currency notes, at least for a while, but the introduction of "Gandhi Ka Chasma (Gandhi's spectacle) as the symbol of Swachh Bharat (Clean India) Campaign, Gandhi is reduced to toilet cleaner. Coming generation will only recall Gandhi as someone donated his Chashma to make India the cleanest country of the world.

Dalit are bigger fools than Muslims. In 21st century, what Dalit are facing in India, Muslims are facing in entire world. Both are being equally ridiculed by the regal elites. While Muslim at least know what is happening with them and who are doing it, Dalit still goof around the temple, deities and idols of their arch enemies. This is how RSS's puppet government have succeeded in reducing Ambedkar into a BHIM Application. More than Dalit the RSS knows that Ambedkar was an economist who was master in study of currency and advocated capitalism. In modern day, Ambedkar has been reduced to BHIM App. The coming generation will recall Ambedkar as someone who had invented the BHIM App and Nehru as the inventor of PayTM. Through this version of history, they will never learn things which we have never learnt but they will strongly believe to something what we have never believed.

We perhaps never knew but we will believe that Jinnah had advised Ambedkar that he too must demand a separate nation for Dalit, like Muslims have bargained Pakistan, Ambedkar had refused. In the same fashion when Subhash Chandra Bose had advised Nehru for the weaponized struggle against British Imperia but Nehru had refused. Nehru had said Indians are too weak, poor and defragmented to withstand the most trained British-India army equipped with advanced weapons, tanks and missiles. With the same argument, Ambedkar had replied to Jinnah that Dalit are too weak, poor and defragmented to withstand the Hindu guild called Parakeet Reich. These ideologues will soon be forgotten with these tantrums of trump cards like Ram Nath Kovind.    

The most patriotic political party of the world is deleting the history so that they can rewrite their own version. They are replacing Gandhi by his Ulta Chashma, Nehru by PayTM and Ambedkar by BHIM App so that they can force any loser like Ram Nath Kovind as the new messiah of Dalit. In coming years Kovind will be in text books of schools. The coming generation will read Kovind, Kdonani, Kejriwal and Kawariyas in same breath to define how patriotic is their Hindu Nation. They will never know, like we never knew, that our Royal Anthem is “Long Live the King”. It was our royal anthem before 1947, it will remain our national anthem after 1947.  

So! If BJP claims that announcement of Ram Nath Kovind as the presidential candidate is a step towards renouncing caste based discrimination. I prefer to believe that Britain is returning the Kohinoor as a token of apology. I will prefer to believe that British-India-Army had beheaded less Indians than Pakistani Army. For as of now, the real history is that Britain is bigger enemy of India than Pakistan and we are still being ruled by Britain Monarchy in disguise of the parakeets by an illusion called democracy.

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