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Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2018

The center most state of India, Madhya Pradesh is as diverse as the whole of India is. With a tint of culture adopted from all across the nation, Madhya Pradesh is truly the heart of incredible India. Isn't it whatever happens in the heart gets transported to whole of the body? Madhya Pradesh is the pathological barometer of India.  

After every election gone by, voter learns new lessons. It's evident from the fact that how NOTA and the new political parties (like AAP) have quickly emerged with strong identity. With the advent of new and young political leaders, the flavour of leadership is diversifying. This assembly election will send shock waves to the political metrics of upcoming General Assembly Elections due next year in 2019.

The first election commissioner of India, in year 1952, Sir Sukumar Sen had weaved the method of actualizing the "right to vote" for every Indian. His vision had made the ultimate concept of Universal Adult Franchise (UAF) in the formation…

Nakedness of global conflict and its impact on India

We are still taking it very lightly but RSS is becoming really very big threat for the idea of India. Once fully grown, it will be way more vehement than British Raj.
Threat is less from the Hindutva agenda of RSS but more from the ways it's being used by the global powers for even bigger evil game. 
Hindu is not a religion by definition, it is an unauthorized proclamation for a collection of all the sects living in Indian subcontinent who revere natural resources or idols. Since post vedic era, Brahmins were constantly struggling for a  demographic identify against more organized and self growing demographic identities like Islam, Jude, Christianity, Buddhist, Jainism etc. From Shankaracharya to Vivekanand a lot of Brahman representatives have tried to bring Indian population under a singular identity. As of now it seems now that finally Vivekanand has succeeded with his idea of including Dalit and tribesmen into the second ring of Hindu identity. Until now all other nomenclatur…

Unlimited Limitations

Weare not dying, perhaps we get next set of senses by surrendering the existing five senses. Maybe death is just a stage to go to the next level..."

Time is the only one such physical unit which one cannot feel but experience. In this enormous universe made up of trillion trillion things, why humans have only five channels to engage with it? Why humans can only touch, smell, taste, hear and see this universe and nothing else we can do with it?
I am sure there must be more than five ways to interact with the cosmos. This
universe must be having at least one billion of such units like time unknown to human race. Yes time cannot be touched, smelled, tasted, heard or seen but can still be profoundly experienced by mankind.
Other than time, can we imagine what those units could be? If we realize about things which exist but can't be felt using our all five senses what will we conclude about species we see and pity upon? Don't we realize that those seem senseless to us are havi…