Fear of FAIR is Unfair

FAIR = Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research

FAIR = Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research
What will be the legacy of our race when we are all gone? - Jitendra Rajaram

"Life…is a romantic invention of the Earth. And the most romantic invention of life is… death! Imagine, If I somehow, find out that I am sure to die in next five minutes. What will I do? I will utilize the remaining five minutes in craziest way I can. I will do anything from kiss adieu to my wife and to blast off a fuel station nearby. I can spend these five minutes to do the most carefree things I could think of. Now imagine, if I find out that I am not going to die ever. That I am going to live forever for as long as this universe exists! What will I do? I think I will travel to the USA, walk in to the American President office and force close every other government on the planet. I will declare that I and only I will rule this planet. After a while I will look out for another planet as my next aspiration. No!

Sounds crazy, right? Imagine if anyone has to play chess where the objective of playing chess is same i.e. checkmate but no one has to follow chess rules! Yes, no rules! How can anyone play chess without rules right?
That’s the point, life without death is chess without rules. Everything is destined to end. That’s the whole point of existence.

There was a time when mankind was not existing, there will be a time when mankind will not exist. The question is, what will exist when mankind will not exist? Will the future remember us? How will future remember us? What will be the legacy of our race when we are all gone?

What will be the cause of human’s extermination? Diseases? Climate? Eco-logical collapse of our biosphere? Or is that what we are ought to invent? Are we inventing our own enemy? Like the one world is talking about? The artificial intelligence!

Fear of death is natural. But… death is more natural than fear itself. This is how we all have accepted it and because we have accepted the death, we are travelling in time as a baton carrier of previous race. With an objective to handover this baton to our succeeding race. The baton of knowledge! We are treasuring knowledge, we are ensuring that coming generation will not only be able to understand what we have done but will also take it to the next level. As a human, the most intelligent species in the universe known so far. This is the best we can do, we should do!

In our quest of curiosity and craziness to speed-up doing whatever we want to do, we have exploited our bio-sphere way too much. We have pumped too much smoke in the atmosphere, generated too many dangerous bacteria, viruses and germs by cultivating our food and wasting it. We have done enough destruction to end our existence. But interestingly, we are less alarmed about these destructions and worried of something called Artificial Intelligence?

It’s funny that we have polluted our environment but still think that we will be eradicated none other than our own invention. Something like AI will kill us? We are panicked by the future which will be designed by us? Well it is true if tomorrow’s machines will not find us productive enough or if we will seem less rightful to keep AI or Bots slaved, they will most likely enslave us or neutralize us.

So! Are we afraid of slavery or are we scared extermination? Let’s ask this question from people one by one. We will realize that the actual narration is not about annihilation, it is about slavery. Ask these questions randomly from anyone around you. Just ask them…

Do you want to be exterminated from the earth or do you want to be enslaved by the machines? More easily, ask whether you want that mankind should be annihilated or it is ok if we exist under the slavery of machines that we have created?

More simply, ask, what if you have only two choices! Go die or surrender to machines?

Actually, very rapidly we are all traversing to a future where we will have to face this question. Because collective conscience of the human race is packed with greed, curiosity, dreams, and thrills of knowing something unknown. We gossip around unknown things so much that we discover new thrills. From religion to nuclear bomb we have invented things out of this thrill and greed. No one of us can stop mankind to develop super intelligent, emotion sensing devices with unprecedented capacity to remember past, imagine future and keep control of every micro-detailed events taking place all around. These devices will have miraculously high capacity to avoid errors. May be not invincible but powerful enough to force us surrender or face unilateral war. A war we will never win.

You know why we are worried about this today? AI is something which will snatch the power from the present power mongers! It will forever end their strong hold on the mankind. Our power monger fellow humans are scared of something they can’t control. If they can manage to get rid of they will never let this debate rear its head. For example, they’re worried of Ebola but aren’t worried of Cancer or climate change! Cancer is profit not a danger for our power-hungry bosses. Climate change may eradicate humans on earth but before that it will never snatch power from our power mongers. It has always been all about power! No?

I strongly believe that if humans have to die. If entire mankind has to face eradication, we must choose a respectful way to slain ourselves. It is better that we die from the hands of our creations than from the ills of destructions that we done. It is better that we die from robots rather than from Ebola, Anthrax, AIDS, Nuke War, Tsunami or Volcanic Eruptions. This way, we will be able to let our legacy live. If we die from the hands of our robots, they will remember us as their creators! Like we could not find gods on earth till date! Tomorrow, these robots will not be able to find us too but like we revere gods, they will in future revere us. This is our way to eternity or at least a step closer to eternity. This is how we will be remembered when we all will be long gone! Our legacy will be profound! As like the creator! The Almighty!

A Schizophrenic conversation with Eric Hobsbawm

"I, with my tiny life and tinier knowledge as compared to Mr. Hobsbawm, defer from his almost decisive statement that Empires are dead" - Jitendra Rajaram

Eric John Ernest Hobsbawm CH FRSL FBA (1917-2012)
“Born in 1917 and died in 2012, Eric Hobsbawm has actually lived 300 years. His ability to connect past, present, and future of this world in a very comprehensive yet inclusive manner has helped us know how this world has arrived in 2017 from 1492. Born in Egypt and died in Britain, he lived in each and every state born and reborn after his birth. I am going through his book “Globalization, Democracy and Terrorism” published in the year 2007 by Little Brown Publication UK.

I, with my tiny life and tinier knowledge as compared to Mr. Hobsbawm, defer from his almost decisive statement that Empires are dead. Also, I agree with him that while empires can be created by the power of arms and might, it cannot be sustained without active local participation and involvement.

My argument

Empires are not dead yet is based upon my hypothesis that imperialism is living through nationalism which is supported by capitalism. The global hegemony of the USA or the failed hegemony of Soviet or the failed attempt of the hegemony of Nazi Germany is nothing but the successful experiments of keeping empires alive behind the curtain of nationalism. The nation-state is another fictitious emotion created out of a fictitious identity called religion.

The rise and fall of East India Company followed by the fall of British hegemony of colonial Empire was not a conquest of revolutionaries. It was a wishful retreat of empires. When great powers retreat they do so after well-hatched plan B which is a full proof. Colonized America was a model test of the colonial system for the British Empire that they immediately implemented in Australia followed by Africa and Asia. When the cost of colonizing increased they planned to the keep the colonial markets dominated by their products and keeping the colonial politics in control indirectly. Even in twenty-first-century arms trade is heavily dominated by these ex-colonizers.

Use and abuse of people driven-technology
A lot of thinkers and civil society leaders curse the technology. They assume that massive impact of new technologies on the mankind is destructive. I believe this is not true! Technology is going through two kinds of the upgrade. One which is in hands of the people and they are inventing or innovating as per their needs and curiosity. Another is the one which is funded, lab tested and used by the power class to keep the conflict alive. Most of the innovations are taking place in these corporate funded lab tests but this is also true that common people are innovating and inventing out of their curiosity for getting an easy life for the people.

State controlled technologies like nuclear energy, space research, mining have not yet reached to the common use for the people. On the other hand, people driven technologies like internet broadcasting earned publications and derived audience created out of social media is very much driven by the people. Advancements like mobile application led home automation are empowering people. These technologies are the natural growth of the ability of mankind. However, these technologies are not controlled by the people. Any single human being is not more than a drop of water in the whole big ocean. It is not the capacity of one human or a small group of people to keep eye on everything and filter out what is truth and what is not but Imperial agencies have always been doing this. They were doing it then without technology, they are doing it now with technology. It is not that they control everything, but they control enough to keep controlling what satisfies them as the owner of this world.

My hypothesis of the new world order
This world is being governed as if it is a small village and everyone is in check with the central power of that village. Though organizations like United Nations, NATO, BRICS, ISBA, SAARC, EU, OPEC, OECD and more are not powerful enough to solve problems of inter-state or state-militia conflicts, mass migration or virus outbreak but these unions do play a very instrumental role in making this world a single unit of governance. This hypothetic power center works in three layers, corporate, state and Imperials. Corporate being the front desk of this power center keeps on demand and summiting more rights and power from the state and Imperials but at center, the most powerful institution of this power center is imperial.

Imperia is working from behind the curtain, it knows the power of remaining invisible. They don’t control everything, they just control capital and state. Capital and state know Imperia is their bonding glue, they will rip apart each other if Imperia are gone. Now because Imperial gives them all the power they agree to bow to imperial. This is Imperial gets satisfied as a ruler of the of the world.

I Agree with Hobsbawm
Eric Hobsbawm was the member of Fabian Society, so was Jawaharlal Nehru. I admire both of them because of their ability to let everyone experience that they’ve earned a space on the floor. Fabian Society believes that evolution is not the only method of social reforms. It is possible to adopt reforms without dismantling the existing institutions. In the 21st century, a revolution to the tune of what we had seen in Eighteenth Century or before is less likely to happen and this is good news. We don’t need the blood of the innocents to keep the hope for a better tomorrow ignited. The demand of revolution is a type of injustice to many. Tendering sacrifice may be right but the demanding sacrifice is way too much greedy. I am discrediting revolutionary leaders all I am saying that with the resources that we have today and with the technology that we have built up today, it is possible that we can bargain greater reforms for the people from the power centers without engaging into the bloodbath of revolution.